What are facts about Saturn?

  • 2023-03-16
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According to astrology, Saturn is a cruel, vengeful, sinful, separatist planet. It is indifferent and is a symbol of detachment. It is a cold planet with a harsh nature. It is of Vata nature. It is an introverted and reclusive planet. It is a yogi and ascetic planet. Saturn is the lord of the west direction. Saturn signifies age, death, old age, disease, poverty, sorrow, illness, suffering, calamity, secrecy, imprisonment, science, esoteric, oil, mineral, laborer, servant, servitude, hard, labor, wood, stone, leg, handicap, etc. The planet is the karaka of self-sacrifice, tolerance, laziness, land, delay, etc. The influence of Saturn is generally dissociative and separatist. Saturn is the controller of actions, so it gives results according to a person’s good and bad deeds. According to astrology, it is the lord of justice and magistrate.

It is the deity of time/Kaal and a symbol of death, so most people fear it. But Saturn judges us according to our good and bad deeds. The strong Saturn in the horoscope provides longevity, maturity, discipline, and interest in spirituality. Strong Saturn gives strength, tolerance, patience, and restraint to work continuously. In the horoscope, weak Saturn gives suffering, poverty, disease, sorrow, and poverty.

According to astronomy, there are rings around Saturn. It is the sixth planet in the solar system by distance from the Sun. It is the second largest planet after Jupiter in size. Saturn’s atmosphere consists of about 96 percent hydrogen and 3 percent helium gas. At present, there are about 83 satellites of Saturn. According to Vedic astrology, it is the lord of the Capricorn Sign and Aquarius. It gets exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Saturn is the lord of Pushya, Anuradha, and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra. It gets Digbala in the seventh house of the horoscope. In the 120-year cycle of Vimshottari Mahadasha, Saturn’s dasha lasts for 19 years, so the Mahadasha of Saturn lasts for 19 years in any person’s life.

The transit period of Saturn in the fourth and eighth house from the Moon sign is called Dhaiyya. When Saturn transits in the twelfth sign from the Moon sign and the Second house from the Moon sign, the transit period of Saturn in these three houses is called Sade Sati. Saturn gets strong in the horoscope third, seventh and eleventh house. It gives inauspicious results in the horoscope’s sixth, eighth and twelfth house. Mercury and Venus are the friends of Saturn, Jupiter, and Sun, and Moon and Mars are considered Saturn’s enemies. It is considered good in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Saturn is the planet associated with karma, hard work, discipline, penance, and longevity. Saturn only afflicts people who do wrong deeds. Before Saturn gets angry, we should understand that we are not doing injustice to others. It is the karaka planet of spirituality and penance. It works to refine the person by making him struggle, so Saturn is considered a great teacher and guru. According to astrology, its color is dark blue or black.

Inauspicious Saturn creates trouble, calamity, poverty, delay, and complications. When inauspicious Saturn comes to trouble the person, then the person does not get any way to escape. Due to the pain of Saturn, even a millionaire person becomes penniless. Due to the auspicious position of Saturn, a person is hardworking, mighty, disciplined, and focused. Auspicious Saturn in the horoscope leads a person towards penance and samadhi by inspiring him to follow the path of religion. Along with Jupiter and Ketu, the planet Saturn also works behind man’s spiritual progress. The Saturn Mahadasha works to transform you by passing through good and bad experiences of life.

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