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  • 2023-04-06
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According to Astronomy, Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter. There are beautiful rings all around it which look very beautiful. There are mainly Hydrogen and helium gas in the atmosphere of the planet. The number of its satellites is about 83, which is the highest. The largest satellite of Saturn is Titan, which is almost equal to the planet Mercury in size. According to mythology, Shani Dev(Saturn) was born on the new Moon of the Jyeshtha month (Jyeshtha Krishna Amavasya).

In comparison to the other sons of the Sun, Shani/Saturn was harsh from the beginning. Lord Saturn was born from the womb of Sun and Chhaya. In Vedic astrology, Saturn comes in the category of the cruel planet. Saturn's cruelty in his eyes is due to his wife's curse. Saturn is considered the karaka planet of balance, justice, and harmony. People who indulge in unfair acts. Those who do injustice to others try to give recognition to what is not in the interest of society. Those who are full of arrogance and keep their point at the forefront due to their egoistic behaviour get the worst results of Saturn. 

Saturn is a yogi planet. It has a serious nature. It is the lord of the west direction. It is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. It is in extreme exaltation at 20 degrees of Libra and in extreme debilitation at 20 degrees of Aries. Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs of Saturn. It happens to be in the Moola Trikona stage from 01 to 20 degrees in Aquarius. The planet is dominant in air element/he Vata Prakriti. The gender of this planet is female neuter. It represents the colors black and blue. It is a slow-moving and cold nature planet. It takes 2.5 years to cross one sign. It gets strong in the upachaya houses (3, 6, 10, 11) of the horoscope. It has three special aspects, i.e., the third, seventh, and tenth house. Saturn gets Digbala in the seventh house. In numerology, it is the lord of numbers 08, 17, and 26. Sapphire is its main gem, and Catella is its substitute gem. According to palmistry, it rules over the middle finger. Its presiding deities are Brahma, Shiva, and Lord Bhairav. In the human body, it represents teeth, joints of bones, knees, and calves. Iron, black nails, black urad dal, black gram, black blanket, leather articles, mustard oil, black clothes, black cow, black horse or black dog, iron tawa or tongs, etc. are the articles of Saturn.

Saturn shows delay, obstruction, hindrance, obstacles, sorrow, suffering, calamity, spirituality, stability, perfection, age, death, natural calamities, old age, disease, poverty, poverty, sin, fear, secrecy, mystery, research, labor, job, imprisonment, Science, Oil, Minerals, Laborer, Worker, Servant, Service, Slavery, Agriculture, Renunciation, Sannyas, Salvation, Disgrace, Famine, Debt, Hard labor, Hardness, Wood, Legs, Disability, Self-sacrifice, long and complicated diseases, land, property, stamina, patience, laziness, lifestyle, untouchability, lameness, factory, delay in work, solitude, loneliness, etc. It is also the karaka planet of logic, philosophy, discovery or research on any subject, power to understand mysterious, esoteric, and complex subject selections, etc. The cancer disease, insanity, mental disorder, arthritis, paralysis, problems with pain in

feet, calves, and joints, deafness, lameness, laziness, an increase of Vata in the body, injury, limblessness, problems related to teeth and bones, long term and other complex diseases, etc. come under the domain of Saturn. It also shows government jobs, areas related to iron and steel, work related to bricks, shoes, and slippers, work related to wood or stones, carpentry, oil work, areas related to justice and law, work related to house construction, property dealing, the fields related to surveying, archeology, and history, contracting, spirituality, astrology yoga, and philosophy related to tantra-mantra, areas related to factory and industry, work related to porter and cobbler, etc.

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