Is Saturn a malefic planet?

  • 2023-03-16
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There are nine planets in Vedic astrology, and all the planets have their special characteristics. Scholars have divided the nine planets into two categories. Some of these planets are considered auspicious, and some planets give inauspicious results. Among all the nine planets, Saturn is the only planet with special significance from the worldly and religious point of view. Saturn is the judge and the giver of karma. It gives fruits to every human being according to his good and bad deeds. Saturn takes 2.5 years to cross one zodiac sign. Hence it is considered the slowest moving planet among all the planets.

For this reason, the effect of Saturn remains on the person for a long time. Most people get scared on hearing the name of Saturn. Most people consider Shani dhaiya and Shani Sade sati to be deadly and inauspicious. But Saturn’s auspicious and inauspicious effects depend on its position in the horoscope. People with a weak Saturn in their horoscope may face all kinds of troubles and challenges in the dasha/antardasha of Saturn, Sade Sati, or Dhaiya. But if Saturn is strong, then it also provides auspicious results to the person.

Now let’s talk about whether Saturn is a malefic planet. In Indian astrology, Saturn is a sinful, cruel, fierce, separatist, and inauspicious planet. But any planet’s auspicious or inauspicious position depends on its position in the horoscope. Obstacles, hindrances, losses, troubles, sorrows, and calamities are the causes of Saturn. Hence Saturn is considered an inauspicious planet. For any horoscope, if Saturn is the karaka planet and is strong and in an auspicious position, it gives the person an auspicious result. But if Saturn is a malefic planet for a horoscope and it is in a weak and afflicted state in the horoscope, then it can give many kinds of troubles and sorrows to the person.

Generally, Saturn is considered to be an auspicious and yoga karaka planet for the horoscope of Taurus and Libra ascendant. So, if Saturn is in a strong position in the horoscopes of this ascendant, then the person will get respect, a high position, wealth, and many types of happiness in life. Saturn in ninth house and tenth house for Taurus ascendant, so if it is strong, it gives a person good benefits from higher education, respect, high position, and field of work. It also makes a person lucky. For Libra ascendant, Saturn in fourth house and fifth lord, so if Saturn is in a strong position in this ascendant, then the person gets high-quality maternal happiness, land, house, vehicle, and family happiness. The person is very learned and intelligent. Such a person also gets good profit from the stock market.

Saturn is an inauspicious planet for Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces ascendants. For Cancer ascendant, Saturn becomes the seventh and eighth house lord. For Virgo ascendant, Saturn is the lord of the fifth and sixth house; for Pisces ascendant, Saturn becomes the eleventh and twelfth lord. For these Ascendants, the mooltrikona sign of Saturn, i.e., Aquarius, falls in the trik or inauspicious houses (6, 8, 12 houses). Now, if Saturn is weak in the horoscopes of these ascendants, then it gives inauspicious results to the person. In the horoscope of these Ascendants, the association of Saturn through conjunction or aspect also harms the other planet’s natural significations. For example, if Mars and Saturn form close conjunction in Cancer ascendant, then the person’s field of work is lost. In the horoscope of Virgo Ascendant, the close conjunction of Saturn and Venus gives rise to family disputes, and there is unrest in the house.

Such a person also has financial problems. The combination of Saturn and Moon in the horoscope of Pisces Ascendant destroys children’s happiness, and the person gets emotional and psychiatric problems. The meaning of saying is that in a horoscope, being the karaka or non-karaka of Saturn and being strong or weak gives auspicious and inauspicious results. Saturn does not always prove to be auspicious for everyone and, at the same time, inauspicious. If Saturn is in a strong state for any horoscope, being the lord of auspicious houses, it will give auspicious results. Still, if it is in a weak state, being the owner of inauspicious houses for any horoscope will produce painful results.

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