Does debilitated Saturn in Sagittarius Ascendant give only inauspicious effects?

  • 2023-03-16
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Sagittarius Ascendant is considered to be an auspicious Ascendant to be born as Jupiter is the lord of this sign, the most auspicious of all the nine planets. The people of Sagittarius ascendant have sattvik nature and religious ideology. Sagittarius is dominant in fire element and is dual in nature. People of Sagittarius ascendant are tall and very energetic. They are full of enthusiasm and energy and are benevolent in nature. Their bodies are strong and muscular. Their faces are round and attractive, beautiful eyes and sweet smiles. People born in Sagittarius ascendant are mostly of philosophical ideology. He has a keen interest in spiritual subjects. They have strong faith in God. The people of this ascendant keep searching for God. They have great interest in knowing the subjects related to soul and God. Such people are intelligent, sensible, knowledgeable, knower of many subjects, follow the truth and have good nature.

The people of this ascendant are just, selfless, serving others, meritorious, self-respecting, wealthy, generous hearted and peace loving. Such people easily trust others, but others take undue advantage of their simplicity. Such people are also hard working and keep working hard to achieve their life purpose. They spend their money wisely. Such people are punctual. It is their habit to complete each task on time. They value time very much and do not waste their time unnecessarily. People of this Ascendant often have a dilemma in taking important decisions in life.

People born in Sagittarius ascendant can be teachers, spiritual preachers, priests, judges, lawyers, politicians, bankers, advisors, professors, ascetics, or spiritual teachers by profession. People born in this ascendant are always ready to help the poor. They do not tolerate atrocities on others, and they openly oppose those who harass others. They are outspoken and stay far away from pretense, gimmicks, and pretense.

Now let’s talk about what results Saturn’s sitting in a debilitated sign will give to Sagittarius Ascendant. If Saturn in Aries in your horoscope of Sagittarius Ascendant, it means Saturn in the fifth house. The debilitated planet in the birth chart is considered very weak and powerless. Such a planet cannot give the results of its natural signification to its full potential. Therefore, due to this position of Saturn, you will get mostly inauspicious effects. Saturn is the lord of the second and third house for Sagittarius ascendant. You may have emotional problems due to this position of Saturn. You may lack patience and tolerance. You may have problems with your knees, joints, legs, and feet.

You may face problems in earning a livelihood. Saturn may deprive you of child happiness. Here, Saturn may destroy some of your children, or you may get separated from the child. Your love affair may fail. Your financial condition may remain erratic. Saturn may deprive you of the happiness of younger siblings. You may suffer financial loss due to the share market and betting-lottery work. You may be separated from your family or get less family happiness. You may have mouth, teeth, tongue, and speech diseases. You may lack courage and self-confidence. The life of your younger siblings can be very challenging. You may have stomach diseases. Due to the debilitated Saturn in this house, you may suffer from depression and other psychiatric disorders. You may be overthinking. You may always have mental tension or restlessness.

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