Astrological mysteries of Saturn | Why Saturn is important in Astrology

  • 2023-12-29
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Saturn, the most dreadful yet the most wonderful planet of Vedic Astrology! It is the most dreadful as it throws hardships, miseries, obstacles, failures and hopelessness in your way. At the same time it is the most wonderful planet as it helps you to take close look at your life by making you more mature and wise through a disciplined course. Most of the time it is seen as a malefic and troublesome planet but you will be amazed to know that without it’s blessings you can’t actually grow and prosper in life. This is the planet responsible for people amassing great wealth and fortunes!

Saturn brings permanent changes in a person’s life. All thanks to its 2.5 years stay in a zodiac sign, the longest of the transit spans of all other planets in the sky. This is the reason it’s called shanaishchara, the one who transcends really slowly. Saturn is a slow moving planet and takes around 2.5 years to pass through a house and sign of your birth chart. During its stay it brings most significant and permanent changes in the significations related to that house or sign in your horoscope. Now, this long stay may either turn your life to shambles or take it to the height of success and riches in life. So, it is enriching to know about the most influential planet of Vedic Astrology i.e. Saturn.

Why Saturn is important to lead a good life?

Saturn is a cold planet with a shining outer ring going around it. The appearance of Saturn seems like the divine weapon of Lord Vishnu popularly known as sudarshanchakra. The sudarshanchakra is known to take evil souls to their fate by cutting their throat or make them meet their ends. Similarly, Saturn the karmkaraka or the planet of karmas give punishments and rewards as per the karmas of the native. It may completely ruin or make a person with its judgment of a person’s karma. The planet Saturn takes record of your good and bad deeds and gives results accordingly. It is not that it is always bad, if your karmas are right, Saturn will bless you with the choicest blessings in life. Saturn is a planet of-

  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Hard work
  • Time management
  • Strict daily schedules
  • Family values
  • Respect and care for your loved ones

If one follows the following traits in one’s life, Saturn will certainly bless the native with success, contentment and wealth in life.

Saturn with its placement in the birth chart ensures which areas of life you need to be more cautious and perform karmas diligently. It strictly judges the karmas or your actions related to the house of its placement and then it doesn’t forgive any mistake.

Saturn is a strict disciplinarian and it wishes natives to follow a set pattern of daily routine. If the natives follow discipline in all aspects of life, they are likely to get good results of the planet. Laid back attitude is not appreciated by the planet.

Saturn is a planet of hard work and doesn’t give anything just like that! One has to work hard to get the beneficial results of the planet.

Saturn punishes those wasting time. As we say, Time is money, it holds completely true for Saturn. The planet wishes the native to utilize time in the best possible manner as any wastage of time offends the planet.

Saturn doesn’t want people to take alcohol and non-vegetarian food. The person undergoing bad effects of the planet should refrain from taking liquor.

Saturn says not to keep eyes on other’s wealth. Those who forcibly take others’ wealth or steal things belonging to others may have to face Saturn’s bad results.

Saturn also appreciates respect for elders and older people.  Saturn represents lame and older looking people. So, by taking care of disabled and older people one may attract good results of the planet.

Saturn transit and important phases in life

Saturn is a planet of pressure and force. It exerts pressure on the significations of the house or house lord it is transiting through. Saturn is considered good if it transits through the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses of the birth chart. However, even at these places the zodiac sign it is passing through will matter. If it is passing through the inimical or debilitation sign, then also problems may occur.

  • Shani dhaiyya: Whenever Saturn is passing through the fourth or eighth house from the moon or rashi in the birth chart, the native is said to undergo dhaiyya of Shani. In many parts of the continent, it is also known as small panauti or misfortunes. Dhaiyya may afflict the family life, career and gains with its placement in these houses. Saturn has 3 aspects i.e. the 3rd, 7th and 10th and all aspects have been considered malefic. So, Saturn affects 4 houses together creating greater imbalance in life. The 4th and 8th position of Saturn in transit causes many troubles in a person’s life.
  • Saturn Sadesati: Whenever Saturn passes through the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses of the natal Moon, the native undergoes Shani Sadesati. A person usually experiences 3 sadesati in his/her lifetime. The first sadesati during studying age troubles academics or study of the native. Second sadesati is mainly responsible for creating problems in career or business and the third sadesati causes severe health problems. Few people also get the fourth sadesati which generally takes them to abode.
  • Sadesati again is a negative phase that creates severe problems and setbacks in a person’s life. The losses are generally permanent in nature. However, there are people who experience the best period of their lives during sade sati period. Again the natal placement of Saturn decides whether you will face troubles or fortunes during transit of Saturn through different houses.
  • Saturn may cause change job or promotion, problems in education, change in residence, breakups, theft and diseases etc. with its negative transits and vice versa.
  • Saturn Returns: Saturn returns to its original position as shown at the time of birth after 30 years. This return of Saturn is called Saturn returns. This is a very important phase as the person gets a complete different view point towards life. This serves as an eye opener and the person just gets transformed inside out. This is the phase that gives maturity, seriousness and anchored approach towards life.
  • If Saturn is transiting through your fourth house there are strong chances of change in your location. Similarly, whichever house it is passing through will put a permanent change in the specifications of that house.       

The placement of Saturn and your pending karmas

Wherever the planet is placed in the chart, will make you long for more materialistic pleasures related to that house. You will have to do a lot of hard work to get them. At the same time the native will remain dissatisfied with these significations.

Until and unless one shows kindness, spirituality, softness and acceptance into these aspects as represented by Saturn, it is difficult to achieve the desired results. Whichever house in the birth chart is influenced by Saturn, the native has to really work hard in those aspects of life. The person will face restrictions, problems and humiliation here, but eventually with persevere and hard work, Saturn will get satisfied and finally give noticeable gains through that house.

  • First House: You have a debt towards your own-self. You are supposed to do all your duties without any complaints. Take care of yourself and respect your Saturn has the lowest Dig-Bala in the lagna. The person lacks self-confidence, common sense and self-expressions. It is difficult for them to learn new things and they are rather unfriendly. This may be the result of a misuse of power in your past lives. Here, you are taught the lessons of facing frustration and delay. Family problems are always there with this position.
  • Second House: This position shows pending karmas towards family and finance. Here, the person has to be more cautious about the family and financial management. The person becomes greedy, selfish, acquisitive and miserly by nature. Native wishes to hoard everything. This is about leaning values. Learn to share not just money but everything like happiness and knowledge as well. The person has to learn to elevate himself/herself. Money is necessary but other things which make Life valuable are even more important.
  • Third house: It is the house of boldness, siblings, hobbies, neighbors, skills, short distance travel, friends etc. Saturn here indicates that in your past lives, you have misused the powers of the 3rdhouse and now you need to work hard on it. You might not find it easy to express yourself or learn new things. The common problems like shyness, stage fright, stammering etc. are there. You may have to work harder to gain confidence in life and socialize. Be helpful and shower affection to your siblings.
  • Fourth House: This position shows pending karmas related to your mother and motherland. Possibly, you neglected or abandoned your family in any of the past lives. Develop sympathy and compassion towards your mother and family and also value your home. You go through emotional turmoil and mental rest is unavailable. An intense sense of loneliness follows you everywhere. Take care of your ancestral properties though unwillingly. Love your family and family values and Saturn is here to bless you with abundance.
  • Fifth House: This position shows pending karmas towards co-workers and your children. Take very good care of your co-workers and shower love on your children. You lack self-love, creativity, conscious connectivity to the divine, self- expression and enthusiasm etc. Here, you need to rebalance misuse of your powers related to the 5th house in your past life. Try to have children as early as you marry and don’t let your love marriage dominate you.
  • Sixth House: You owe to the people suffering from diseases or legal cases. You also have to pay your karmic debts towards your colleagues or other people at work. Your servants are a headache to you. Consciously help your co-workers, servants, animals and family members requiring medical or legal help. Labor intensive works are indicated which one has to do without complaining.
  • Seventh House: You are of course unhappy in your marriaed life or business partner with Saturn here. But you don’t have to be! You have pending karmas towards them and you have to be faithful and appreciate the existence of your spouse in your life, no matter how offensive you feel. This also indicates betrayal from your or your partner’s side in your past lives. Stop taking advantage of your partner as it will rebound on you in the worst manner.
  • Eighth House: This shows debts towards the family of in-laws. You now have to take very good care of your in-laws just like your own family. You owe a debt towards loved ones, develop emotional bond with them or be ready to learn the same painful lesson again and again. Stay conscious of your inner feelings and motivations etc.
  • Ninth House: You may turn into an atheist with this placement. You have pending karmas for your father and teachers. Respect and be helpful towards them. Higher learning is also restricted. Try to stay motivated towards religious and charitable activities. Possibly you were cheated by your religious guru, teacher or family member in the past life. It’s time to rectify.
  • Tenth House: You have pending karmas related to your work place. No matter, how influential post you get, you have to do menial jobs with Saturn here. Conspiracies and hardships will follow at the workplace but with determination and non-complaining attitude you are supposed to overcome them. The father’s support is generally unavailable especially during childhood. Participate in social causes to balance this energy. Meetings and interactions with people would be helpful.
  • Eleventh House: Saturn here indicates pending karmas towards friends, elder siblings and societal groups. Help your friends and connect to NGOs. Don’t expect anything in return and support your elder siblings to the fullest. Saturn here will make you insecure about social circles. You may grow hesitations before going into a social event. It may happen, as you might have been thrown out from your society or so in your past lives. You cannot establish good relations with your friends and elder siblings. You need to work on your confidence here.
  • Twelfth House: You have some karmas pending in the field of spirituality and charities. You might have karmic debts in foreign travel as well. With this position, help people who need medical help or hospitalization. Perform charities or donations for good and religious causes.

What does good or bad Saturn does in a person’s life?

In General, the planet Saturn is considered benefic to Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius Sign. Saturn is known to be slow, dirty, shabby or unkempt, dry and older looking. It is known to bring negative qualities of jealousy, coldness, hardships, miseries, cruelty and cunningness in a person. Unlike all other planets if Saturn is strong in the birth chart it brings reduction in its significations.  

Effects of a benefic Saturn

  • They focus on few important aspects of life. Whatever they achieve is usually beneficial to the society.
  • Strong Saturn makes them good researchers, revolutionists and leaders. 
  • They believe in discipline, strong determination and hard work.
  • They are leaders and philanthropists.
  • They are against injustice and corruption. 
  • They are strong headed and impartial. 
  • They are empathetic towards animals and less privileged sections of the society.
  • They are influential and enjoy high standard of living.
  • They have very strong memory to remember all important events.
  • The person has many lands and properties.

Effects of a malefic Saturn

  • They are weaker in health and face frequent muscle pains. 
  • They don’t get their deserved share of recognition. 
  • They are generally used by the friends and relatives for their selfish motives.
  • People generally have jealous and mixed feeling of hatred towards them.
  • They waste their time and energy in useless things.
  • They work more at night and less during day. 
  • Family doesn’t support them.
  • They lack inheritance as well as their own property. They tend to face huge losses in real estate business.

Saturn keeps a strict eye on our karmas and never fails to give us results accordingly. So, in order to get its good results or overcome miseries in life, it is very important to act righteously. An astrologer after analyzing the natal Saturn carefully may explain the right purpose of life. No other remedy can prove as effective as karma rectification to match the requirements of the karmic planet Saturn!

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