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There are some general perceptions in Astrology some scary houses say 12th House, planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn. But this is where some people see theoretically and one sided applied principles of Astrology. I can’t explain regarding the unexplored aspects of such planets or their results in one Blog. So in this blog, I would narrate regarding 12th house which might put lot of general perceptions to rest. And may be some people get relief also. The 12th house is indeed for losses, I agree but then significant thing to understand is; whose losses? It is the losses of the next house to it which is the ascendant or the 1st house. Before I put some more light into it, let us understand what the 12th house signifies to.

12th House signifies the following:

  • Expenditure, extravagance, loss.
  • Unforeseen troubles, sorrow, worries, misfortune.
  • Punishment, seclusion, imprisonment, restriction on freedom, isolation, and confinement.
  • Bad deeds. Fall both physical and figurative.
  • Secret Enemy. Conspiracy and underground movements. Secret and occult societies. Secret plots and spies.
  • Deceit and persecution.
  • Kidnapping, looting, crime, arson, rape, poisoning, bootlegging, smuggling, and blackmailing, etc.
  • The end, spiritual practices, moksha (emancipation from the cycle of births and death), sin, hell, heaven, occult. Past karmas (deeds done in previous lives).
  • Feet and toes. Infirmity in a limb. Left eye, left shoulder, and left the side of the genitals and anus depending on the Drekkan rising.
  • Going away from home, exile, extradition, travels and going abroad.
  • Sexual pleasure. Sound sleep.
  • Inferiority complex.
  • Suffering in secret.
  • Selfless and profound service to the society, and acts arising out of pricking of one’s conscience.
  • Repayment of loan by the native (for repayment the eighth house also has to operate since on repayment the creditor will earn which is indicated by the second house from the seventh).
  • Father’s wealth and property devolving on the native.
  • Elephants and horses. Large cattle and beasts (the sixth house refers to pet animals).
  • Loss due to marriage or wife. Loss of wife.
  • Termination of appointment.
  • Hospitals, jails, asylums, monasteries, and places of seclusion.
  • Institutionalized religion.
12th house

12th house

Now, any house is the 12th house to its succeeding house, which means that the above significations apply to the significations of every house as every house is the 12th house to some house.

For example:

1.We love our Lagna (Ascendant), but this ascendant is 12th to the signification of 2nd house. That means the 1st house or the Lagna is the house of loss or whatever significations I have written above, for the 2nd house.

2.Similarly, the 2nd house is 12th to the signification of 3rd house. That means the 2nd house is the house of loss or whatever significations I have written above, for the 3rd house.

House of Loss

3. Likewise, the 3rd house is 12th to the signification of 4th house. That means the 3rd house is the house of loss or whatever significations I have written above, for the 4th house.

4.Likewise, the 4th house is 12th to the signification of 5th house. That means the 4th house is the house of loss or whatever significations I have written above, for the 5th house.
And the story goes on and on in a cyclic pattern:

5.Till we reach the 12th house, the 12th house is 12th to the signification of Lagna/Ascendant. That means the 12th house is the house of loss or whatever significations I have written above, for the 1st house. (and we all know this postulate only).

6.This means no house is the house of loss to every signification AND also every house is a house of loss to some signification.

7.Salman Khan may have few planets in the twelfth house (I am not sure as the time and date of celebrities as circulated in the web are not that authentic) and many others have the same or even worst combination (as people think) but this in-fact can be positive to the significations of the other house.

8.Many celebrities and successful people who have many planets placed in so-called adverse houses, and if it was bad placement, then these celebrities would not have risen to heights that they have achieved.

So, do not worry if you are scared of any such adverse placement then it could be a blessing which you are not aware of.

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