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You can manage your pre-pregnancy worries and care well. Monitoring fertility, be it for postponement of pregnancy, or to invite it, often has a lot that you should check for before the thought pops into your head. Before deciding about pregnancy, talk with your doctor about your health history and any medical conditions that may affect your pregnancy. See that your current medical conditions are under perfect control. Talk with your doctor about the stressful or abusive conditions you live in if any. You can ease your worries with counseling and other support services. Taking some OTC or prescription drugs during and before pregnancy can significantly alter your chances of having a healthy baby. Having vaccination shots at the right time could keep you and your baby healthy and prevent lifelong sickness. Folic acid supplements could help your health at this stage. Finally, work towards maintaining a healthy weight. 

All said and done, these precautions have always helped with certain exceptions, of course. So, the most important caution to be on the safer side is understanding, the deeper connotations of the phenomenon called pregnancy. 

What is the lunar effect on pregnancy?

The lunar effect on pregnancy is phenomenal. This is one area where destiny overtakes science. Moon has an important say in deciding what kind of babies are destined for us. Most of us might have observed that menstrual cycles are the same as the lunar month. This may not sound like a coincidence!

Is there a connection between the monthly cycles and the moon?

As per a study conducted in the USA, most women reach the peak of fertility around the event of the new moon, and their monthly periods would occur within the next ten days of the full moon. There is an established connection between the monthly cycles and the moon. 

Jonas’s method offers a direct link between fertility and astrology, and women have followed this method since 1950 to induce pregnancy. Dr. Jonas opines that a woman’s fertility is as per the phase of the moon at the time of her birth, and she would be most fertile during that moon phase that matched her time of birth.

An online calculator helps us calculate the most fecund timings for conception.

It is a common experience for us to hear scientists refute these observations by merely calling it hogwash. Little do they realize that they usually require maximum staff nurses and emergency personnel during these moon phases.

Episodes of epilepsy, motor vehicle accidents, stock market peaks, including the ocean’s tides, occur during these specified phases of the moon.

Every woman, just like her natal chart, is different in her ways. To know the track of your fertility with the moon’s phases, we need to study a lunar ovulation calculator and then match it to the moon phases.

According to Dr. Jonas, all women have two fertile periods within each cycle. Firstly, the fertile period would be as per your natal moon phase. Secondly, you could use a traditional ovulation calculator to track ovulation to the exact degree.  There are so many other casual occasions that prompt spontaneous ovulation, specific to the individual. As per astrological calculations, certain moons in certain signs indicate more fertility than in some other signs of the zodiac. Let us consider some factors that we need to be careful about to know if some moons are more fertile or less fertile.

How to plan the fertility based on the moon transit?

You can plan the fertility based on the moon’s transit. Fertility is generally high when the moon is in one of these fertile signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Fertility is normal when the moon is in the “semi-fertile” signs: Libra, Taurus, and Capricorn. Fertility is at its lowest pitch when the moon is in the “barren” signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. (Being born under a barren sign itself does not indicate that you are barren). The fifth house indicates your degree of fertility: Let us see how we can use it. 

The fifth house rules fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and children of all the zodiacal signs. So, for instance, if the moon for the next month visits cancer, which is your fifth house, it is time to conceive. The stars are most favorable for this. It depends on when the full moon happens to transit to your fifth house. You can detect when it would be a full moon based on a moon calendar. 

If you are Aries, it is the time for conception during a Leo full moon. If you are a Taurus, you can conceive during a Virgo full moon. It is time to conceive during a Libra full moon if you are Gemini. If you are a Cancer, conceiving at a Scorpio full moon would help. If you are a Leo, conceive at a Sagittarius full moon. If you are Virgo, you can conceive during Capricorn full moon. You can think of conception during an Aquarius full moon if you are a Libra. If you are a Scorpio, plan your conception during a Pisces full moon. You can conceive during an Aries full moon if you are a Sagittarian. If you are from Capricorn, hold your conception until the appearance of the Taurus full moon. If you are an Aquarius, time your conception during the Gemini full moon. If you are a Pisces, conceive during a Cancer full moon.

The fifth house in your birth chart indicates your fertility in general. In case you have a planetary cluster in the fifth or even one planet in the fifth, the planetary energy would induce easy or hard labor depending on the nature of their placement.

With Venus in the fifth house, you are destined to have girl children. Mars in the same place shows that you will give birth to sons. Saturn placing is to be carefully considered as it can bring on some difficulties regarding the childbearing process, on the whole.

The planet of secondary importance in deciding fertility is the fourth house, which rules home and family, the eighth house that rules intimacy and deeper relationships. The seventh house has an indirect say in childbearing as it is the house of marriage.

How to time the astrological conception for a child with desirable qualities?

You can surely time the astrological conception for a child with desirable qualities. In its way, every planet is intricate, related to the body organs and their functions. The Pluto (sex and transformation), Venus (attraction), Mars (action and masculinity), Jupiter (development), Uranus (surprises), and Saturn (infertility) have a huge role to play in your destiny in the decision-making process regarding the kind of baby you are going to conceive. Similarly, even planets have been designated as fertile, semi fertile, and barren. So it would only be wise to correlate their placings and relationships with the moon.

If a fertile planet occupies your fertile fifth house, in a harmonious combination to the fertile full or new moon, it more than satisfactorily indicates that conception would be successful.

Fertile planets are Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. Semi fertile planet is mercury, virile planets are Sun and Mars, and the barren planet is Saturn.

Since ancient times, an age-old theory has existed, and traditional families are still following it. For conception, tithi and nakshatra are important to ensure that you get the child with the desired qualities. 

**Conception on Amavasya (new moon day) or Prathami tithi results in the birth of a spastic or underdeveloped/mentally unsound child. Conceiving on the Chandrashtama Utama day, the child born will be weak, suffers frequent sicknesses, and undergoes memory loss in the formative years. If the woman conceives in Ashtami or Navami, the child will grow into an arrogant, aggressive child who never adjusts to the situations around them. If the chandraashtama day also happens to be a new moon day, and if Surya bhukti is running at that time, the child will be blind with defective vision. Also, avoid conceiving on a fast day or on the day when you suffer from a headache or any urinary infection. Timing for conception should be between 3-5 am in the early hours of the morning on any suitable day. This is Brahma Muhurta. Also, avoid conception for five full days from the time of menses. If conception happens accidentally during these days, an abnormal and short-lived baby will be born. You can conceive the baby with desired qualities by following the information below. If the conception happens on day 06, a male child who preserves the tradition and values of his family would be born. A girl with defective private organs would be born due to conception on Day 7. The 8th-day conception results in an impotent male child being born. Day 9 conception would give rise to a beautiful, brainy, and blessed girl. Day 10th will produce a healthy boy. Conceiving on day 11th will produce an ugly girl child with an odd look. A child conceived on day 12 would be a wise, knowledgeable, and kind boy. Day 13 conception will result in a characterless girl who indulges in sinful deeds. A male child with noble character and wisdom will be born on a day 14 conception. A child conceived on day 15 would give rise to a beautiful girl who is good and generous. Day 16 conception gives rise to a scholarly learned, and practical natured boy. You must keep in mind that, from the day of menses, the first five days are to be avoided, and again, you should avoid days 7, 8, 11, and 13th days for conception.

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