Why are there problems in married life?

married life problem

Marriage is thought of as a communion when two mentally, physically, and emotionally compatible people come together in a relationship. Everyone wants to make this a perfect and harmonious relation, but sometimes things go the other way round. There are problems in married life coming one after the other, adding needless complications to a marriage. Some folks have a question hovering in their minds about why there are issues in their marriage, but most fail to come up with a concrete answer to this question. Well, this blog can help you in figuring out the reasons.

Does marriage works on its own?

Every married couple aspires to have a successful marriage, but the success of a marriage is incredibly reliant on the two persons. This works well when the couple involved wants to make it work. If one of them is lazy in their efforts, then there is every chance there will be hitches, and it can even fall apart. It can be because of the lack of commitment towards your partner or an extramarital affair of either of the two folks. It is pretty clear that a marriage does not work on its own, but it is made to work by the efforts.

Getting to know the planetary inclinations?

 Marriage Astrology is not an alien thing when it comes to marriage. It indicates that whether communion is favorable for the folks involved or not. If a couple has married without knowing the proper equation of the marriage with marriage prediction by date of birth. In that case, there can be a possibility ofsome hiccups due to theplanetary combinations or the yogas. It is playing safe for the people to know about the planetary indications about marriage. However, the leading cause of marital issues is the lack of eagerness to make a marriage successful.

Giving yourself a second chance

When you have encountered an unsuccessful marriage and have gotten out of it, there is every chance of being pretty apprehensive about the institution of marriage. But as they say that, one bad experience does not halt giving another chance to life. If the second marriage is on the cards for you, taking second marriage predictions does no harm. It makes you aware of the possibilities in store for you on the second grab.

Going through the Astrology Snippets

Marriage is not a walk in the park, but a big decision of life and a huge responsibility to shoulder. When you have made up your mind to go for some Astrological help, you should have an idea of what an Astrologer will see.

  • Manglik Dosha can be a factor that will be seen. And, if there is a Manglik Dosha, what is its severity.
  •  The planets in and around the house of marriage or the seventh house.
  • The position of Jupiter, the Karka of marriage.

These are only some snippets, but an able Astrologer will only give the complete analysis.


Finding an able astrologer to get a solution to problems in married life is sometimes not that easy. But, you can always come to the Vedic Astrology maven Dr. Vinay Bajrangi to get your horoscope examined for any question related to marriage. Not only that, but you can also take an online or Voice report to solve all your issues.

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