Why does Rahu give illusions?

  • 2023-05-03
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The planet Rahu is called the planet of illusions because it is a malefic planet and creates confusions. In Astrology, Rahu is a demon, and due to which he exerts Maya or illusions on everyone. Whenever the Influence of Rahu starts appearing in a person’s life, it comes under a cloud of illusions as produced by the planet. Due to the influence of Rahu, a person is not able to understand the things around him properly. He tends to get confused more. Rahu has no physical existence and hence it is also called a shadow planet. This shadow surrounds the person in the form of illusions. Any person who is affected by Rahu finds himself surrounded by more than one thing. In today’s time, almost everyone is under the influence of Rahu. In this era, with the prevalence of the internet (web) everywhere, Rahu is also present because Rahu is a karaka or significator of internet and electronic gadgets. People mostly spend their time on the internet and social media, which is the prime reason of the omnipresence of Rahu. Today, all of us can be seen very closely connected with Rahu’s illusion in some way or the other. One needs to analyze Rahu carefully to understand its illusion. It is impossible to understand it superficially.

Being influenced by Rahu, a person always keeps on thinking and weaving an imaginary web with absolute no existence and end. Rahu is known to expand desires, along with this, Rahu is also associated with the previous birth, so the desires which have remained unfulfilled in the past life are depicted and aroused by Rahu. Just as it is said in the texts, “Brahmam Satyam Jagan Mithya” means Brahma is the truth and the world is fake. But Rahu works just opposite to this fact and narrates Brahm to be false while the world to be truth. It is difficult to get out of the vicious circle of Rahu. One has to do spiritual practice to understand the position of Rahu.

Rahu induces various kinds of desires in the mind of a person and due to this, the person starts moving away from the path of salvation. The Maya/illusion of Rahu sometimes makes a person inclined towards worldly matters and sometimes leads him towards spirituality. Rahu neither allows the person to be completely materialistic nor does it allow detachment. Rahu attracts a person from all sides towards itself. In this illusion, a person finds himself in bondage.

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