What happens at the end of Rahu Mahadasha?

  • 2023-05-03
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When the Mahadasha of Rahu ends, many changes can be seen. Guru Dasha begins after the end of Rahu Mahadasha. Rahu Dasha is a time when your knowledge and intellect remains under a state of confusion, with the end of Rahu Dasha, the person gets rid of this confusing state. A long indefinite period of dasha period comes to an end in life. Rahu does not allow stability and always instigates to do one thing or the other. It creates restlessness in the native. At the end of the Dasha of Rahu, there seems to be some pause on these things. Rahu’s restlessness slowly starts getting away from the person’s life.

The end of Rahu’s dasha is also a time of peace. Rahu Mahadasha is a time when a person remains busy with many things. He may appear more diligent in life. Even without wanting it, sometimes he needs to work very hard. The more chaotic the time Rahu gives, the more stability is attained after Rahu dasha. Many ups and downs in Rahu Mahadasha give trouble to the native. Here comes some stability in the life of a person. The departure of Rahu Dasha is sometimes going to give a new perspective in the life of a person. On the departure of Rahu Mahadasha, the person gets the Dasha of Jupiter. Rahu’s illusions end now. The lack of concentration that was always there now seems to be going away. These things slowly start falling apart in life. The end of Rahu is the time of arrival of Guru.

The arrival of Jupiter appears opposite to the results of Rahu. While Rahu is a malefic planet, Jupiter is an auspicious planet. With the influence of Guru, the thoughts of the person will now be stable. With the advent of Jupiter’s dasha, the native will now get the direction in life which he looked for desperately in the Rahu dasha. Most of the results after Rahu Mahadasha will depend on the upcoming dasha of Jupiter. Where is Jupiter sitting in your Kundli? How is the position of Jupiter? Jupiter is auspicious or inauspicious? It is in weak or is in exalted state? 

Whether it is placed in the quadrant or bad houses, Jupiter will bring the results accordingly. If the result of Jupiter is auspicious, then the upcoming dasha will be auspicious, but if Jupiter is weak, then the situation is troublesome. The result behind the end of a dasha is also understood in such a way that if the planet did not give anything in the beginning then it gives in its last phase. In this form he can acquire some new position. He may get new responsibilities. According to this context, the last phase of Rahu dasha may sometimes give a lot, but at the same time, it may also take everything from the native.

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