What does Rahu makes the native do when he is inauspicious?

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The nature of the planet definitely has an effect on the results obtained from the planet. Here, in case of Rahu being malefic, a negative element is visible due to its tamasic nature. In Vedic astrology, Rahu makes the person act according to the mindset, whenever we are affected by some aspect; it is natural that its effect will be strongly visible on us. Rahu puts the greatest effect on the intellect and mind. Rahu works to increase our desires, lust, dilemmas and confusions. Rahu represents smoke, in such a situation it is difficult to understand things well. This illusion trap of Rahu indicates more negativity to the native.

The reasons for the inauspiciousness of Rahu can be attributed to its demonic nature and its capability to eclipse the Sun i.e. soul and Moon i.e. mind. When our soul and mind are afflicted, then there is no happiness and peace. It is very difficult to feel happiness. Rahu may also increase the negative energies through its power that is why the force of the positive energy of nature appears somewhat weak during an eclipse. This change can be noticed from animals to plants and other living and non-living things. Rahu is also called the head of the dragon and this dragon is capable of exerting a powerful dangerous effect. It also symbolizes the expansion of desires and many other negative things, so because of all these qualities, Rahu has been defined more as a bad planet.

Along with this, when Rahu is at a place where it should not be placed in the horoscope or it is placed with other malefic planets of the horoscope which can even enhance its negative effects more. Rahu is considered weak in Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius Horoscope and it gives bad results in Scorpio and Pisces. It also gives results while being placed in these signs as per its constellations and navamsha position.


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Inauspicious effects of Rahu

Mental trauma: When Rahu is in a bad position then it can give very negative effects. Rahu can put a person in a very depressive state. The effect of Rahu does not allow a person to live peacefully. The main bad results of Rahu can be seen in the form of lack of intellect and mental restlessness. If we are not at mental ease then we experience most sufferings. Mental and inner afflictions are more painful than physical injuries and this is what Rahu exactly does. A person remains dissatisfied when Rahu is in a malefic state. Even if he achieves everything, he is not at peace or satisfied. Unknown curiosity and fear may always remain in his mind. Rahu can agitate the person so much that the person does not hold back from hurting himself as well as others.

If Rahu is bad and is sitting in the horoscope with the Moon, then it will give depression. The presence of Mercury in this yoga can also give phobia to a person. Without any reason, the state of fear can remain in the mind. Mental worries can be seen abundantly. The person becomes uncontrollable in nature. It is difficult for a person to stay and work at one place. He may feel fear due to some reason in life. He may grow suspicions and doubts in others.

Sudden Accidents: When Rahu is bad, there are many uncertain events in a person’s life. A person may have to face natural calamities and crises. Sometimes the wrath of the weather becomes fatal for his life. He may be afraid of poisonous animals. The person is affected with poison quickly. Accidents through vehicles or other sudden incidents may give troubles in his life. Due to these, one may have to suffer physical and mental suffering in one form or the other.

Speech defects: Due to the effect of bad Rahu, a person may suffer from defects in his speech. If Mercury is in afflicted state with Rahu and if it is under more afflictions in association of Saturn and Mars, then in such a situation the person may have difficulty in speaking. Rahu can make a person master in saying lies. A person may weave a false web through his trickery with the help of Rahu only. The malefic effect of Rahu affects the speech of a person to a great extent. If we talk about mass communication and politics, then Rahu gives manipulating capabilities to the native.

Defamation and social image: When Rahu is malefic, it can tarnish the image of a person. People don’t trust the person much. Rahu can put the native in forgery activities. Rahu is responsible for big scams and wrong deeds done under the guise of religion. Rahu is capable of spoiling the image of a person instantly. Bad Rahu does not allow a person to stand anywhere. Showing the right as wrong and the wrong as right can be seen as a sign of inauspicious Rahu. The effect of inauspicious Rahu can surround a person with many diseases.

A bad Rahu in the horoscope may give fake and false behavior to the native. It mainly gives deceit and treachery in a person. Rahu shows unlimited desires and when it is bad in the horoscope, the person forgets himself and others in achieving these desires.

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