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  • 2023-12-27
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In astrology, the effect and impact of the planets become the basis for making predictions. What results a planet will give and how it is going to affect us, this information comes under the predictive aspects of a planet. Now when it comes to Rahu, how can it affect another person can be decided on the basis of the person’s horoscope only. According to a simple principle, a planet tries to give results according to its position. In this way, the placement and position of Rahu in the horoscope, will decide its effects on life of the native.

The predictive aspect of Rahu in the horoscope can be understood by some important points in the horoscope. We can see its results through various dimensions like the position of Rahu, its conjunction, sign placement, constellation effect, auspicious and inauspicious associations, planetary yoga, etc. The predictive aspect and results of Rahu are as mysterious and secretive as Rahu itself. There is a lack of unanimous agreement of the scholars on this topic.

Rahu in different houses

When we talk about Role of Rahu in different houses, we need to see which house is under the influence of Rahu, then the resultant effects are as per the house. The effect of Rahu sitting in all the twelve houses is different because all the houses show some special significations and in those houses Rahu shows different results. Rahu works strongly in relation with the house. Rahu also shows the tendency to give results according to the house in which it is placed. Now if Rahu sits in good houses of the horoscope where it gives good effect, then the predictive results of Rahu are very important. When it sits in 3rd house, 6th house or twelfth house, then its results get amplified. These things are going to affect the results of Rahu significantly because Rahu sitting in any house can give surprising results related to that house.

The effect of Kendra and trikona (quadrant and trine) houses also affects the results of Rahu. If Rahu is placed with the lord of the Kendra or trikona, then it becomes a Raj Yogakaraka position, in such a situation, the results of Rahu are very influential. In many cases, the bad results of Rahu are also seen being transformed into good results. Read more on  role of Rahu in different houses.

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Rahu in different signs

Rahu also gives results as per the sign it is placed in. The position of Rahu in all the twelve signs shows different effects. Rahu being in some signs shows good effect and in some places it shows bad results. Rahu gives yogkaraka results in some signs as per some astrology texts. Rahu being in Aries, being in Scorpio, being in Gemini, being in Virgo, being in Cancer, being in Capricorn is also considered a yogkaraka position, according to Parashar ji, it is a good position. On the contrary, Rahu is considered very auspicious in some places. The presence of Rahu in Taurus, Gemini or Aquarius is considered very favorable, then it is expected that Rahu will be in a good position and give good results. On the contrary, Rahu being in Cancer or Leo sign shows bad results. So, the position of Rahu also gives its results according to the signs. 

What happens in Rahu conjunction

If some other planet is also placed in the house, Rahu is sitting then this is called the conjunction effect. Now in this situation, when the planets have a relationship with each other, then the effect of the planets is also greatly affected due to Yuti or conjunction. In this context, when Rahu is with a planet, it becomes very efficient in giving the results of that planet. Now in this, when Rahu is in conjunction with any other malefic or bad planet like Mars, being with Saturn, bad results or hash results are seen through its conjunction. Along with this, even when Rahu is sitting with its enemy planet, it can show its results in many ways. In this, Rahu being with the Sun or with the Moon will give very different results. One can see the effects in the native’s thinking, attitude and behavior. 

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What happens if Rahu aspects

The falling aspect at the planet brings a lot of difference in its results. Similarly, when Rahu gets the aspect of other planets, they change the natural significations and results of Rahu. Now if Rahu is being affected by the aspect of any auspicious planet or yogakaraka planet, then due to this, the results obtained from Rahu are visible in the form of development and adoption of new things for the person. Similarly, if Mars or Saturn cast its aspect on Rahu, the bad results of Rahu get enhanced. According to the aspect of the planets in the birth chart, the planet gives special results by absorbing the qualities or traits of the planets aspect it. 

Role of Rahu in birth chart

In determining the results of Rahu, the position of Rahu must also be seen in the divisional chart. If Rahu is in a good position in the divisional charts, then this will also shows the results of Rahu. The planets with which Rahu is placed in the divisional chart or the signs in which it is placed in the divisional chart also bring considerable effect on the results of Rahu.

In this way, to understand the predictive aspect or principle of Rahu, it is necessary to look at the nature of Rahu as well as the position of Rahu in the horoscope. The planet shows its effect as per its position in the horoscope it occupies a significant place in the determination of the result as well.

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