What happens in Jupiter Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha?

  • 2023-04-06
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When the antardasha of Jupiter runs under Rahu Mahadasha, it is going to affect the religious aspect in a person’s life in a very special manner. Both these planets have been believed to put a deep impact on the spiritual side of life. According to Astrology, it is believed that Rahu acquires the qualities and significations of the house it is placed in and the planets it forms a conjunction with. According to this fact, if it is known that which houses in the horoscope are ruled by Rahu and Jupiter, where they are placed and what is their position in the horoscope, then it is possible to know exactly know the impact of Rahu-Jupiter Dasha related to the spiritual aspect of life. But even on a superficial level, the antardasha of Jupiter in Rahu Mahadasha is especially a time of inner awakening for a person. Rahu’s work is to control the thought process or mentality of a person while Jupiter’s work is to control the knowledge, when these planets work together, they may transform the intellect of the native as per their will.

Rahu is called a malefic planet and has many negative and sinful significations. But we should not forget that Rahu has attained nectar as well. Even belonging to the sect of demons, Rahu is also the child of a sage who had the quality of Brahma element in him, so it is natural that Rahu may be a sin planet or a demon, but in spite of this, there is also the quality of spirituality in him which gives him a very special place. In the Mahadasha of Rahu, a person definitely gets the opportunity of taking holy dips in the river Ganges. The dasha of Rahu can connect a person to spirituality in any form. On the other hand Jupiter who is also called a teacher or Guru. According to his name, he is the storehouse of knowledge, is considered an auspicious planet. No planet is considered to be as auspicious as the planet Jupiter is in Astrology. It is also said that the effect of Jupiter is going to destroy the thousand defects of a person’s horoscope. When the Guru who gives divine knowledge operates in Dasha Bhukti or antardasha, then surely he also becomes responsible for the development of knowledge, religion and spirituality in a person.

Now even if the actual position of these planets is not known in the horoscope of a person, the time of their dasha period is definitely going to give its effect on the spiritual side. Now the time period of Rahu and Guru Dasha may bring several fluctuations in the life of the person. They both are not very comfortable with each other and thus results may not be favorable all the time. A kind of difference can be felt in the results. A sense of separation may prevail in the spiritual side of the person as well. A person may be engaged in sadhana, mantra, worship, or religious tours, but along with this, the effect of planets will also give a different effect on his spiritual side. In which the tendency to show off can also be seen here. There is a lot of spiritual growth and there is also a chance to get the company of some teachers or gurus. People can also influence your thoughts. One can suddenly connect to a place that he had not even imagined. In Rahu Jupiter dasha, a person can also be proficient in giving discourses to the people.

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