What are the signs or indications of a bad Rahu?

  • 2023-05-04
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Rahu can give both good and bad results. The position of Rahu is going to affect the person’s horoscope in many ways. An afflicted Rahu in the horoscope causes bad results for the native. The position of bad Rahu gives several kinds of troubles in a person’s life. To understand whether Rahu is good or bad in your horoscope, it is necessary that the effect of Rahu should be understood properly. The influence of Rahu is associated with all types of materialistic pleasures. The effect of Rahu is going to change the life of a person completely. The excessive results of Rahu are clearly visible during the dasha period of Rahu, but apart from this, Rahu also gives some results which gives hints whether Rahu is bad in your horoscope or not.

The symptoms of Rahu are as follows

The sign of Rahu giving bad results in your life can be identified by the fulfilled or unfilled desires in someone’s life. Rahu induces desires and create liking for materialistic pleasures. When happiness is not found in life, then it is an indication of a bad or malefic Rahu. Rahu also indicate mechanical objects and thus in a house where there are frequent break down of mechanical objects, we assume has a bad Rahu. If the clock at home or mechanical equipment of the kitchen gets damaged very quickly or things get out of order even without using them, then this is also an indication of a bad Rahu.

Despite having all the pleasures in life, some people are not able to enjoy those pleasures. There is always a feeling of dissatisfaction in their life. All these things emerge as a sign of bad Rahu. Although people construct the threshold in the house but if the location of the threshold of the house is bad or it is not located on smooth floor, then also it may give a troubled Rahu to the natives. A dirty, tearing and unkempt bathroom in the house is also a sign of bad Rahu. If Rahu is malefic, the effect of intoxicants or other types of addictions can be clearly seen on the native. The native may remain mentally disturbed. One may always be surrounded with negative thoughts. The tendency towards suicide or self-harm may also be visible. The negative energies start affecting the body very quickly.

Worries about future, dissatisfaction, unnecessary thoughts and frequent changes in decisions also indicate a bad Rahu. The ill effects of Rahu also trouble the person mentally. There may be lack of concentration which will trouble the native constantly. If there are indications of a bad or malefic Rahu, then it is suggested to follow the remedies of Rahu.

Sudden accidents may affect the life of the native badly. When there is a bad Rahu, then many events happen in the life of a person which makes him surprised and awestruck. Accidental events tend to increase distress and anxiety. The effect of bad Rahu can put a person in those things where a person can remain trapped in confusion all the time.

A person can be deceived in many ways due to bad Rahu. People may get deceived or cheated through their loved ones, due to which their relationships become extremely stressful and painful. The person may have to suffer more because of other people.

When Rahu is bad in horoscope, a person is extravagant and tends to spend more than required. He may spend more than his savings. A person may have to spend money in vain just to show the supremacy of his life style to others. The absence of support from Rahu, gives a lot of struggle to the person in saving money and he lacks wealth accumulation in his life. The person’s thinking is always towards those things, which can be impossible for the person to achieve. Many times the bad effect of Rahu can make a person lose everything by investing money in the share market or lottery. The reason for bankruptcy is also due to bad Rahu.


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Due to the bad Rahu, the person is always under the state of confusion. The bad Rahu never allows a person to be engaged in one work. Many times the effect of bad Rahu shows the state of suspicions and eccentric behavior in a person’s life. Fear remains within the person, due to fear, he can become hysterical in many things. The sleep of a person is also affected due to bad Rahu. The person may also get affected by the lack of memory or bad memorizing capabilities.

The effect of bad Rahu is going to lead a person in wrong directions. A person can also suffer the stigma of defamation or ill fame due to immoral relationships. No one shows trust in him for his wrongdoings and bad habits. 


The effect of bad Rahu gives great affliction due to skin diseases and poisonous things in a person. Nervous system problems, infections, allergies can give cancer and painful diseases. The effect of bad Rahu definitely gives harsh speech. In many indications of Rahu, these are some of the major indications to show whether Rahu is bad or favorable for you.

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