My previous blog on Pitru dosh was a comprehensive narration on the cause of Pitru Dosh, effects of Pitru Dosh, reasons of Pitru Dosh, the types of Pitru Dosh, the relation of Pitru Dosh to past lives and the remedial measures of Pitru Dosh. Here though this blog I will try and divulge more valued information on this subject. Pitru Dosh is also called Pitra Dosh. So it is very relevant to understand what does Pitra Means, who are Pitras & how do they attribute to Pitru Dosh.

Who are Pitras

Pitra are the forefathers who are not anymore in physical form on this planet. These are thought to be present in the Pitralok and are devoted for the wellbeing of their descendants. There is praise for the Pitras in The Rigvedas( 10/15 Pitrasutak), 35th Chapter of the Yajurvedas also have a mention of Pitras. Many Puranas like the Vayu Purana, Matsya, Padma, Markandya have a reference for it.

Categories of Pitras

There is a mention of three categories of Pitru Dosh, and they are:

  1. The Best category: – The forefathers of the Gods, the demons, and the humans are the best category of the Pitra. Agnishvaant is the Pitra of the Gods whereas Barhishad is the Pitra of Demons, Bhrighu is the Pitra of Bhramins, Angeera is the Pitra of Shatriyas, Aajaypaa is the Pitra of Vaishya and Sukaali is the Pitra of Shudras.
  2. The Medium Category: – Those pious souls who after leaving the human body get salvation (Moksha) and reside the Pitraloka along with the best category of the Pitras are the medium category ones. These work for the wellbeing of their descendants and never think bad about them.
  3. The Third or degraded quality of Pitra: – Those souls who do not reincarnate due to illusions, left charm and other unfulfilled desires are the third or degraded quality of Pitras. It is believed that they have a different abode for themselves which is called the Pretlok. We are most concerned about the liberation and salvation of these Pitras as these quenchless souls start harming their relatives.

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Who become the Pitra / Pitras

Those who meet their end before fulfilling a special wish they have been nurturing for long usually become a Pret and thus  Pitra. The unfulfilled desire or responsibilities can be many such as someone dying young before completing his duties towards his family, a person who has too much love for his materialistic things, a kid dying in some accident, death because of some deceit, etc.

What do the Pitras want

Pitras are hungry for the respect and devotion by their family members. Further, they require that their family members should complete that purpose of their life for which they ( Pitras) were living. They also expect that their descendents should accomplish the responsibilities whatever they have had left in-complete.

What happens when the family members forget the memories, fundamentals of the deceased persons, Pitras. The family members wage war among themselves for the distribution of the assets and dishonesty creeps in them. In some cases, they ( decendents) grossly overlook the responsibilities of the deceased.  This can infuriate a soul which is still to reincarnate. And can forego its incarnation to see whether the descendents are handling his / her  responsibility diligently.

Overall impact of Pitru Dosh – Negative & Positive

Do the Pitras inflict Suffering

Those Pitra who have an unfulfilled wish and see mishandling of his responsibilities can get infuriated and inflict wounds of different magnitude on his/her descendants. These sufferings gain gravity if one does not take corrective  measures & that too well in time. The likely sufferings can be many, like:

  1. Fall of reputation
  2. Imprisonments,
  3. Loss of capital,
  4. Assets losses.
  5. Untimely death,
  6. Repeated deaths,
  7. Loss of Job or business
  8. Childlessness
  9. Disharmony in the family.

The Positive Pitras

Yes! The Pitras can act positively for the native as well. A well supported Sun in a horoscope can propel the chart to great heights. It is worth a mention that if the descendents handle the Pitru Dosh diligently. Then even a Pitru Dosh in a horoscope can take the person to heights The Pitru Dosh if works to the benefit for the person can:

  1. Depict the future,
  2. Remove most of the negative Dosh of the horoscope.
  3. Can strengthen the positive Yogas of the horoscope.
  4. Help native by preventing sudden losses.
  5. Can be “Aayushkaraka” provider of longevity.

Solutions & Remedies for Pitru Dosh

Shradh; the way for Pitras Salvation

Shradh word has its root from “Shradhha” which means reverence. One must perform/ carry  it out systematically  to negate the wrath of the infuriated Pitras. Apart from the ritual of shradh , descendents should also systematically follow and accomplish the unfulfilled desires of the deceased along with his/her commitments. There are a few pilgrimage locations which are considered best for performing the Shradh ceremony. And they are:

  1. Haridwar
  2. Prayag, Allahabad
  3. Pushkar
  4. Pihova
  5. Badrishetra
  6. Trayambakeshwar
  7. Gayaji
  8. Gangotri

Simple remedies for the eradication of Pitru Dosh:

  1. Plant and care for Pipal trees.
  2. Recite SrimadBhagvat Geeta.
  3. Worship Lord Vishnu.
  4. Care for your parents.
  5. Respect & take care of the elderly.
  6. Accomplish your responsibilities.
  7. Discharge the responsibilities of ancestors.
  8. Take care of the belongings of ancestors.
  9. Do not cheat especially with family members.

The Final Say by Dr Bajrangi – Karma Correction supersedes rituals 

Pitru Dosh or similar Negative Doshas can be conquered with simple Karma corrections within ourselves. Whatever deciphered in the birth chart is a direct result of Dridh ( Fixed) Karmas which even the Creator Lord Brahama can not change , once written in the Birth Chart so Let’s balance out your Jupiter, improve on your Adridh Karmas of the present life & lay path for a better future.

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