Nakshatra Matching for Marriage Compatibility

  • 2023-04-17
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Nakshatra matching is a branch of synastry that is relatively unfamiliar to laypeople. This method, handed down to us by the ancient astrologers, essentially compares the janma Nakshatra of the girl with the boy to find maximum matching points. Moon spends a day in each asterism that may coincide with your birth date, and time is your birth star or asterism. The Nakshatra in which the moon would be transiting on your birthday would be your janam nakshatra. Nakshatras is one of 27 sectors along the celestial ecliptic. The nakshatra names are chosen depending on the prominent star in or near the ecliptic sectors. The nakshatras are categorized as such, based on the transition of the moon.

People born under these Nakshatra have specific personality attributes. These nakshatras also are of great help while fixing the right time for auspicious occasions and rituals. The moons nakshatra could be used to understand the transits and Maha Dasha. The study of the Nakshatra points at the person’s appearance, whereas Rasi of the moon decides the gene type and physical build. Moon also helps ascertain the actual identity of the native.

Higher scores accrued for the alliance during nakshatra matching, favorably for the native. Star matches with good scores always assure physical and emotional compatibility between the partners and signify their well-being and good offspring. Marriage would be long-lived and successful if Nakshatras of the couple showed up to be in concord.

How to Check Star Compatibility?

We need the native’s date, time, and place of birth, as the first step to determine the compatibility at the basic level. Then a natal chart can be created using the birth credentials and birth sign of the native. In the next step, after determining the basic compatibility by the stars, we can employ the ashta koota method of matching. The gun Milan is then performed comparing the kootas of the couple. This gives a clue to the level of compatibility shared between them. They can predict certain things through the gun Milan and assess the doshas found in the koota matching.

Why is Nakshatra Matching Important for Marriage?

Vedic astrology opines that similar kootas heighten the harmony in the relationship. Incompatible matches include a host of evil consequences such as dissatisfaction, adversities, unforeseen health ailments, and separation, in some cases. Nakshatra matching is an integral part of the matching process.

We can properly assess the kootas and stars and rashis to know if the couple is well-matched, the quality of their future together, the progeny, the prosperity, and compatibility on all levels.

The nakshatra matching would let the parents and the couple gain insight into the extent of happiness, and the unforeseen incidents in a couple’s life that hinder marriage. They can also match the couple’s attitude and bring them round to accepting each other with their pluses and minuses.

In case you insist on getting a perfect match and are stuck between two equally good proposals, star matching comes of help in clarifying your uncertainties and confusions.

What role does the birth star play in horoscope matching?

Horoscope matching is an effective tool, and if combined with in-depth star matching, the couple gets equipped to avoid or face the hurdles that may come along their way to happiness.

The Kundali matching is the next step in the matching process, and it starts with star matching. Star matching shows any possible defect that we could later assess from the Kundali. Due to this, we can successfully mitigate any severe doshas due to Kundali and star matching or reject the alliance if the horoscopes demand it. Consult a good astrologer to nullify the doshas.

Mangal Dosha and Shani Dosha wreak havoc in marriage and lead to the most undesirable consequences like death or divorce. We can get an inkling of it by matching the nakshatras first and then the Kundali for a detailed analysis.

Sages of ancient times prescribed the star matching as a mandatory ritual to avoid any disastrous consequences that can potentially upset the marital happiness of the couple. The birth star can seriously impact how we think and our perception and behavior.

What is Nakshatra matching?

The matching birth star, in other words, means matching minds, which in turn means compatibility concerning values, interests, beliefs, attitudes, and disposition. This indicates perfect compatibility between the couple that is matched well from the mind and heart. Sages of yore always opined that two perfectly compatible on a similar wavelength and common interests and way of thinking do not need to check their charts for higher matching scores to get married. So, the birth star, along with Koota and horoscope, is a key to finding the compatibility level of a couple. Matching stars means matching lifestyles, goals, interests, minds, wavelengths, and mutually happy married life.

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