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In this edition I would like to lay importance on Nakshatra, and how it is the key for astrological prediction. The effect of Gandant Nakshatra or constellation and its influence on the timing of events.

The accuracy of astrological predictions is in accordance with the depth of the knowledge of the astrologer. It is seen that most just use the D-1 chart and the planets for their prediction. Whereas the other few make use of the other divisional charts for fine tuning of their prediction.

The amalgamation of other techniques or precision methods with the main technique is utmost important. I see that constellation does not get that proper attention as they should, they are the backbone of accurate astrological prediction and having a shorthand in dealing with Nakshatra will definitely show the effect in the quality of prediction.

In this write-up, I will want the reader to understand the extent of usage of the constellation. And how the singularly it can be used to predict the future events with exact timings and the nature of the result.

Gadanth Nakshatra

The Nakshatras Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyestha, Moola and Revathi and are known as the “Gadanth Nakshatra” or the knot-end Nakshatra. And birth in any of these constellations are considered inauspicious in many manners. The phrase “Moolon mein Janam” must be echoing in the ears of many if, at birth, Moon happened to be in any of these constellation . But my experience says something different, the so-called ill-effects of these constellation multiplies if apart from Moon other planets are also within the striking distance of this constellation.

Nakshatra astrology

impact of placement of planet

The placement of any planet in Ashwini constellation may bring miseries related to health at the age of 24. Similarly at the age of 30 one gets entangled to court cases. If any dominant planet is associated with Aslesha constellation. A fall from the career at the age of 31 happens if a planet of dominance gets associated with Magha Nakshatra.

Health Effects.

A fall in health can be witnessed if a planet of dominance is in Jyestha Nakshatra; this constellation also tries to cripple the native at the age of seven. A planet of dominance if is in Moola Nakshatra, it activates four times in life, one at 25 then at 30, then again at 42 and last time it gets activated at the age of 64. It brings distress, rises of foes and fall of reputation.

Revathi the last of the constellation is not that gentle either; it activates body harm at the age of 12, brings in some kind of accidents at the age of 42 and may terminate the life at 62.

So, natives who are not born in “Gadanth Nakshatra” which means their moon is not in these Nakshatra may still have some other planets in these Nakshatra which if left unchecked may be the basis of heavy upheavals in life.

Final Says.

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    Thanks and stay Blessed. Vinay Bajrangi

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