Which house Ketu is most auspicious in the horoscope?

ketu in birth chart

Among the nine planets, Ketu is included in the category of malefic planets. Just like Rahu, Ketu is also a shadow planet and does not have a physical form. Ketu is a fiery planet like Mars. Ketu is a spiritual planet by nature; hence it has distaste for worldly matters. The effect of the planet Ketu is very intense and sudden. Ketu is the karaka of tantra-mantra, astrology, yoga, salvation (Moksha), injury, spirituality, detachment, esoteric science, etc. Ketu is a strong and aggressive planet like Mars, which is also linked with injury, violence, murder, surgery, etc.

If we talk about worldly matters, then Ketu is considered most auspicious in the trishaday houses (3, 6, 11 houses) of the horoscope. But if we talk about spiritual matters, Ketu is more beneficial only in the eighth and twelfth houses of the moksha trikona (4, 8, 12 houses). Ketu, if placed in the third house, increases the person’s courage, might, physical strength, and fighting ability. The placement of Ketu here gives self-confidence to a person, and the person does not give up easily in difficult times. Ketu in the Third House also gives leadership qualities to the native.


Ketu situated here increases your muscle power tremendously. The sixth house is associated with diseases, debts, enemies, disputes, etc. With the placement of Ketu here, you can overshadow your opponents. You are protected from your enemies. There is also protection from debts, diseases, and disputes. The eleventh house is the last in the series of Trishadaya houses. Although generally all the planets are considered auspicious in this house, Ketu situated here protects the person from many evils. Ketu situated here increases your income and can fulfill many of your desires. Such a person can earn a good income from spiritual subjects. The Eighth House is the most esoteric, complex, and mysterious of all the twelve houses of the horoscope. Spirituality is closely related to this house. A sudden factor is also related to the eighth house because the eighth house and the eighth lord give sudden results.


This house is analyzed for the analysis of spiritual, esoteric, and research-related subjects. Ketu itself is also a very esoteric, complex, spiritual, and sudden influence planet. Due to its lack of physical form, it is also a mysterious planet like Rahu. There is a lot of similarity in the qualities of Ketu and the eighth house, so Ketu in the Eighth House can prove to be a boon for spiritual matters. When Ketu is placed here, the person becomes highly spiritual. They have a tremendous hold on esoteric and spiritual subjects. Such a person can make a special contribution to research-related fields. There are a lot of similarities in the qualities of the twelfth house and Ketu, so Ketu is considered auspicious in this house. Being the last house of the horoscope, the twelfth house represents the end, loss, or salvation.


This house is also related to loneliness and solitude. The attainment of self-knowledge is also due to the auspiciousness of this house to the person, so this house also has a deep relation with esoteric and spiritual subjects. Ketu is a spiritual planet and is in a benefic state in the twelfth house because there is a lot of similarity between the qualities of this house and the qualities of Ketu. Due to Ketu positioned here, a person can do rigorous sadhanas to attain self-knowledge and salvation. One can have tremendous knowledge of esoteric and spiritual subjects. Such a person can attain salvation after leaving the body. When you see the horoscope of high-rank spiritual seekers, you will see that Ketu is in the twelfth house in their horoscope. Apart from this, Ketu situated here also protects the person from secret enemies, expenditure, and loss.


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