What results does given when Moon and Ketu conjunction in the eleventh house?

Moon Ketu conjunction

The eleventh house of the horoscope is one of the most important houses of the birth chart. It is because income and benefits in life are considered from this house. Any person’s life can run properly and smoothly only when that person has sufficient sources of income. If the income is not good, then the person’s life can be full of struggle. Profit, income, elder siblings, friends, sources of income, financial condition, means of earning, ability to accumulate wealth, family business, number of elder siblings, and the happiness they get from the eleventh house of the horoscope.


The negative aspect of the areas mentioned above is also considered from this house. If the tenth house is of karma or field of work, then the eleventh house gives information about the benefits received from that work or field of work. As the eleventh house is the fourth from the eighth house, it also gives information about the mother’s age and the nature of her death. Being the fifth from the seventh house, the eleventh house also considers the child’s life partner, a long-term relationship, and a business partner. The wealth and income earned from moral or immoral actions are also considered from this place. The karaka planet of this house is Jupiter. This house comes in the Trishaday (3, 6, 11 houses) and Upachaya houses. Almost all the planets are considered auspicious in this house.


The lord of this house is called Labesh or Ekadashesh. The person gets the results as per the planets in the eleventh house. Moon is a very important planet in Vedic astrology. It is a fickle-natured planet with a feminine nature, and it is of watery element is dominant. It is the fastest-moving planet. It is responsible for diseases related to phlegm and water element in the body. If the Moon is in a strong position in the birth chart, then the person is of a balanced mind and ideology and succeeds in all areas of life. Such a person always seems to be happy. Moon is the karaka of the man’s left eye and woman’s right eye. Moon is also connected with the blood, water, mind, mother, breast, chest, lungs, uterus, ovaries, bladder, etc. If the Moon is weak in the horoscope, the person may face mental diseases, blood disorders, diseases related to the chest and lungs, uterus and eye diseases, etc.


The person is fearful, unstable, and inconsistent with their thoughts if the Moon is weak or afflicted by inauspicious planets in the horoscope. Bali Moon gives profit from the business of water, liquid, and white materials. Generally, the moon is considered a benefic planet. Ketu is the karaka planet of spirituality, detachment, salvation, esoteric and occult sciences, Ayurveda, medicine, tantra-mantra, astrology yoga, healing science, etc. Ketu is the fiery and pitta-natured planet. Ketu gives interest in spiritual areas instead of turning the person towards worldly matters. If Ketu is favorable, then the person gets benefits through spirituality, Ayurveda, medicine, field related to healing, esoteric science, research-related field, etc.


Now let’s talk about the combination of Moon and Ketu in the eleventh house. Moon is a karaka of mind, emotions, and mother, and Ketu is related to Vairagya, Spirituality, Sanyas, Moksha, etc. Therefore, the combination of Moon and Ketu communicates spirituality in a person. The mind of such a person always remains away from worldly matters. Moon is a very soft, fickle, sensitive, and delicate planet, whereas Ketu is a fiery, cruel, pitta nature with the dominance of the fire element. There is enmity between Ketu’s fire element and Moon’s water element because water extinguishes the fire, and fire vaporizes water.


Hence, the conjunction of Moon and Ketu in the eleventh house is not good for worldly matters. Such a person may be deprived of maternal happiness. The mother’s health may remain bad; she often complains about joint pain. Sadness prevails in the mind of such a person. All these things can become responsible for the disturbance of mental peace. He may have psychiatric or mental disorders like depression, phobia, etc. However, such a person can get good benefits from spiritual subjects. Such a person can be of spiritual ideology or thinks about spirituality most of the time.


The conjunction of Moon and Ketu in the eleventh house suggests that a person can get a good income from spiritual fields. Moon shows travel, Ketu is the karaka of spirituality, and the eleventh house benefits and fulfills desires; such a person benefits from spiritual journeys. In other words, it can be said that their desires can get fulfilled through spiritual journeys. The conjunction of Moon and Ketu suggests that a person’s mother can be a spiritual woman of higher stature.


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