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All need success in life. But there are some instances which scare even the bravest. When a business fails to give the result or the  repeated efforts provide the same results, i.e., failure. When all the exertions seem to go down the drain it is then the individual tends to look beyond his capabilities. It is then, the individual thinks what is the way to success &  who is that someone who can guide &  hold him back.

I have over the time browsed many horoscopes of this category when an able individual cannot take any more. All the efforts that the individual has been putting do not fructify. Probably there is no idea on how to achieve success in life.

Enough done but still no success. Read with example.

Mr. Amreek Singh (name changed) an ardently religious person once visited me to have his horoscope analyzed. He had till then visited a good number of astrologers, but his ill fate won’t budge. Before I evaluate his horoscope for you, I would like to add the following thing about him which is essential to know:

  1. He was putting several rings around his different fingers sparing only two thumbs and two fingers without rings.
  2. He was putting on a few pendants around his neck. These pendants must be combinedly heavy as their weigh had bent his neck a bit.
  3. Performing several rituals for almost 2 hours daily was his routine.
  4. Visiting several shrines was his regular routine.
  5. He was so aware of his horoscope that he was counting and treating even those Doshas of the horoscope that was not affecting him in any way.
  6. For 1st 10 minutes, he did not allow me to speak. He was totally engrossed telling me about many Doshas which were preventing him to get the desired results. This was his take on the overall dilemma for his problems.

While he was busy depicting his horoscope to me, I was silently browsing a few essential details which were crucial for me.

Present dilemma


He was working with a property consultant with an excellent reputation with his clients. But some inklings lured him to leave the job & start his own business. Now from the time he left his employer and started his own, it had become hard for him to make his ends meet. Therefore his main questions to me or the areas of concern were:

  1. I am a property consultant and when would my business take off.
  2. He has had numbers of deals which were there to ripe and give results, but until then none of his deals had fructified.
  3. For quick gains, he had also ventured in purchasing some real estate, on loans off course, but whatever bought wouldn’t sell, even on a discount.
  4. Under regular EMI, office establishment expenses, home expenses he was broke.
  5. Even, he had defaulted in paying the school fees for his kids.

The astrologers with whom he had met initially were all very optimistic that the numerous Yogas in his horoscope will fructify and he will eventually become a wealthy businessman. But those astrologers had gradually drifted from there analysis and every passing day; they would spot a new contrary Yoga in his horoscope which was not letting him perform.

Was horoscope bad for success. NO !!

His horoscope was indeed excellent. Let me say, it carried a few Good Yogas that even an amateur in astrology would applaud. These indications were:

  1. He had a Dhan (wealth) Yoga.
  2. He had two Raj Yogas.
  3. His ascendant and its lord were strong.
  4. He could do business.
  5. His Dashas (period) was average, not good but not that bad even.

Deemed reasons for no – success.

I posted a few questions to him which were:

  1. Has he made some changes in his style of dealing with people? His reply was, that since he ventured in his own business, he desperation to click the deal has increased.
  2. Is his nature changed over the time since he has started his business? To this, he answered that he often gets mad at his wife and kids.
  3. Is he giving enough time to his family and friends? His answer was negative.
  4. Has he started dating someone? His answer was a reluctant affirmative.

Astrological analysis. 

Now,let me tell what my analysis of his horoscope was:

  1. His business Yoga was not there in his D-9 (Navamsha) and D-60 ( Shastiamsha). This meant that in spite of excellent efforts the success would elude him.
  2. He had the Dhan Yoga but the Rinn(Loan) Yoga had far more strength than the Dhan or wealth Yoga.
  3. His family life was going through rough waters, and therefore he was not able to put his ability to maximum use.
  4. The Raj Yoga was there to fructify but under some supervision.
  5. There were few negative Yogas which were well fed with his ever-growing negative nature, his extramarital pursuits.
  6. He was going to face few long-lasting court cases which he did not anticipate.

Astrological Solutions, the Final say.


  1. I asked to apply some karma correction which was to change his basic behavior. This is very unique methodology developed by me over the research of decades.
  2. Told him to go back to doing a job and not to invest any further. The time was to change soon.
  3. Advised him to stop seeing any female as it was bringing disgrace to him and was spoiling his family life.
  4. Guided him to pray to Lord Hanuman in a specific way.
  5. Also advised him to get rid of all his rings and pendants & furthermore stop most of the rituals altogether.

I asked him to take good care of his health.

Initially, he was apprehensive of my prediction, but gradually he started abiding by what I had said.

It is a period of 2 good long  years now. In these two years he has made an excellent reputation for himself. Furthermore, he has started paying off his dues & also restored peace at home.

Things can get better and start as one has thought just the right click at the right time is needed. There can not an essay on success & hardwork, it all depends on person, situations & adaptability.

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Akash August 20, 2018 at 3:46 pm

नमस्कार गुरूजी
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Pulkit August 20, 2018 at 5:09 pm

Pranam Guruji ,
My name is Pulkit Sharma. I am post graduate and i am looking for job last few months but when i go to the interview everything gonna fair but last moment i don’t get job even i am tired for this. Pls guide me what should i do? My D.O.B – 29 jan 1990, Time – 2.00 pm, place of birth – Jhansi

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