The Game Changing Miracles in life: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

The Game Changing Miracles in life: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Sometimes, we find miracle of miracles in life. These miracles can happen either in our life or someone else’s life. Sometimes sudden failures or most unfortunate events happening in life become the game changer. We wonder on the occurrence of such miracles in life. Let me categorically state here that such miracles are pre-destined. Each horoscope has a spark or a spark plug which triggers itself. This can happen once or twice in a life time. When this spark or spark plug triggers, it creates miracles in one’s life. This can give either sudden success for rest of our life. Or similarly on the other hand we get shocks with sudden failure or event which was never even in dreams.  There are instances when the situation of sorrow transforms into a situation of blessings. A terribly helpless situation suddenly turns into a blossom.  And that is the belief of miracles.

Miracles in life

These are few of the situations that one may have lived or witnessed, but surely these are one in lifetime things that could happen to someone. Lets understand, what are these miracles. How does the trigger of a Spark Plug in  Horoscope either blossom or totally devastate the life. This can happen either to the native or native’s family or nears and dears.

Consider some of such Miracles :

  1. One is retained miraculously when the entire team is served the pink slip.
  2. When someone out of the blue is given an assignment, new role which was never there & even hard to dream.
  3. When someone is the last person to avail an advantage leaving behind scores in the waiting list.
  4. Someone miraculously saved from a dreaded accident.
  5. An orphan being adopted from someone in a foreign land.
  6. Suddenly someone winning a lottery or rewarding puzzle or quiz.
  7. Sometimes, someone clears an exam against hopes.
  8. We sometimes win an order or deal that would change the life.
  9. Someone getting a start which no one could have imagined.

Native faces many more events like Miracles.

Many things happen to a native which makes the life continually full of miseries. A native may:

  1. Loose in all the businesses he starts, till he becomes broke.
  2. May not continually find any job to get him going.
  3. Sometimes someone is not able to marry  even after putting in the best efforts.
  4. The state/Government continually disturbs for one reason or the other.
  5. Someone may start losing his wealth for known/unknown reasons.
  6. For someone, marriage does not work even after marrying and divorcing several times.
  7. The fate that never smiles on someone.
  8. Someone who is always caught on the wrong footing.
  9. The person always remain under continual debts.
  10. Native always remain under continual sorrow.
  11. Many a times, one keeps on loosing near and dear ones one by one. 

How a Horoscope spots such Spark Plugs – Miracles

A general inspection of a horoscope may not reveal these events. But  if one gets  control over one of these types of events rather than facing a continuous precarious situation. Then probably the native could control the life to some extent rather facing a hell throughout the life.

Now there is a divine tool to deal with these kinds of precarious situation. There is a spark plug which lies buried somewhere in a horoscope and is impossible to find in a normal circumstance. If this spark plug could activate than at least the trail of adverse events that have shaken the native, could be blocked and a new lease life could be ensured. This spark plug is a virtual point that is harnessed by multiple positive planets but is not easy to locate.

Locating the Spark Plug:

Can we locate or identify this spark plug in the Horoscope. Yes, we can but only a Master can do it. Novice trying this can even have scaring or totally adverse effects.  To begin the exercise to locate  this spark plug, one has to undertake a lengthy session to pinpoint on the past events, both good or bad. The geometries of each planet viz to viz the result of every event is tabulated. Then comes the next herculean step of changing a few things in the life and documenting the results, positive or negative.

The session which follows the first meeting can number from four to ten depending on the frequency of changing of the scenario. Once the trail of past events and the new events are detailed minutely the location of spark plug gets identified and more importantly the method through which the spark could be maneuvered or detonated.

The Cases:

I have done a considerable amount of cases wherein the native faced continual hellish situation but was out of the shackles after detailing and periodic sittings.

For letting a miracle happen, a bit of time, a bit of confidence and the zeal to change are of utmost importance. Have faith in the Vedic sciences and see how the world come calling to you.

Inspite Miracles in life, Everybody wants to be successful.


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