What does it mean to have Mercury Enter in Taurus?

mercury in taurus

The Mercury transit in Taurus enhances the mathematical abilities of the native, who will also be able to make inspired decisions. Some polite people are born under this influence. They would be known for their expensive lifestyle with creative preoccupations.

When did Mercury enter Taurus? 

They have an excellent memory that helps them to gain money through creativity. Writers, designers, and creative people amongst them will rule the roost. Mercury would enter Taurus on 25th April 2022, Monday at 00:05. Let us now look at the impact of Mercury’s transit in Taurus.

What happens when Mercury is in Taurus?

Mercury and Taurus both are in the earthly elements and the native under their influence would have fixed views about everything. It is difficult to make these individuals change their minds once they decide about something. Venus governs Taurus, and Venus is friendly with Mercury, so this combination is very favorable for these natives as they look forward to stability in every aspect of life. Logic rules their existence, and their ability to focus is amazing. Clean handed to the hilt, and they are believed to be the most reliable of people in money management matters. Empowered by strong business acumen, they prefer to be orthodox in their views as they despise change. Organization and management come naturally to them. They have a pronounced liking for anything high-end and crave luxurious items as they prefer security. They are soft-spoken individuals that raise their voices against injustice and not against a fellow human being in an argument. For them, sexual satisfaction is crucial for a frictionless marital life. Physical exercise of all sorts appeals to them. When Mercury is in Taurus, all the above results are indicated. However, is Mercury good in Taurus? Let us see. 

Is Mercury good in Taurus?

Sometimes people get the wrong impression about them. They take a long time to decide about anything, which may be misinterpreted as ego or arrogance. They are not reticent in the least bit and communicate with people freely. Hence there would be a strong reason they take time to decide about things. Negative attributes of having Mercury in Taurus are rigidity, adamancy, and slow decision-making. These natives are pragmatic in their ways of thinking and do not see the world in rose-tinted glasses. They would not let themselves be carried away by flights of fancy, as their practical wisdom would be working overtime. They are overtly expressive, and you can categorize them as extroverts. Traditional ways always appeal to them more than the new-fangled ways of thinking. One thing at a time, as a concept, helps us while focusing; but there is a fear of clinging to the rigid thought process with respect to this concept! Thinking should always be spontaneous.

Individuals born under the influence of Mercury Transit in Taurus are well-liked for their appealing voices. Vocal music is something they can take up seriously as a hobby. These natives are practical but more stylish and flashier due to mercury influence. They learn everything the hard way, that is, by experience. But they are casual and relaxed on the personal and career front. They are supremely confident and not self-conscious while speaking to others. Slow and steady wins the race seems to be their motto of life. They always push themselves to create new opportunities. They are inspired to learn to achieve expertise in any creative pursuit. These people always estimate a person or a thing’s value because of money. To a large extent, Mercury is good in Taurus. What are the personality traits of these people? Let us discuss.

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What are the Mercury transit effects in Taurus? Mercury governs the second and fifth houses. When he is traversing the first house, which stands for character and personality, this period ensures them a period of domestic peace and bliss with their spouses. They are likely to get unflinching support from their spouse as Mercury will cast its beneficial influences on the Seventh House of their chart. If you contemplate splurging some of your money on revamping your house, this is the time to do so. It can guarantee you fame and respect, and success in your relationship. There is no better time than this for students to focus and win the exams with excellence. Working professionals come across a plethora of opportunities that might catapult their careers. Stocks and trades professionals and generally, all business people are in for a galore of profits. Healthwise, although you are a perfect picture of health, during this period, you will need to continue the regime of fitness and nutrition to conserve your health. The positive work-life balance would be maintained, relationships rejuvenated, and bonds strengthened. The Mercury Transit Effects in Taurus are varied.

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