Matching Horoscopes with Software or Mobile App is not enough for Marriage

Horoscope Matching

The first step towards marriage in India is probably kundli matching. Today, there is an easy access to any free kundli software or mobile app with an automated service of kundli milan. Most of us use this service to see Gun Milan to decide further. More often than not, the score obtained through an astrology mobile app or software becomes the main factor in deciding whether to marry or not. But do you know the best astrologer in the country does not give sole importance to kundli Milan by date of birth? However, any match-making process certainly starts with kundli matching, but this is not the only criterion!

Requisite for a good marriage as per Kundli Matching

In Marriage Astrology, both the horoscopes of the prospective couple are checked under eight categories i.e. varna, vashya, tara, yoni, graha, gana, bhakoot, and nadi. This is called Ashtkoota Milan in astrology. Now, every category has been given a fixed score, and the couple has to obtain more than 18 points out of total of 36 points to get yes, for a marriage. A match with less than 18 points is not considered a good match. The higher the score better is the success rate for a marriage! 

This is what most of Astrologers think! 

There is a possibility that a marriage with a score of less than 18 points proves to be a good marriage, while a marriage with a higher score fails completely. This is where the excellence and expertise of a good astrologer work. A good astrologer has to go deep inside the planets, their Rashi lords, and the nakshatra lords. Sometimes, the picture is completely different than it seems. This is the wonder of Astrology!

How usual matching of kundli may not give a clear view?

When we use any automated astrological service, it works as per the programming it is being made operational. There is a complete absence of manual calculations and human instincts, without which Astrology is incomplete. Astrology mainly works on an astrologer’s knowledge, expertise, and instincts. It is said to become a successful astrologer, one must have a strong 5th house which shows the intuitions of a native. Thus, apart from accurate calculations, the observations and intuitions of an astrologer have a significant role to play.   

The mobile app shows shallow results based on the main points of analysis. It may never compete with a learned astrologer who goes deep inside to find out what lies underneath. For example, while looking for the grah Maitri, any ordinary mobile app or software will give results as per the friendship or enmity of both parties’ Rashi lords. But even if the Rashi lords are enemies, their nakshatra lords may be friendly to each other. If it’s so, grah Maitri is positive, which was otherwise shown negative by the automated astrology services.

Mangal dosha- the biggest deception

In Vedic Astrology, if Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house then the native is said to have Manglik dosha. Most of the app or softwares will immediately announce Manglik dosha by merely looking at the position of Mars in the birth chart. It is of valuable insight that mangal dosha is canceled due to many factors. The cancellations of Manglik dosha ooccurif-

  • Mars is placed in the zodiac sign of Aries in the first house, Sagittarius in the twelfth house, Scorpio in the fourth house, Taurus in the seventh house or Aquarius in the 8th house. 
  • Mars is placed in either Aries or Cancer in the fourth house and Aries or Cancer in the seventh house.
  • Mars is debilitated, combust or in retrograde motion. 
  • In one’s horoscope, if Saturn and Rahu are posited in the same house as Mars is posited in the other’s horoscope.
  • In one’s horoscope, Mars is placed in the 1,4,7,8 and 12, while in the other’s horoscope, Saturn is placed in any of these houses.
  • If a native is Manglik and in other native’s horoscope if either of Rahu, Mars, or Saturn are posited in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th houses then Manglik dosha loses its relevance.
  • If the native completes 28 years of age, the native is free from the mangal dosha.

These are a few of the conditions, and we bet no app or software checks any of these conditions. The placement of Mars is the only criterion to decide about the mangal dosha in these automated apps. Only with an astrological consultation can the true status of a mangal dosha be identified.

Nadi and Bhakoot dosha 

While performing the Best Kundli matching by the Astrological rules, maximum points, i.e., 7 and 8, are given to bhakoota and nadi dosha in Ashtkoota Milan. This makes a total of 15 points and has a larger say in deciding upon a marriage. 

In bhakoota Milan, the Rashi lords of both the boy and girl are seen, and based on their relative positions, points are given. It is zero points if the Rashi lords fall in 2/12 or 6/8 relation. Any mobile app just looks at this numerical value and allots the points. But what is important is to check the nakshatra where the Moon of both the parties is sitting. If the nakshatra lords are friends to each other, this numerical value ceases to exist. 

In Nadi dosha, if both the partners belong to same nadi they are denied marriage. But here it is important to check the lord of the nakshatra where their respective Moon is placed. If both of them fall under the lordship of the same or friendly planet, the nadi dosha is canceled. This is a careful analysis that needs a lot of expertise on the part of the astrologer. 

The karaka of marriage

The planets Jupiter and Venus are the karaka of marriage in astrology. No decision is a fair decision taken without giving due reference to them. If both these planets are placed in a strong position in both D-1 and D-9 charts or balance each other in both these charts. Then marriage is permitted even if the astrology software or mobile astrology app says NO. Jupiter is particularly important for females, while Venus is important for males. 

Along with them, the position of the seventh house and seventh lord has to be analyzed carefully. This is the marriage’s main house, and only expert eyes can detect the marriage yoga or dosha related to the seventh house. No app is efficient enough to check the peculiarities of the seventh house. Thus, you may either lose a good match or grab a bad one without checking the seventh house.   

Navamsha chart

The navamsha or the D-9 chart gives hidden information about different aspects of life. Our Janam kundli may indicate something else, while our navamsha chart says a completely different story. The position of the seventh lord, seventh house, and lagna lord of the navamsha chart has to be seen to determine the suitability of a match. The position of karaka in the navamsha chart needs to be seen to counterbalance the effects of the birth chart. 

So, any marriage decision should not be based on the mobile app or software but astrology consultation should be taken to save your love of life or to find the best match!  

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