What will be the result if Mars is in its own sign in the birth chart?

  • 2023-03-04
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It is favorable for Mars to be in its own sign on the birth chart. Here two things will show their special impact. First, which of its two signs that Mars is sitting in? Mars, in both its signs, will show different effects on the person with its sign placement. The presence of Mars in its own sign is likely to increase the significance of the planet. According to astrology, when a planet is in its own sign, the qualities of that planet increase. Both the auspicious and inauspicious fruits of the planet get expanded. In this way, if Mars is in its own sign, then it is natural that its qualities will increase. But the matter is not limited to this only. The qualities and significations of the signs also affect the planet. Whatever the significations and natural elements of each sign will be, Mars will give results in association with these effects. Let us know which signs Mars rules in Astrology.

What are the own signs of Mars?

In astrology, all the planets get ownership of the signs. Rahu Ketu has no ownership of any sign; Sun and Moon rule over one sign each. Other planets have the ownership of two signs each. Mars is considered to be the ruler of two signs. The first sign of Mars is Aries, and the second sign is Scorpio. Now whenever Mars is sitting in any of these two signs, it will be called to be in its own sign. There is a difference in the results and nature of these two signs of Mars. Therefore, when Mars is in Aries, its results will be different from when Mars is in Scorpio.

The effect of Mars being in its own sign

If the planet Mars is in Aries, then it will fill the person with great enthusiasm. The qualities of Aries being passionate, hasty, and walking with the crowd will also affect Mars. The moving nature of Aries will also affect Mars. Here the person will remain unstable, and his energy will be spent amidst action and reaction. When the fire element of Mars and the fire element of Aries are together, then there will be an increase in fiery energy, and this increase will show mixed effects. When Mars is in Aries, the person is not very thoughtful but highly active. There is also a sense of restlessness in the native, and he keeps doing some or other thing. The native could not like to keep doing the same work. He will also have the desire to do something different every moment. He moves forward with enthusiasm in his work, but his concentration may dwindle towards the end of the task. He may focus somewhere else before the completion of the undertaken task. The presence of Mars in Aries is helpful in taking the person towards success.

If Mars is in Scorpio, then a very different color will also be seen under the influence of Mars. With the support of Scorpio, he will find some stability. He will have a tendency to move forward with more thought than haste. Mars, which has a fire element, may give serious and patient abilities to the native under the influence of the water sign of Scorpio. Now the effects of Mars will be very mysterious and deeply affecting. The influence of Mars in Scorpio helps the natives to make better decisions. The influence of Mars becomes very influential with the effect of Scorpio. The attraction of a person is so effective that no one can easily stand in front of him.

Special effects of Mars

The effect of Mars in these two signs may be different, but some things will show their equivalent results. Whenever Mars is in these signs, it will be full of energy and courage. Both Aries and Scorpio are considered adventurous signs. The effect of both of these will increase the enthusiasm for Mars. When Mars is in its own sign, there can be more flow of positive thoughts within the person. He will stay away from despair. Even if bad times come in life, he is able to face them in a very strong way. When the energy of these signs is found in the energy of Mars, then it is going to take the person towards development. Mars will get strength, due to which the person will become fearless. The native will be experimental. Due to the presence of Mars in its own sign, the person also has a good understanding of the situation around him. He may be cool, but working according to the circumstances is his special quality. The native will be able to show his different style in the crowd. The abilities and skills of the native cannot be hidden. The presence of Mars in its own sign is like illuminating the person. Whether Mars is negative or positive in the horoscope of a person, if it is in its own sign, then it shows completely different results.

Conclusion: If Mars is auspicious for some Ascendant, then for some it is less auspicious, and for some, it can become a maraka. Now in such a situation, it becomes very important to pay attention to which of its own signs Mars is sitting in the ascendant. To know the result of a planet, it is necessary to understand the planet’s natural significations, see the planet’s position in the birth chart, and see the planet’s house position. Apart from all these things, we need to see some other things to understand the results of Mars completely.

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