When is Mars considered weak in the horoscope?

mars in horoscope

Mars symbolizes the essence of masculinity that upholds the manly traits of gallantry and strength of spirit and the body. Originally a fiery planet, Mars is the commander in chief of the luminary regiment. Lack of enthusiasm, motivation, and lethargy characterizes a person with weak Mars. Physically it causes debility concerning metabolism and body system in general. Mars is considered weak in the horoscope when positioned in cancer, when aspected by malefics, when combust, or when he occupies fifth, eighth, ninth, and twelfth houses.

When he is strongly placed, his fiery qualities of Mars are accentuated as he brings forth your dynamic aspects. On the contrary, it portends evil, delay in tasks, hurdles to be crossed, and disappointing events at every turn.

How does Mars in different signs affect the native?

Let us discuss how Mars in different signs affects the native.


Mars is the Lord of the Lagna that rules personality and character, whereas the Eighth House rules death. With a weak Mars placed here, the native would be most prone to infections due to a weak immune system, other health concerns, and undue delays in all aspects of life. 


Mars is the Lord of the Seventh House that takes care of Marriage and Business-related aspects of life, and the twelfth house, the house of expenditure. With Mars in Taurus, it would be a life-wrecking scenario all the way, as a galore of issues are likely to crop up. Though, Weak Conjugal life will likely crumble under the adverse effects of Mars.


Mars governs the sixth House, which represents health, debt, and enemy, and the 11th House, the house of gains. It would seal the sources of your income and negatively impact the chances of acquiring it.


Mars rules over the Fifth House, which symbolizes education, intelligence, love affairs, and the tenth, which represents career. There would be excessive delays and stumbling blocks that come in the way of achieving your heart’s desire in these areas. 


As the ruling Lord for the fourth house, Mars has sway over family relations, property issues, and the ninth house, which generally governs fortune. Due to weak Mars, stress and disconnection in familial relationships would negatively impact its emotional health. Career-wise, all your projects will be bogged down by constant delays and impediments. 


Mars controls the third house that governs the area of Siblings, bravery, and Travels) and the Eighth House (House of death). Fierce sibling rivalry may bother the native significantly, and the native is rendered timid and weak-willed as a result. Paternal property may be why you will disagree with your siblings. 


Mars rules the Second House, which stands for Wealth and Voice, and the Seventh House of marriage and business. Relationship-wise, you may be moving through a turbulent phase, and your relationships with relatives and spouse would be on the brink of collapse. Finances also look bleak. 


Mars governs the First House and the Sixth House. Low immunity levels bother you the entire year through. Your enemies would generally be too strong to handle. Your hard work and enterprise would be rewarded very late in your life.  


Mars rules over the Fifth House and the Twelfth House. You can blame your checkered academics, disrupted love life, and excessive expenditures on the weak mars in your natal chart. 


Mars is the Fourth and the Eleventh lord here. The scenario on the domestic front would be fraught with hindrances and strokes of bad luck. Plans for long-awaited events plans will be put indefinitely on hold. Of all the challenges, Income loss would be the worst to handle this year. 


Mars rules the Third House and the Tenth House. Weak Mars forebodes displeasure that is caused due to siblings, uncertainties, and perpetual fear about what the future may have in store for you. Unpredictability in the career scenario adds fuel to the fire. 

Pisces Mars governs the Second House and the Ninth House. The year is distinctly remarkable for significant financial fluctuations. Major snags and delays the entire year regarding the career and other aspects of life would be unsettling. 

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