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  • 2023-07-14
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With soaring levels of education, financial independence, new employment opportunities, social exposure, and global reach, everyone dreams of a bright and comfortable future. Today, we commonly hear people facing marital problems in almost every household. It seems that no partner wishes to compromise for the expectations, desires, and needs of the other as it used to decades ago. With lucrative avenues available, people don’t mind kicking off a bad marriage! They aspire for freedom and supposedly a brighter future ahead.

But is it that easy? We are moving towards a more modern and advanced era where human sentiments can take a back seat. But, for gaining an emotional balance, we can’t deny the importance of married life. The life partner may make you feel contended, happy, and looked after. But it is possible only if you are lucky enough, or for a change, make yourself lucky with marriage astrology

Can Astrology predict marriage problems before you get married?

Marital problems are not something coming into your life all of a sudden. You will be surprised to know that the marital problems in birth chart can be seen right at birth. First of all, stop blaming anyone, be it your relative, friends, or even the partner himself, for a bad marriage. Your birth chart indicates that you are destined to have a bad marriage.

The malefic planetary placements give an indication of a bad marriage in the horoscope. The seventh house is the house of marriage and spouse. If the 7th house or its lord is in a weak position in the horoscope, there are chances of troubles in marriage.

The affliction of the seventh house, its lord, and the karaka Jupiter and Venus indicate a troublesome married life. However, a good astrologer also looks at the position of these in the navamsha of the D-9 chart too. Thus, the best marriage astrologer can see marital problems and their causes before a person gets married. 

How to solve marital problems with Astrology?

There are many indications in the birth chart that may hint at problems in married life. Malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are prominent planets that create married life issues as per astrology. The malefic planets are full of energy, restlessness, impatience, negative emotions, enthusiasm, and excitement. These, with their influence on the native, make the native a go-getter with whichever means. They hamper the thinking and differentiating power between right and wrong for the native. The native becomes too much influenced by their effects that he loses a sense of morality. This is the reason why their influence ruins a marriage.

Among these, Mars is the most dominant player meant to spoil the married life of a person. However, it also needs other planets’ support to accomplish this task. Mars alone is not harmful. Mars creates Mangal Dosha with its presence in specific houses in the birth chart. Mars is a soldier and wishes to win no matter what. It doesn’t hesitate to argue, abuse, fight, or even kill to win any situation. If you imagine these traits in married life, peace immediately disappears.

A person who is Manglik may have uncontrollable energies which another Manglik person can only match. So, it is essential to know whether you have a Manglik dosha and if yes, pay ultimate attention to Kundli Matching while looking for a life partner.

Other malefic planets like Sun may give ego and arrogance between the partners. They may refuse to listen to each other, and there is hardly any scope for compromise. Here, ego clashes may ruin the relationship. Saturn causes a delay in marriage. Either the person marries late or doesn’t get marital bliss because the partner is too serious and rigid to enjoy life together. The partner is mature and may have isolating tendencies.

Rahu and Ketu don’t let the person stay in peaceful married relations. Ketu is a separating planet, and Rahu creates overindulgence in worldly pleasures. The person may establish immoral relationships and may not be loyal to the partner. The same thing happens with Mars also. The person has too much fascination for bodily pleasures. He can go outside the marriage to have extramarital affairs and into prostitution in the worst cases. 

Astrology, by understanding the problems as present in the birth chart, can give effective solutions for rectifying these dosha and malefic effects. The astrologers help to resolve love marriage issues by providing remedial measures. 

Astrological solutions for married life

The best and most effective astrological solution for married life is to marry a person who balances your horoscope shortcomings. For this purpose, we advise you to perform kundli matching online or with the help of an astrologer. Sometimes, you get such a compatible partner that removes all the negativity of your kundli by counterbalancing it with his yogas in the kundli.

Kundli matching helps to pacify mangal dosha, which is highly detrimental to marital bliss. Apart from this, there are certain karma corrections, as suggested by the best astrologer Vinay Bajrangi Ji which certainly bring marital happiness to you. As different from mindless donations and performing puja rituals, a person should alter his karma and act as per birth chart to get the blessings of the planets. E.g., if your 7th lord is in the 6th house, which is not good for married life, you can enjoy a blissful married life by marrying a lawyer, doctor or fitness trainer, etc. By deeply understanding what the birth chart demands and acting accordingly, you may live a happy married life.

Even after applying every means, if your marriage is not working, you can take the help of divorce astrology. Divorce astrology helps to know the possibilities and times of divorce in someone’s life. Several matters like receipt of alimony, legal disputes, custody of children, distribution of assets, etc., can successfully be resolved with the help of divorce astrology.

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