Know which Yogas of the Horoscope lead to Love Marriage

  • 2023-07-08
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With increased influence of social media and limitless exposure through internet, the youth is slowly losing interests in age old traditions. Modern thinking has made stereotype mindset to cease its existence amongst youngsters today. This has put greater impact on present lifestyle and the way people weigh lifelong relations i.e. marriage.

Today we see increased inclinations towards love marriages and also ever increasing cases of divorce around the nation. Young people no longer wish their parents to find a suitable match for them as they believe in their own instincts more for finding their soul mate. But is everyone destined for love marriage? Or does every love marriage narrate a fairy tale? Astrology confirms- NO!  

Whether you are supposed to have a love marriage or an arranged marriage can be known through your birth chart by date of birth. In Vedic astrology, there have been end numbers of permutations and combinations to predict almost every aspect of your life. Love marriage being at the top of the list of many astro curious minds. Your possibilities of going for a love marriage and its success rate of course can be foreseen through the planetary combinations or love marriage yog in kundli. Visit a learned astrologer before getting lost in love as it may or may not be the ultimate destination of your married life! Explore with this write up-

Astrological Indications for a Love Marriage

Whenever we talk of love and romance, first thing to mention is the planet Venus. Venus is a karaka of romance, love, comfort and pleasure as far as a love relation is concerned. A well placed Venus which can be in the form of strength, placement in good houses, under the aspect of benefic planets and yogkaraka position, confirms love and satisfaction through opposite gender in someone’s life. 

Venus also denotes female support or wife for a male native. Thus, an auspicious Venus is necessary to have lady love and lady luck in a male’s life. For females also, Venus if strong shows good conditions of love and romance in life. It is desirable not to have a debilitated, ill placed or afflicted with malefic planets like Saturn, Sun, Ketu and Rahu in the birth chart. Out of these Rahu has a dual role to play here. 

A premarital counseling is almost mandatory to check the status of love through Venus in your or your love partner’s chart. Believe me, it just spills the beans!

Rahu is a planet of exaggeration it may enhance the influence of anything manifolds. Thus, when placed with Venus, it may give rise to excessive sexual tendencies if is in bad position. On the other hand, if in good condition gives attraction for your female counterpart and the person usually go for a love marriage.

Next important planet in the row is the Moon. The Moon is a karaka of your mind and emotions. You will have interest in getting closer with the opposite gender only if your mind says. Here, emotions also play an important role as only a person full of warmth, emotions and cool mindset may think of a love marriage. Moon is a female planet and thus shows greater involvement with feminine things. Feminine means warm, caring and loving attitude. If Moon is placed in the zodiac signs of Taurus, Cancer, Libra or Scorpio (sign of secret relations) then there are bright chances for a person to fall in love.

Rahu and Moon combination has been considered as grahan yoga in Astrology but it is a positive combination for those who aspire for love relations. A person with Rahu Moon conjunction in the horoscope is likely to get fascinated by love life experiences.

Moon and Mercury together also makes the person to be witty and feel comfortable in female company. Such native wishes to have constant pleasures in life through different experiences in life. Falling in love and romance is one such experience.  

These are just the indications and suggest greater possibilities of love marriage. But which house and sign the combination is being formed or the planet is placed. Its PAC and strength would matter in determining the final results. An astrological consultation would help to know the efficacy of love marriage yoga if being formed in your kundli.

Involvement of Houses for a Love Marriage  

The fifth house is a house of attraction, love and romance. This is also the house of one’s intelligence which certainly is related to one’s mind. If the 5th house is under the influence of Venus, Moon or Mercury then the native has inclinations towards opposite gender. The native may form love relations with these planets here however like every time the strength and association of the planets will matter.

Mars is a planet of passion and bodily energy. It also denotes a husband for a female, now if Mars is well placed in the 5th house like in exaltation, own or friendly sign, the native may have a strong house for forming successful love relations. There would be heated arguments but greater passion between the partners as well.

The placement of the 5th lord in the 7th or 9th house also indicates love marriage for the native. The 7th house being the house of marriage and 9th being 5th from the 5th as per bhavat bhavam principle in astrology promote love marriage. In both the situations 5th lord is getting strong through placement in the Kendra and Trikona

The 7th house is a house of marriage and its relation with the 5th house creates yoga for love marriage. Even if 5th lord is here or the 7th lord goes to the 5th, a connection is formed between these two. In latter case, the native earns a lot of wealth and recognition through the spouse. 

Not just the 5th but if the 8th and 11th house is involved with the 7th house, the native may go for love marriage. The 8th house though considered negative is also a house of secret relationship. The 8th house also indicates the wealth of someone’s spouse. So, the placement of the 8th lord is very important to be analyzed. If the 8th house is in connection with the lagna or lagnesh, there is a possibility of lots of hardships but a secret relation as well. 

The 5th house and 8th house interlinking definitely indicates a secret relation that may or may not be moral as per social norms. It will depends on the involvement of other planets and their lordship in the chart.

The 11th house is a house of fulfillment of desires and it is just opposite to the 5th house of attraction and love. Any connection between the 7th and 11th also causes a love compatibility to prosper. After all, your desires are getting fulfilled here! But again the strength and associations are important.

A strong 11th house sometimes gives complete control on senses and the person doesn’t have many desires in life. Sometimes such person acts like a saint. This is just contrary to a situation required to feel attracted towards someone. Thus, proper kundli analysis is mandatory before deciding upon any results. 

Appropriate Time of a Love Marriage

No matter, how many yogas or combinations for love marriage you have in your kundli, these will not fructify until and unless the dasha period of the related planets operate in your life. The dasha and transit has prominent roles to play in occurrence of a promised event in a birth chart. Thus, though you may have love marriage possibilities but to actually see that happen in your life the dasha and transit should support. Also, kundli matching is important because it is all flowery before marriage which is far beyond the reality. The same love relation just can’t be the same before and after marriage. We suggest you to visit a learned and experienced astrologer to understand the clear picture of your love life and its culmination into a successful marriage.

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