Comprehensive matching of charts for marriage: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

  • 2023-04-15
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Chart matching for marriage is actually not only Gun Milan but is much beyond this. It needs comprehensive checking of marriage compatibility factors. This blog about Kundli Matching focuses primarily on Marriage compatibility factors (mind you, not only Gun Milan). These factors have a very significant role in pre & post-marriage situations. And this has to be on a comprehensive basis; why? You will realize this after reading further. Another reason for giving a detailed narration of chart Matching is to consider many new factors emerging out of the changed status of females in society. This blog is not only for people who are marriage aspirants looking to get married. But also for people who are already married & are facing issues in their married life. Sometimes, we marry based on our intimacy, social circles, friendships, parent’s inclination, professional reasons, and many other irrelevant issues. In many such cases, we go for chart matching for marriage, but not comprehensively.

You can also watch how to do kundli milan

One should understand the importance of how marriage compatibility in kundali matching plays a role in a happy married life. With this approach, I am sure this blog will help you.

What is marriage compatibility in Astrology?

Marriage compatibility in chart matching for marriage is basically to match all life traits between two people, which decide their happy married life. It is much beyond Gun Milan etc. These factors of compatibility are mentioned below.

  1. The Nakshatra matching or Ashtakoot matching
  2. Planetary compatibility
  3. Bhav Compatibility
  4. Navamsha compatibility
  5. Physical relationship compatibility
  6. Financial compatibility
  7. Family compatibility
  8. Mental compatibility
  9. Mutual respect compatibility
  10. Submissiveness compatibility
  11. Kuja or Mangal compatibility

In comprehensive or poorna Vedic Milan, all these points are taken care of and what we get is a flawless relationship with the intrinsic ability to survive. We can consider kundali matching for marriage as perfect only when it passes these 11 Tests.

The anxiety level of most of the readers must have multiplied while going through this article. As a result, there can be one very obvious question: if we apply this analogy in totality, most horoscopes would not match. But this is not true as:

There are many exceptions while doing this chart matching. Many horoscope which apparently do not match do so when the exceptions are applied.

A strong horoscope can cover many negatives of the weaker horoscope.

The analogy must be applied in tandem with the Dasha; sometimes, Dasha makes over for the other negativities.

My final advice on compatibility factors in chart Matching

Wanting to marry which will decide the fate of 2 persons & more importantly two dynasties. It is a significant lifetime decision, so take a few minutes for yourself, but at the right time & right stage. Go for the correct type of chart matching for marriage and avail all worldly benefits from this.

I sincerely hope that this narration on comprehensive matching for marriage has shown sufficient light on the 36 Gun matching or the Ashtakoot matching or Ashtakoot Milan, which is a crucial part of kundli milan.

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