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These days, in Indian society, trends and attitudes have undergone a major shift in the case of urban women and men. While for rural women and men, in villages, the child marriage is banned, the urban women/men are facing multifarious issues that act as deterrent in marrying early.  The independence and women empowerment accorded to women in the present society has a lot to say in this context. Economic empowerment, emotional and financial independence, cultural disintegration, gender equality issues, delayed ideal marriageable age, and excess ambitions and expectations, and even the burdensome familial responsibilities shouldered at a younger age, force women to choose late marriage. Men have their own problems, of course, of cut throat competition in all aspects and unemployment, which causes delay in marriage. When will I get married, is a questions that has bothered most of us in our lives. Astrologically there are reasons for this. 

what are the reasons for the delay in marriage?

According to the Horoscope, astrological Reasons for Delay in Marriage are due to some planets ruling the 7th house. These naturally results in late marriage, as given in the table below:

The 7th Lord

Approx Marriage Age for a male

Approx Marriage Age for a female













The presence of auspicious influences in the chart can effectively reduce the above-mentioned ages by two years. Otherwise, if afflicted, the age could be increased by two to three years.   It is important to know which planet is causing delay so that effectively it could be remedied. It is good to use and check your chances with ‘No marriage Yoga calculator‘ for better clarity.

The following are some indications observed in the birth charts of real-life delayed marriages, as per date of birth. Based on this, marriage predictions could be done.

1. Sun and Rahu combination, linked with the house of marriage, can postpone marriage.. 

2. Mars conjoining with Rahu in the 7th house or aspecting the lord of the seventh. 

3. If there is an exchange of 7th and 8th lords, that is, if the 7th lord in eighth and eighth lord in seventh, marriage would face delay. 

4. Saturn and Moon conjunction can cause inordinate delay in marriage.

5. In a birth chart, the malefic aspects of Saturn or any other lord other than the lagna lord, 7th house, and the 7th lord can delay the marriage. 

6. Mangala dosha has a propensity to delay the marriage usually. This is formed due to mars occupying 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses. 

7. The mangal dosha must be seen as per the ascendant, the Moon chart and Venus chart.. Get the natal chart assessed for getting the kundli dosha cancelled.

These are the major reasons for delay in marriage. It is best to consult an astrologer and see if the dosha, if any, can be canceled, and you can have the life of your choice. Delayed marriage is not such a problem compared to the no marriage situation.  Let us see what causes no marriage.

No marriage yoga

Denial of Marriage: This happens when the 7th house and the lord of the 7th house is afflicted in the horoscope.  A person with this position will never marry or get any partner for romantic affair. 

Marriage but no marital bliss: This results in marriage rituals being performed but no happiness from married partner. This is due to afflicted 8th house or 12th house.

The relationship only: You will be into a happy relationship but that will never culminate in marriage due to so many reasons. When the fifth house draws its strength from Venus, with seventh house being afflicted, this yoga would be formed. Sexual pleasure would be granted, in this case, by the 12th house. 

Social obstructions: Caste, gender or religion would be your obstacles on the way here. It happens when the seventh and fifth house is afflicted and Jupiter has a malefic effect in the horoscope. 

All the above factors cause no marriage yoga in a horoscope. 

However, there are certain solutions to this.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi’s Unique Method (Delay in marriage solutions)

While calculating the details, consider the following points.

1. Hindrances created from past life or the present life. 

2. Manglik Dosha in the natal chart.

3. Non-acceptance from family members.

4. Education & status level of the girl.

5. A hidden love affair.

6. Too many expectations.

Hidden weakness that is not divulged from the individual’s side. Review and co-relate the different charts (from D-1, D-9, and D-60). This helps us to know what exactly the reasons for late marriage are.

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