10 Most Common Married Life Problems

  • 2023-07-25
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Marriage is an auspicious bond between two people but at times it becomes the most unwanted relation in someone’s life. Sometimes, the partners fight as soon as they get married and sometimes they lose attraction in their relation over a passage of time. There may be various reasons behind quarrels, disagreements and finally hatred between couples but Astrology looks at the problems in married life from a complete different perspective.  

Astrology may identify the exact problem in married life and also provides the ways to resolves them. A troublesome married life is a result of bad planetary influences in our birth chart which somewhere connect their strings to our past lives. Past life readings may help you know why in this life you are facing problems in your married life. Astrology definitely helps to solve the problems in married life after correct diagnosis and consultation. Several things are needed to be checked to come to a true marriage prediction which only an expert and scholar astrologer can do. 

Marriage is the most important decision and should always be taken after astrological guidance. Most of the time, lack of mutual compatibility becomes the prime reason for disagreements between the partners. Thus, it is suggested that everyone should go for kundli matching before tying the knot as it would help to know the compatibility as well as the chances of survival and prosperity of the marriage.

Marriage Astrology enumerates 10 most common problems faced in married life. It is important to know that these problems can be solved with effective astrological guidance. 

Married Life Problems Faced by the Couple

  1. Lack of mutual compatibility– When there is bhakoot dosha in the kundli partners fail to understand each other. The janma nakshatra and rashi lords affect the mental pursuits of the natives and these both must be in tune with each other for mutual compatibility between both the partners.
  2. Communication gap– In the initial stages, the couple tries to put of the complaints rather than going argumentative or discussing them. But with a passage of time misunderstandings pile up creating bitter relations between them. The position of Mercury and the second house will play a major role here. 
  3. Over dominance– A partner may wish his/her partner to be exactly like him/her. Practically, it is impossible, and couples start fighting due to lack of personal space in a relationship. Interference should be within the boundaries and should not go overboard with the charm of a marriage.
  4. Extramarital relations– Malefic planets with their effects at the Lagna or Moon may cause any of the partners get involved in extramarital affairs. This spoils the marriage to the worst. 
  5. Financial issues– Sometimes, lack of financial prosperity or financial clarity related to it creates huge troubles in a marriage. The wife may expect her partner to give financial security to her which may not be met by the male partner.
  6. Jealousy and pride– This happens where both the partners are earning. One may be jealous or insecure about the other’s higher financial earnings or salary. This creates distance between the life partners.
  7. Lack of sexual intimacy– The partners may lack sexual intimacy for over busy schedules or tiredness. This also leads to a problematic married life over a period of time. Astrology may help to increase sexual intimacy between the partners by strengthening Venus, the karaka of romance and love in married life.
  8. Cultural differences– The partners may belong to different cultures and hence have differences in their value systems. This may become the prime cause of disagreements and bitterness between the partners.
  9. Interference of in-laws– In some cases, it becomes difficult for the girl to adjust with the in-laws for their over interference in their married relations. This gradually creates differences between the couple. The 4th and 10th house are the houses of father in-law and mother in-law respectively for a native. An astrologer may suggest remedies to improve these houses to improve their married relations.
  10. Boredom or age difference– People usually consider the age difference while marrying but in some cases people of different age group marry each other. This results in differences of thoughts and preferences in life. The older partner may seem boring to the younger one while the older partner may find the younger one to be too childish. The planet Saturn usually gives age difference in married relations which can be tackled with the most effective remedies of Saturn to nullify its bad effects in the couple’s life. 

How an Astrologer can help you to live happily in married life?

Our birth chart is a miraculous record of our whole life. Anything can be seen through it. An astrologer can determine a problematic married life as soon as he/she puts a glance at the birth chart of the native. The seventh house and its lord’s affliction give hints about problem in married life. It is important to understand that if the astrology combinations or yogas are working so do the astrological remedies. Any kind of marital problem can be addressed with right approach and correct diagnosis by the astrologer. Only a learned astrologer would be able to give a true marriage prediction which will solve the problem in its real sense. 

Remedies are used to remove the malefic influence of the planets. Once the malefic influence is reduced, the native starts thinking logically. The surroundings and in fact the relatives become supportive to help the native strengthen his/her married life. You will be amazed with the power of astrological remedies which come in the form of wearing gems, rudraksha, donations, mantra japa, yantra and puja etc.    


Effective remedies to save someone’s marriage

  • Chant om namo bhagwate vasudevaye this mantra helps to gain blessings of Lord Vishnu and thus the planet Jupiter, the karaka of marital bliss for the native. 
  • Observing fasts on Thursdays is also another effective remedy to smoothen a married life. this is mostly done by the females.
  • The males may observe fasts on Fridays and worship goddess Laxmi. 
  • One may free birds from the cages to reduce the malefic influence of the planets.
  • Avoid wearing black colored clothes instead yellow and pink can be worn.
  • Worship lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.
  • Feed vadas made up of urad daal to poors on Saturday.
  • Donate black sesame seeds, black chana or black urad dal for consecutive 3 Saturdays. 
Don’t make hurry to break a relation and think logically

It is common to decide live separately or take divorce once the relations get very bitter. However, it is not advisable to take decisions in hustle-bustle. Just because you don’t like a person any more can’t be taken as a strong ground to break a relation. A person may dream of living happily with some other partner after taking the divorce but remind you, a problematic seventh house will not let you settle no matter how many partners you change! There are different houses for different number of marriages but the 7th house remains the main house to give the overall picture of your married life. It is not necessary that after breaking a relation you will find some other partner who will be more compatible to you. Moreover, troubles in married life also give troubles in business and career as the 7th house is connected with the career and work of the native as well. Take an astrological guidance to understand the true picture of your marriage. May be an astrologer shows you that which you have failed to see till yet! 

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