Can We Get Marriage Prediction Without Date of Birth?

Marriage prediction

Date of birth is a must for getting accurate predictions on marriage. All that marriage prediction requires is your birth date. This is enough to decide on the correct planetary configuration at birth and the position of the planets. With the help of these credentials, an astrologer would be able to chart your past, present, and future, including marriage concerns. An able astrologer would readily get to the depths of your horoscope to glean the gochar and dasha results, interpolate them, and then foretell when your time would arrive for marriage. The birth details you provide must be accurate so that those correct findings can be gleaned from your horoscope. Your correct birth credentials must be given to the astrologer so that he can prepare an accurate birth chart for you.

In case correct birth details are found missing, you need to get the time of birth rectified. You can learn about your future partner and married life based on astrological calculations that depend on certain parameters. Certain areas in the horoscope provide hints to this as well. While the seventh house shows the partner’s physical appearance, the eighth house will reveal the background. The fourth house gives an idea about his career, while his financial status and other related details can be found in the fifth house. The spouse’s location can be gauged from the sixth house. All this together, to arrive at a perfectly correct marriage prediction, needs detailed calculations. Astrology, like any other science, is genuinely complicated. The Navamsha (the D-9 Chart) part can provide a very lucid insight into all this painstakingly detailed information. This would get just the information that you need.

How do I know if mine will be an arranged or a love match?

I can know if yours will be an arranged or love match by using certain techniques. These days, the institution of arranged marriage is paling into insignificance compared to its counterpart, the love marriage. It is saddening to see the arranged marriage crumble to give way to the newfangled idea of love marriage. Love marriages have outnumbered arranged marriages these days, sadly.

However, no one knows the right course to be taken. So, astrology, with its various tools and systems, exactly shows which way to go. There used to be standard yogas or combinations set for an arranged marriage that no longer hold relevance as they have become obsolete. Location, timing, and individual are the three aspects that should be applied while assessing the information about marriage.   There can also be delays in marriage. For the uninitiated, every marriage yoga will have at least five marriage cycles that follow the yoga. Marriage cycles are certain time capsules that activate the native’s planets related to marriage and generate the events and opportune moments for the marriage to happen.

Delay has still indicated if the cycles are active, but their impact is very mild. Be ready to wait for the next cycle, which may be stronger than the first. Human interference with divine plans can be another reason for the delay in marriage. Long-term Commitments such as career education are given more importance than marriage when a strong and active time cycle is running out.   Due to these interferences, pressurize the native to pick the next possible cycle, be it moderately strong or slightly strong, to get married at the first possible instance. This would not be a feasible idea at all.

Marriage compatibility is decided by birth date, which includes matching the couple on two different levels- the physical and mental/emotional. Ashtakoot or Gun Milan is one aspect used to analyze compatibility at a basic level. Matchmaking must be done in a detailed fashion, and this provides the perfect picture of the couple and their marital prospects. If marriage is fixed as per the postulates of Vedic astrology, there is little doubt that the marriage will ever fail.

Will astrology help us combat the in-law problem?

Yes, it indeed helps to combat the inlaw problem most effectively. When the native tenth or third house is afflicted, and the ascendant is powerless, it shows your inlaws would wield their authority over you. However, astrology offer you remedial measures to deal with such problems. Address your concerns much before marriage. Use the services of an expert astrologer for this. Your third house deals with your relationship with your father-in-law and your tenth house rule your relationship with the mother-in-law.

An astrologer’s counseling abilities would normally be above par. He can counsel to your satisfaction with the right academic background and qualifications.

Marriage counseling with an astrologer is necessary to correct the planetary influences that do not synchronize with your ambitions. Vedic rituals and karma correction can be used to tone down the effects of malefic planets so that relationships can be healed. The astrologer who counsels couples during marriage matching solves their mutual differences greatly. Personal interaction, along with a study of the birth chart, has saved many a marriage from peril.

What role does astrology play in divorce?

Marriage counseling before the event reduces the chances of divorce greatly. Firstly, the astrologers reiterate the chief reasons why the couple can fall apart later. Furthermore, he explains the gruesome picture or reality post-divorce and tries to bring them back to the track of marriage.

Astrology also caters to people who would like to marry twice. Second marriage can be predicted from the second house of your horoscope and the third, from ninth house from the ascendant. Second house in the horoscope can indicate all about the second marriage.

Why are divorce cases ever-increasing in India these days?

Divorce cases are ever-increasing in India currently due to many reasons. Firstly, to predict the longevity of a marriage, an astrologer should consider the personal longevity of the individuals and the divorce yoga in the horoscope. Ensuring that there are no such yogas and the couple has yogas for long life, he gives his final consent to the alliance to go ahead with the marriage plans.

Women are more economically independent, and they have outgrown the meek docile image of the past to become a recognized identity with an integral role to  play in society. They are free-spirited, not bogged down by the social dogmas, and have the audacity to walk out of the unhappy marriage at will. The patriarchal society is slowly losing its hold over modern Indian women. Hence divorce cases are on the rise these days.

In case of marital disturbances, astrology would help deactivate those harmful planets and bring down the personal differences between the couple. Go to a good astrologer and professional marriage counseling with an astrologer to ensure a safe and smooth marital journey together.

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