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I shall start my narration with obeisance to Lord Hanuman ji . I will reveal few hidden secrets which will tell about Nakshatra Matching or Kundli Matching which is generally known as marriage matching by date of birth which at large is 36 Gun matching or Ashtakoot Matching.

We will further reveal why this Nakshatra Matching or Kundli matching is way short comprehensive Vedic matching.

Horoscope matching

The compatibility between couples takes a central role in ensuring a happy and joyous married life. In this era of frequent quarrels and more frequent separations and divorces the issue of matching charts cannot be let loose by just relying on the software matching but should be given the treatment which is known as comprehensive matching of charts which if done ensures pleasant and satisfying married life. For those whose charts do not match in accordance to the analogy which will be put forth by me, nothing to despair about as I will explain a potent method which can really do wonders for pulling out a couple of marriage crisis. Now, the topic:

The elements considered in comprehensive Vedic Milan or matching are:

  1. The Nakshatra matching or Ashtakoot matching
  2. Planetary compatibility
  3. Bhav Compatibility
  4. Navamsha compatibility
  5. Sexual compatibility
  6. Financial compatibility
  7. Family compatibility
  8. Mental compatibility
  9. Mutual respect compatibility
  10. Submissiveness compatibility
  11. Kuja or Mangal compatibility

In comprehensive or poorna vedic Milan all these points are taken care of and what we get is a flawless relationship which has the intrinsic ability to survive.

I will explain the above points without getting too much astrological so that all those who follow astrology without even knowing its structure can make a sense out of it.

Lets us start, read it over and over again for better grasps of the subject:

Nakshatra Matching or Ashtakoot matching: This is generally known as Ashtakoot compatibility or the 36 Guna matching and the internet is full of software to evaluate this. But mind you of the fact, if Nakshatra is compatible, you have just cleared the first ten percent of comprehensive matching.

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Nakshatra matching has 8 sub points which are illustrated as under:

  • Varna Koot:- This indicates compatibility related to nature and work ability, one point is allotted if this match.
  • Vashya Koot:- Indicates compatibility with respect to mutual relation and attraction, two points are allotted if this match.
  • Tara Koot: This is an indication of Mutual behavior and trust, three points are granted if these match.
  • Yoni Koot: This compatibility related to sex and bodily attraction, four points are granted if this match.
  • Rashi Koot: This ensures mental compatibility the Nakshatra way, five points are added if this match.
  • Gana Koot: Lifestyle compatibility as per the Nakshatra is seen through this, six points are granted if this match.
  • Bhakoota: Mutual love compatibility through Nakshatra is seen through this and seven points are granted if this match.
  • Nadi Koot: This is a measure of intrinsic energy and capability of progeny, eight points are granted if this match.

Normally a match is decided if enough points, usually more than 18, are gained out of the total 36 points. But this gives rise to flawed matching as Nakshatra matching has to be validated by the next parameter which is known as the planetary compatibility.

Planetary compatibility:

The planets that play a significant role in deciding the fate of marriage are:

  • Ascendant lord of both horoscopes,
  • Moon of both the horoscopes,
  • 7th house lord of both the horoscope,
  • Venus
  • Jupiter

The horoscope of both the, to be, partners are superimposed one over another to see the position of planets of both horoscopes with respect to each other. The positions like 6/8, 1/13, 2/12 are not considered favorable.   Similarly, the combination of intrinsic bad planets in sensitive bhav is also not considered auspicious for marriage purposes. For example combination of Mars and Sun, or Sun and Rahu or Ketu or Saturn and Mars in the Bhav of the family (2,4,7,8 and 12) is not considered good. This way of matching can be effectively done once the practicing astrologer has some practice. After satisfying that the planets have given their nod for marriage the next compatibility drawn is Bhav compatibility.

Those who have just relied on the Nakshatra Matching get complacent that the marriage matching by date of birth has been done the 36 Gun matching evaluation done and there is a green signal for marriage, but this narration will tell them why Ashtakoot matching is not the only basis of Kundli matching.

Bhav compatibility:-

The bhav of both the horoscopes is now compared:

  • The Lagna is same for both, it gives harmony.
  • If Lagna sign are trinal( 5/9) it gives friendliness
  • Lagna sign is 1/7th to each other, it represents complementary.
  • Rest combinations are not as good.

Once the bhav compatibility is seen, the next step is to gauge the strength of Navamsha or D-9 Match.

Navamsha compatibility:

The planetary and Bhav compatibility as done in the Lagna or ascendant chart is repeated in the Navamsha chart. This compatibility is done to check the soul matching of the partners to be. My experience says that this matching foretells about the continuity of these souls from the previous birth. It is importantly seen whether there is some connection from the previous birth or not.

Sexual Compatibility:

Many marriage breaks as the partners are found not be sexually compatible. This aspect can be seen from the birth chart but the avowal so obtained could be incorrect as the verification of this has to be carried out from the D-7 chart. It the D-7 charts gives the green signal we can be sure that the marriage is not going to break because of this.

Financial Compatibility:-

In this era when both partners earn, a huge disparity in the amount of earning can bring down the satisfaction level between the partners. The less earning partner if is male, than things can be more drastically wrong. Apart from checking the Dhan Bhav, the D-2 or the Hora chart has to be matched, to check this compatibility.

Family compatibility:

This is a very crucial factor, I have witnessed many marriage breaks because the family interfered much more than expected in the domestic chores of the married couple, or one of the partners was just intolerant of another partner family. We check this from the D-1 chart but correct prediction is seen through the d-24 charts.

Mental compatibility:

A insane partner results in breaking of marriage. A thorough investigation of D-5 charts checks for this.

Mutual respect compatibility:

No love can blossom if one does not respect the other. A heart devoided of love and respect cannot go long. This aspect has to be seen in the D-9 chart.

Submissiveness compatibility:

A person ready to fight in all circumstances and not ready to relent or compromise can be a catalyst to speedily break the marriage. A thorough investigation of D-12 charts can say determinate about this factor. We match this before going further.

Kuja or Mangal compatibility:

This aspect is very crucial in matching of charts, every astrologer supposedly sees the horoscope for this but I have a strong apprehension about the expertise of most of the astrologer in dealing or matching Mangal or Kuja of one another. A person who may not have this dosh may be living all this long with the impression that he or she is a Manglik. Very few natives are really Manglik or are under the influence of a potent Mangal/Mars and yet they may not necessarily search for another Manglik horoscope. It is rather simple to suppress the Mars effect of one horoscope with the other, a rational eye is all that is needed.

The horoscope should be checked and matched for this. I have explained the effect and the evasion of this Dosha in my other write up, you can also view my YouTube video.

The horoscopes when passing through these eleven tests can be termed as truly matched.

The anxiety level of most of the reader must have multiplied while going through this article, as the first thought that crosses the mind is, if we apply this analogy in totality, most of the horoscope would not match. But this is not true as:

  • There are many exceptions while doing this matching. Many horoscopes which apparently do not match do so when the exceptions are applied.
  • A strong horoscope can cover many negatives of the weaker horoscope.
  • The analogy has to be applied in tandem with the Dasha, sometimes Dasha makes over for the other negativities.

So, no worries, just get the right kind of matching done and be rest assured to be aptly benefited by it.

I sincerely hope that this narration on comprehensive matching for marriage has shown sufficient light on the 36 Gun matching or the Ashtakoot matching which is also known as the Nakshatra matching and why it is misunderstood as the marriage matching by date of birth but is not the Sampson Kundli matching as such.

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