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For those whose birth star or constellations conjoins with that of the lunar eclipse, it is always beneficiary to recite the following Shloka 108 times in the mornings, afternoon and in the evenings.

Indro analo danda darasha ruksha prachedhaso Vayu, Kubera, eesaa Majjanma, rukshe mama raashisamsthe,samoparagam shamayanthu sarve.

It means let Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirrti, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera, Isana remove the sufferings due to lunar eclipse.

So, this time during the Lunar eclipse the following three constellations shall be most affected, so it will be better to recite the Shloka by people whose birth star is as described.

The constellation to be most affected on the Lunar eclipse of January 2018 are:

  • Pushya
  • Ashlesha
  • Magha

The ancient texts, scriptures have much to say about these Chandra Garhan or lunar eclipse, I will try an explain what they say: During the eclipse, all waters become sanctified as the Ganga.

  • During this period all the Brahmins become like sage Vashistha.
  • When the moon is eclipsed, all charity made is equal to the gift of land.
  • One should offer water and Pindas to the soul of deceased.
  • One should not bath in the ocean after the eclipse is over.
  • Bathing is sea should be avoided in general.
  • Ablution in cold water is much more beneficial than hot water.
  • A pregnant woman should not view the eclipse through anything.
  • One should not eat during the eclipse and be barring children and old aged, one should not eat from nine hours prior to the Lunar eclipse.
  • Food cooked before the eclipse has not to be eaten.
  • If the eclipse occurs at dusk, no food should be eaten for the rest of the day.

The Rituals to be followed:

  • One should take a ritualistic bath in the beginning of the eclipse.
  • Perform Japa during the eclipse.
  • Again bathe after the eclipse.
  • The worship of Shiva during the eclipse is very auspicious.
  • The idols of Shiva and Vishnu should be bathed on this day.
  • Should not Funeral rites at night unless an eclipse takes place.
  • To be followed strictly :
  • One should not recite the Vedas three days prior to the eclipse.
  • No prayers or studies to be carried out during the eclipse.
  • Sex is forbidden 24 hours prior to and after the eclipse.
  • And therefore a child should not be conceived during an eclipse.
  • Pregnant women should not come out in eclipse.
  • If a childbirth has taken place, the father should take a bath and perform rituals.

Donations on eclipse:

  • Dana given on this day is of inexhaustible merit.
  • One should earn sufficiently to giveaway the Dana on this day.
  • One should gift as per his desire.

Worship of Ancestor:

  • A sraddha may be performed at the times of lunar eclipse but not at night.
  • The Sraddha may not be done near the sacred bathing place.
  • The tarpana should be done at the beginning of the eclipse.
  • Sraddha done at the time of an eclipse satisfies the manes.

Mantra to be recited:

  • Aim klim sarasvatyai Namah
  • This mantra to be recited in front of some river, preferably Ganga.

Sacred item for the eclipse:

  • Put on a single-faced Rudraksha.
  • A new Tulsi Mala
  • But Tulsi should not be plucked.

This eclipse opens a definite door for all the Moon sign people.

Let me explain what it has in store for all :

Aries:- Do not venture into any business for the next two months, heavy losses.

Taurus:- Things which are not moving fine can change.

Gemini:- Overindulgence is not going bear any fruits.

Cancer:- Things are not going to change but will be more stubborn.

Leo:- Long alliance can come to a crashing end.

Virgo:- over-dependence on someone can now show negative results.

Libra:- Time to change some old non-paying habits.

Scorpio:- Things have to re-done. What a waste of time.

Sagittarius: Someone will be leaking your guarded secret, you can do nothing about it.

Capricorn:- Enjoy, this will open floodgates of positivity.

Aquarius:- Lunar Eclipse is not that beneficial, it can trigger ill luck.

Pisces:- Mixed results but more on the better side.

Karma Significance of Lunar eclipse:-

The radiance of Sun or moon is very much there even when interfered with nodes during eclipses. In the same manner, the power is there, just the will is needed to shed the darkness and expose the power.

Its significance is a synonym for acquiring of willpower.

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