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Marriages and home sweet home are two different, diagonally opposite and conflicting concepts these days. Off late, unlike in the past, marriages seem like a beehive stirred intentionally or unintentionally. Only the kundli matching method can avert and mitigate the damage to a great extent.

What is the significance of chart matching?

The chart matching is also known as comprehensive horoscope matching, which decides the couple’s future by taking the birth credentials of the couple as a reference. The point to note is that kundli matching done online does not always lead to accurate results as there could be defects that change the entire interpretation. For a basic understanding, the online kundli can be used. For detailed matching, one should not rely on online software. The significance of chart matching is incomparable. For love marriage to be successful, you should have love marriage yoga in kundli,

Does the kundli matching calculator predict the compatibility accurately?

Since the kundli matching software is confined to showing only the ashtakoot Milan results, it cannot be a foolproof method of studying marriage compatibility. Also, the failure is due to the people’s blind faith in the ashtakoot method of compatibility determination. You can refer to it for getting the basic details but finally, go to an astrologer to whom information about your birth time, date, year, the month would be sufficient to draw a perfectly satisfying solution. Choose a marriage astrologer as he can study the horoscope for its flaws and comparatively study the kundlis to see if there are any good chances of marriage for the couple in question. Kundli matching calculator is not entirely dependable.

What is love marriage yoga in kundli?

Love marriage is predicted by the ascendant or ascendant lord and especially the connection of the ascendant with the fifth and seventh house. The nature of your relationship is indicated by the relationship between the 5th and the seventh house. Venus occupying the fifth would mean that you are a true lover. If the seventh house is strong and well placed, the love affair will end up in marriage. If inimical, there are bound to be issues that need to be sorted out in marriage. The influence of Saturn and Rahu on Venus also signifies a love affair that will not be so easy to lead up to the altar. Even if it ends up in marriage, it will end tragically. If the ninth house, Jupiter, or the ninth lord is not well placed, one can expect the native to let down his parents by eloping and marrying. The chances of love marriage are more pronounced if the moon is associated with the ascendant or the seventh house. If Rahu and Ketu are from the ascendant, the seventh, or from Venus in the axis of 1 :7: 2: 8, the marriage will occur outside social norms. Exchange of fifth and 7th or their association with each other also points to love marriage. Love marriage predictions can be correct only if the love marriage yog in kundli fulfills all the above parameters.

For the partner to be from a foreign country or a company in foreign collaboration, Rahu, Saturn, Mandi, or Mars should be present in the seventh. There is a strong possibility of a love affair ending in wedlock. If Venus is positioned between two malefic planets, it can mean a love marriage. Marriage will be secretly conducted against parental wishes and tabooed by society if the lord of the eighth is in the seventh and the moon is weakly placed. Love marriage yoga in kundli is strongly indicated if Sun conjoins with Rahu in the seventh house. Sun combined with Venus would let the couple marry beyond the accepted social conventions with respect to timing.

How is the horoscope matching for marriage done?

Kundli matching uses time-tested techniques to gauge the compatibility between the couple. The online kundli software only manages to satisfy the basic criteria for matching. The software has a prebuilt ashtakoot milan software that provides meager details of the overall picture. Consulting a learned astrologer would be the best decision ever. He can investigate the kundlis in detail using birth credentials and develop a well-thought-out and precise diagnosis and solution.

Horoscope matching for marriage considers Venus for physical bonding, which, if well-aspected, ensures strong chemistry. Jupiter, if well placed, blesses the marital bond with longevity and happiness. The couple will be happy ever after with good planetary influences on the seventh lord. Second house compatibility results in a happy married life. Compatibility with respect to the fourth house bestows the fourth house, if found compatible, would mean that the couple would grow together and experience peace and prosperity in their long span of married life. Twelfth house compatibility promises lasting chemistry and pleasure. Check the eleventh house to know if your partner is loyal to you or not. Mars would ruin the marriage if inimically placed. Navamsha decides the longevity and happiness in marriage. Trimshamsha, in the case of female horoscopy, can be assessed for secret affairs, the possibility of widowhood, and so on.

All the above-explained factors, along with Ashtakoot Milan, can accurately decide the fate of the marriage. Online matching cannot be a gold standard for deciding if a go-ahead signal is given for the marriage alliance. A marriage can succeed despite its low scores on the ashtakoot parameters provided it is matching on the kundli level. It is not entirely impossible to get someone who matches all the ten parameters. What matters is waiting up to the correct time for the right partner to arrive. Avail post-marriage astrological counseling sessions and kundli matching to see if there is some loophole in the relationship that is coming in the way of your happiness and then rectify it.


Whether the younger generation believes it or not, Kundli matching for marriage compatibility has proved indispensable when deciding about love or arranged marriage, as matching the horoscope always provides information and predictions about marital life.

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