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The importance of Kundli Matching for Marriage is becoming more & more with dynamics in the Society, mainly in India.  I have seen many marriages break even after the horoscope matching for marriage is done. People always wonder as to why the marriages break inspite that the Kundli matching for marriage was done before the wedding. I have analysed many of such case to find that  the astrologer who matched the horoscopes had grossly flawed. The dynamics of time & modern society specially upliftment of female make such decisions to be even more cautious.  Kundli match for marriage  with name or date of birth is not only typical Gun Milan what people usually do.

I am going to unveil ten hidden principles of Indian Vedic Astrology, which, if applied, no marriage would break. A commoner or person with little knowledge of astrology can not apply these principles to obtain the accurate results. Therefore  they should consult an astrologer to  abide by the guidelines of Kundli matching for marriage by date of birth. Furthermore they  should also ask for a certificate that testifies it.

Astrology can facilitate your search for an ideal spouse.

A very unique & probably un-heard revelation before I start divulging these amazing golden rules for Kundli Matching for Marriage. I want to give a piece of advice for those who are yet to find a suitable match. Vedic Astrology can play a vital, searching role for in doing marriage life prediction by date of birth. A competent Vedic horoscope analyst can easily tell a few things about the prospective future companion, by reading a horoscope for marriage. A deep analysis of one’s horoscope can ease &direct the search for “would be spouse” with following indications as to:

  • The direction where your prospective companion will come from.
  • The physical features of your companion, including height and color
  • Nature of your companion
  • Financial condition of your in-laws
  • Your relationship with your in-laws
  • The level of commitment of your partner
  • Deceit Index
  • Happiness out of the wed-lock
  • Early/delayed marriage
  • The employment details of the spouse-to-be
  • No marriage yoga
  • Timing of the marriage

So, the worthy astrologer must ponder on above factors for approving Kundli matching by date of birth.

A Word of Caution:

Many astrologers take the Asthakoot Milan or Gun Milan as the only criteria for matching of horoscopes for marriage. Furthermore there are many websites/software available to offer even a free matching report based only on Gun Milan. Now here is a word of caution. We must be aware that Gun Milan is just  preliminary peep into the complicated method of Kundli match for marriage. Simply put, it is nothing like complete matchmaking but a small part of the comprehensive Vedic match. Therefore relying solely on Asthakoot Milan for matching marriage charts is grossly wrong & may lead to a disastrous marriage. I prefer to mention here a few pitfalls, which can become a trap for not finding the right match. I categorically maintain that an excellent score of say 26 points or even more may not guarantee  a blissful marriage.

The lure to select someone under our assessment makes us go for a shorter route of matchmaking. Few indulge in matching the horoscope with only the name, which again is astrologically wrong.

One should not frustrate if one or may be initially few Kundlis do not match. Because this will will never spoil the marital prospects of the boy or girl. When the right Dasha comes, the kundli match & the proper matrimony alliance happens for all good.

Essentials Before Matching the Charts: 

Many indulge binge Kundli matching for marriage even before getting to know about the family and the subject in question. Natives also should avoid  horoscope matching for marriage in bulk should. One should consider some preliminary factors before initiating the process of the chart matching:

First of all, one should check the the status of the family of the spouse aspirant. The usual checks for the family on the background, image, reputation etc., should be see before hand. Another thing, one should scan the preliminary credentials of the boy and girl to identify the possibility of  any elements, suppressing the facts. Essentially the process of matching the Kundlis should not start blindly, just for the heck of it.

How these essentials help a Layman !!!

The intending boy or girl should be matching the expectation of the other partner, in general. However, Kundli matching by date of birth is indispensable. A little care to these basic points before we proceed for Kundli match has 2 fold benefits. One the native can avoid repeated, cumbersome processes of chart-matching. Second the native , specially females overcome the agony that are getting rejected repeatedly.

Chart-matching principles – Everyone Should Follow:

Golden 1 vinay bajrangi

Match for Longevity:

The foremost factor to check in a marriage compatibility is the  age of longevity of either of the spouse. Otherwise, the premature death of either party could result in significant pain and unhappiness. Therefore, the charts with too short a lifespan with whatever other merits should be summarily rejected. A competent astrologer can do a horoscope match for marriage so as to ensure a long-lasting marriage. I have done a YouTube presentation explaining how to evaluate this for you guys.

Golden 2 vinay bajrangi

Mental and Psychological health: 

The 2nd step is to examine the afflictions in the chart, especially, concerning the Ascendant, Moon, and Mercury. Suffering to the Moon and Mercury, if it is strong, results in severe psychological complexes. And this  could affect the healthy life.  One has to analyze the charts and determine the intensity or nature of affliction and check the chart for the tendency of being paranoid, neurotic, or homicidal. The evaluation of this vital factor in a marriage compatibility can be done only by a master & no novice.

Golden 3

Number of Marriages: 

The next step in horoscope matching for marriage, is to look for the factors that show more than one marriage. Proper reading of both horoscopes deciphers not only the the second marriage but also reveals indications of extramarital flings. Both these factors disqualify the instinct of a successful marriage.

Golden 4

 Affliction to the 2ndHouse: 

The 2nd house is the Kutumb Sthana, where prosperity and parental lineage are seen. A badly affiliated second house negates the above essentials of married life. An astrologer following the Vedic rules should not overlook this aspect of Kundli match for marriage.

Golden 5

Checking the Charts for Affliction to the 4thHouse: 

The Sukh Sthana as it is also known as, the 4th house should be inspected for sufferings. If severely afflicted, it spoils the happiness in the family. There are many laid principles, which have to apply in accessing the affliction to this 4th house.

Golden 6
The Distress to the 7thHouse:

The next of the 10 golden rules is the  Kalatra Bhav or 7th house. This has to be adequately evaluated for all the infliction it has. The key to a successful marriage can be located here, and if the master deciphering the horoscope is competent enough, it is sure that he evaluates this house efficiently during the horoscope match for marriage process.

Golden 7

Checking the Charts for Affliction to the 12thHouse: 

The Twelfth House is the Shaiya Sukh Sthan. Checking this effectively gives a pleasure-some, bedroom life, and the sexual tribulations are read and negated. In these modern times, when an individual has many friends of both the sexes, it is a way more critical match that has to be necessarily addressed. So, Kundli matching by date of birth has to be accomplished, to ensure that they don’t develop disagreements a few years down the road. In my experience, even the most competent astrologers fail while evaluating this house as an in-depth analysis of this is a taboo in most of the societies.

Golden 8

The Astha Koot Milan: 

Mostly people including astrologers confine the Astha Koot Milan as the only &  misunderstood process, which inadvertently is considered as a complete process of Vedic Kundli matching. There are many software tools available on the internet that help you do Kundli matching for marriage, and evaluate this as the process is entirely mathematical. Nevertheless, it is just one rule in the list of ten rules to be followed.

In fact, if deciphering marriage life prediction by date of birth was that easy, each one of you can become astrologers. This mathematical matching, based on Kundli matching by date of birth, is basically Nakshatra-matching. This Nakshatra Matching accounts for 36 points and getting 18 points out of which 36 are considered enough. As a result , matching of 18 points out of 36 in 2 charts is  considered compatible to tie the nuptial bond. This is a holistic way of Nakshatra matching and accounts for eight factors.

Eight factors of Asthakoot Milan – Mathematically 


There are four Varnas. Astrologically, the Varna of boy should be should be higher than that of the girl. Girl with higher Varna than boy is not good match.  Varna Koot matching scores 1 point.


This factor shows the mutual attraction between the two and ensures harmony. This matching scores 2 points.


Tara Kuta factor analysis decodes the  health and relationship compatibility of the couple post marriage. One gets 3 points if this matches.


This is the physical appetite of each Nakshatra. The Nakshatra belonging to the same group is desirable, and. This matching scores 4 points.

5.Graha Maitri:

This factor defines Harmony between the couple & friendship between the rulers of the Janam Rashis of the boy and the girl decodes this. Match on this factor results in a score of 5 points.


All the Nakshatras are divided into three groups, based on their nature or disposition being divine; those belonging to the same category get along well.  This matching scores 6 points..


This depends on the placement of Moon in the Janam Rashis or the sign. The mutual disposition of the Janma Rashis of the boy and girl gives the assessment on the match of this factor . Matching of Bhakoot results in a score of 7 points in the Kundli  matching process.


The Nadi Kuta seems to have a special reference to the health of the couple as well as that of their children. If other afflictions are present in the two charts and the Nadi of the boy and girl are in the same group, it has been found that the progeny born to such couples may not be healthy or even normal. Matching of this Nadi Kuta scores 8 points.

Essentially, adherence to the aforementioned guidelines accomplishes  the Asthakoot matching of Horoscopes for Marriage.

Score below benchmark of  18 points in Astha- koot matching ?? 

One should not worry  even if the score for Kundli match for marriage falls below the acceptable score of 18 points. There are many Vedhas or exceptions which have significant impact on this verdict of astrology & can really  push the score further up.These are Bhakoota and Nadi Koota carrying  7 and 8 points respectively.  The master with adequate experience should apply these Vedhas meticulously & effectively. This can result in additional 7 ot 8 points in the chart matching score.  As a result, the score could cross the benchmark score of 18. So, if at all, the Asthakoot points are not favoring the natives for marriage, it is a possibility that Vedhas apply.

Golden 9

The Mangal Matching: 

This is the ninth golden rule of Kundli matching for marriage. People attribute Mangal dosh so commonly that  many relations perish just under mis-conception or mis-read of the Horoscopes.  My experience says many people under the mis-conception of being Manglik are in fact, not at all Mangliks. Reading a horoscope is nothing less than a challenge for some individuals. In such cases, they blatantly attribute all the hiccups in a married life to Mangal.  On questioning the veracity of their claim, they resort to word like Anshik Mangalik.

I have done quite a bit of research on this and written a comprehensive blog on this menace called Manglik. Also aired a video on this Manglik dosha issue. People have widely read and  accepted these explainations. So take out few minutes, enrich your knowledge with  both these before we labeling  anyone Manglik.

Golden 10

The Final Sampoorna Vedic Milan: For Kundli Matching for Marriage

This is the final straw in the hat towards the Kundli matching for marriage. This finally takes care of any other factor  not included in the above description. The sexual compatibility, financial compatibility, family compatibility, and adjustment factor are all seen through this. A seasoned astrologer knows the tricks to solve this riddle and do the perfect horoscope matching for marriage.

10 Golden Rules become Bible for Kundli Matching for Marriage

Finally, examination & matching of these 10 golden rules in 2 horoscopes become the Bible for Kundli Match or perfect marriage compatibility. This is the best possible from the human efforts, leading to a bliss marriage.

Now as the last human resort, the worthy astrologer should explore few more factors before delivering the final verdict. These factors are:

The Navamsha Check to Verify Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage: 

Navamsha of the D-9 Chart essays the soul of an individual. It validates the pronouncements of the D-1 or the Lagna Chart. Any indication in D-1 chart without the support of D-9 chart is likely to fail. Therefore entire factors about marriage in D-1 chart have to be authenticated in contrast to  & inter-relation of the D-9 chart. It plays a very decisive role as few things, which the Lagna chart does not commit may actually happen.

The Trishamsa Check: 

A master reading the Trishamsa or D-30 Chart can very well evaluate the The Tria-Charitra, aka female character.  Kundli matching for Marriage can be based on many factors based on astrologer’s perception. However, there may be a few things, in particular that this male-dominated society does not tolerate. The D-30 charts can give a precise answer to the following things:

  • Extramarital flings
  • The reputation of the female family
  • Widow Yoga
  • Adultery
  • Number of marriages

FINAL TO CONCLUDE. The worthy astrologers should carry comprehensive examination & verification of all the factors mentioned above before final verdict on kundli matching for marriage. This process would  consume little extra time  but it mandatory in my opinion & I always do it.  I even suggest that native should rather  insist for it & even take a certificate for this. WHY all this because it means life long impact on 2 life & 2 dynasties.  This will give the couple,  not only a long-lasting relationship but also a happy married life. Finally we should always remember & pray to the almighty to shower positive results on these astrological efforts.

Read More: Brand Stories in Hindustan Times on many such issues by me. 

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