Ketu is Destruction if not handled Carefully

Ketu is a planet which plays very heavy in any horoscope. But I would begin with a complete solace, nothing to be  scared. Ketu effects are 2 ways both positive & negative. On one hand, Ketu can bestow best of material prosperity. And on the other hand can devastate anything & everything what is created & exists. It represents extremes both creation and destruction, old and the child, matter and the spirit. It works & has impact like two faces of the same coin. Ketu as a planet, is the elder most planet with childlike sense. It can be cruel with precision and will throw tantrums (bad moods, uncontrolled outburst/ emotion) till he  gets what he wants.

Role and importance of Ketu in astrology, ketu effects & remedies for Ketu

Once we know the symptoms of Ketu, its effects on us and how to basically please Ketu , we know what we have to do. Ketu is like a coin with 2 sides. Do you remember the old audio cassette, which used to play both ways (side-1 and side2) and Ketu resembles to it. Ketu is the only planet which plays both ways. This working positive  bestows material prosperity on to the native. However, this working negative  bequeaths material adversity to devastate everything. So it can have 2 extremes with totally different traits for different natives at the same time. Those earning in billions relinquishing their fortune and those earning considerably donating substantially at the same time are under the game plan of a strong Ketu.

Symptoms of Ketu is active on you.

Have you been cautioned by some elderly when you about to start something most paying or rewarding ? Any time feel that some one or some power hypnotize you. Sometimes you feel that someone most friendly , best well wisher stabbed on your back. Someone known to you in person has stalled stall your advancement. Has  someone taken advantage of your conducive nature ?. Does the  presence of someone make you extremely uncomfortable despite  he/she has done nothing wrong ?  Is someone a better learner and hearer than you ? Does someone has better intuitions or  smells better than what you can ? Anyone becoming your confident after posing a sorry figure. Any  particular color repels you or comes as a sense of loss once you spot it. Cats scare or repel or attract you the most. All these features reveal that you have a strong Ketu connect.

Direct & fierce effects of Ketu

Now, understand the above analogy, if Ketu has opined to have something from the native or to deny something what the native wants then there will be no power which can facilitate that thing to happen.

With Rahu in operation, a person becomes futuristic but an activated Ketu pushes back the native to the past, he starts fantasying or re-enacting the past things with a different perspective or can continually remain in the past.

My primary objective to bring out this blog is to explain the hiccups associated with an over-activated Ketu in  horoscope. And especially when it has no connection with the trines, where it come beneficial. Another truth is that this planet  is the primary source of bread and butter for an astrologer as most of the cases which he deals for the client has a fierce Ketu to combat.

Effects of Ketu – a story with relevance

Taking a lead from my  article in Hindustan times on 23.09.2018. I have seen Ketu spoiling the career of a brilliant I.I.T. student who was chosen by a prestigious company for undertaking a specific job, but this company ditched the native, (Ketu under action) and he has to look for another assignments months after he had graduated. The other job opportunity was also in an equally prestigious, and which too could not be availed as the native’s health broke (Ketu becoming more severe). He had to eventually settle for a degrading job in an average company (Ketu growing more malefic and harder to control).

Ketu Effects – What all it can result in

I have seen some of the worst harassments done by this planet on to a native and few of them work a mention here:

  1. Ruining of extraordinary business.
  2. Sudden loss of much-cherished possession,
  3. Loss of love for no evident reason,
  4. Public humiliation for no valid reason,
  5. Wrong operations procedures in a hospital,
  6. Sudden death for no apparent reason.
  7. Loss of position and reputation in an organization,
  8. A sudden shift of powers,
  9. Wrong display of courage,
  10. Uttering the most disgusting words and later repenting,
  11. Indulging in backbiting and getting caught,
  12. Getting into a trap,
  13. Spoiling a family for someone but eventually getting a kick from that someone too,
  14. Longing for something that is impossible,
  15. Daydreaming

If Ketu is the significator of any of the above traits then, believe me, it is the hardest to get over them.

Extreme Ketu effects – Live examples

The Babas who are behind bars, the businessmen who have fled the country, the journalists who exploited their female staff, the ones who have taken the banks for granted and borrowed heavily and more other like these people have activated the Ketu and the misery from it will be endless. If someone dies before the end of the allotted sufferings by this planet, it is believed that those miseries remain as a pending Karma in the future lives of the native and one has to bear the share of miseries allotted.

How to overcome Ketu effects? Remedies for ketu 

Many think that they have not done nothing wrong in this birth. But these people probably do not take in account the misdeeds done by him/her in the previous lives. They must think about this also & give it back.

There are methods to absolve out of the miseries allotted by this planet. And the best remedy for it is certainly  to correct the karma as per the requirement.

Respond to the sixth sense (Ketu), if it tells to stop then one should stop as the negative energy that it would radiate will be extremely impressionable which will be erratic hard to control.

The Final Say to guard yourself !!!

So, it is always better to understand the enigma this planet is to play in one’s chart. And then to respond to it the most appropriate karmic method. Otherwise flirting with it is the most dangerous things one could do with its planets. This theory of Karma Correction holds good not only for this planet but also for any other negativities in the Horoscope.

Remember negative doshas can also give positive results.

Same way Pitra Dosha also can be positive.

About Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Can anyone change the Horoscope? No, not even its creator the Brahma. Then what is that the astrology can or how can astrologers help us. My 2 decades exposure with a PhD in Astrology make me say that Horoscope is a direct manifesto of our Past Life Karmas which have gone past, fixed therefore cannot be changed. But there is something known as Gochar (transit of all planets in constellation like earth, sun, moon keep moving) Dasha which give us a chance to mould the results of the fixed planetary positions, allotted to us in Horoscope. That is possible through the Karmas of our present life (which are in our hand with manoeuvrability with a free will) and that where I preach that Karma correction with right guidance and at right time is the best way to extract best results with the help astrology. It is much better to control & play with your own free will than to desperately depend on mindless rituals later where you only pray to God help you with these rituals.

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33 Comments on “Ketu is Destruction if not handled Carefully”

  1. Pranam guruji, my dob is 6th October 1982 place is Basti Uttar Pradesh time is 8 40 pm .
    I want to be a judge. Please give your blessings with your kind advice .
    Pranaam guruji

    1. Hello Praveen – As told you on FB live show, your Rashi is Cancer & Lagna is Taurus. Main planet to support job of judge or similar Govt job is Surya which is displaced in your case. Mercury is strong to make you intelligent but Guru is in conjunction with Ketu. This retrogates good impact of Mercury also. The dasha of Mercury in Saturn will continue till June 2020 & is good for getting your dream. But try to ripe its benefits by Jan 2020. Strengthen your Surya to accelerate your confidence ( which gets shaken in between) by doing Surya Namsakaar every morning for 2 months. Then share the results with me. God bless you !!!1

  2. गुरु जी सादर प्रणाम गुरू जी मै सेना मै जाना चाहता हु ओर तिन साल से तैयारी भी कर रहा हु लेकिन किसी न किसी वजह से सफल नही हो पाता हु कभी परिक्षा मै फैल तो कभी मैरिट मे रह जाता हू ओर मेरे पापा शराब पिते है घर मे झगडा करते है पढने नही देते है अब 2019 मे एगजाम है उसके बाद overage हो जाउगा क्या मुझे सफलता मिल पाएगी मेरा देश सेवा मे जाने सपना साकार होगा NAME-ANKIT, dob-31/01/1998,birth time -3:10pm,place-CHIRAWA(RAJASTHAN)

    1. ओवरएज का मतलब मे 21साल के बाद सेना का फोर्म अप्लाय नही कर सकता । क्या मुझे सफलता मिल पायेगी

    2. ओर मेरे लिए किस तरह का व्यापार अच्छा रहेगा

    3. अंकित जी जैसा कि मैंने आपको फेसबुक लाइव शो में जवाब दिया है कि आपका लग्न मिथुन है , आपकी राशि मीन है | सूर्य जो कि सरकारी नौकरी का कारक है | सूर्य नवम से अष्टम भाव में है अर्थात बलिष्ठ नहीं है , जो कि ठीक नहीं है लेकिन यदि आपको आपके पिता से यदि कोई सहायता नहीं प्राप्त हो रही है तो उसे बार – बार इंगित मत कीजिये क्योंकि आपके ऐसा करने से आपका सूर्य और भी निर्बल हो रहा है | आपका बुध अष्टम भाव में है जो कि संकेत देता है कि आप अपनी बुद्धि का पूर्णतय: उपयोग नहीं करते है अपने अध्ययन के अभ्यास को बढाइये और अपने लग्नेश को भी मजबूत कीजिये अर्थात अपनी इच्छाशक्ति को मजबूत कीजिये | प्रतिदिन सुबह ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रां ब्रौं स: बुधाय नम: का प्रतिदिन प्रातकाल : जाप कीजिये | आपको लाभ मिलेगा |

  3. Born 28 June 1955 Jammu (india) at 10:33pm currently in Canada. Gotra: Dhatatriya, Nakshatra: Chitra
    In my 63 years of life so far, my ONLY right hand side of body has undergone several surgeries, accidents and defects.
    I had Gall bladder removal which’s right side, right side Harnia, had vericose vein surgery on my right side testicles, my right hand elbow got defective due to wrong plaster, sciatica in right leg, right eye is weaker, I weigh less on my right side than left…. and many more. Surprisingly, all organs and body parts on my left has no issues… no jokes? I have been a thorough SHIVA devotee….

    Will you please help me find an answer and possible remedy?

    1. Hello Raniees – As stated on the FB Live show your Lagna is Kumbh, its Lord is Saturn. This is placed high good position but is retrogate which means it would give derogated results. 5th House is stricken & Ketu is sitting there which gives you a Putra Dosh ( lack of son). Most planets on the right hand side of your horoscope are debilitated causing problems in the right side of your body. Pacify Ketu, donate for Ketu along with a NARIYAL ( Unpeeled Coconut) for 17 Tuesdays. As you are in Canada & if not possible to do it there, do it thru Proxy where someone does it for you here & you take the Sankalpm ( Oath). Share the feedback of this ritual with me after 17 Tuesdays on this PLATFORM ONLY.

  4. Pranam Gurudev,
    My son don’t :5/10/2012
    Q: how come he will be restored,he is extremely restlessness,not sitting at a place for longer time with low concentration.
    He is very negative and irritating in nature.
    Q;emotionless for everyone,when he will ok,he has behaviour issues.
    Q:which stone will help him to pacify.
    Q:when he will be ok.
    Pl suggest Gurudev.

  5. Guruji Hemant B here, M undergoin Ketu Mahadasha (Ke-Sa) and Ketu (Ke in 9th House) has taken my work, money and m have no work/career and i am not able to decide what to do next or what stays next in my life. Please guide how would i fare in my career and which line of career would be good for me to choose. Currently i am with my father in his business of giving loans on vehicles i.e financing and its not going any good from past 3 years. M totally directionless. My DOB is 02-Dec-1985, Tob: 11:34 am, POB: Guwahati/Gauhati Assam. (Aquarius Ascendant) .

  6. Thanks for replying Sir. When can i see some improvement in my current condition. When will i start getting Direction in life.
    My DOB is 02-Dec-1985, Tob: 11:34 am, POB: Guwahati/Gauhati Assam. (Aquarius Ascendant).


  7. Hello Guruji ,apka knowledge bahut badhiya h. Me ek student hu or mera itna mentally weak ho gya hu ye 2 years se..abhi to psychiatrist bhi kuch nahi kah pa rhe kya kru plz muje koi remedy are only the Hope now..God bless you guruji .reply dena plz..
    Mra Birthdate he 1/11/1998 ,6:38 a.m, place-Unjha,Gujarat

  8. Dear Sir,
    My date of birth 31.12.1952 born at 18.32 hrs in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. A life full of ups and downs. Present scenario is, I am unhealthy and struck with finance even to meet my medicines
    I would like to know this stalemate in my present life is the symptom of my end in my life. Or any chances for change in my life for a comfortable living and end.
    Please advise

  9. Dear Sir,

    My D.O.B is 14-2-1993,Time Approximately 1:00 PM,Place Ongole(Andhra Pradesh).I have gone through Sade Sati (24-1-2020)and now it is ketu maha dasha i think.How will be Ketu maha dasha.Will it be benefic or malefic.Will it be better than Sade sati.As it is another 7 years I am really worried thinking that no Improvement after sade sati.which And in which it is situated. Hopefully waiting for your reply


  10. Guruji. My dob is 27.11.1988. place Patna Bihar. Time is 05.55 am. I want to clear civil services and appeared four time but not seriously. This is my last attempt. What should I do. My ketu is in 10th house. Please guide me Guruji.

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