Can Ketu in the 7th House affect marital life?

Ketu in 7th house

Ketu is unanimously considered a hostile planet for all purposes, for all ascendants.  Ketu is behind the sudden separation and unforeseen incidents in the individual’s life.  Unless there are beneficial and neutralizing influences from planets like Jupiter on Ketu, it is impossible to expect any good turn of events from Ketu in the 7th house. Certainly, Ketu is likely to mar the prospects of marital life or can create married life problems.

What does the 7th house stand for?

The seventh House stands for everything that spells bonding, including marriage, partnerships, and strategic business alliances.  If the ascendant is about the world inside you, the 7th is your window to your outside world.  You can get an inkling of how your spouse and your marital life with them will be, in all the ways.  It is placed in the 10th position from the 10th House in the natal chart, and hence it indicates the career picture.

Venus and Mercury, being the natural lords for the 7th House, rule, especially the reproductive system.  Ketu poorly placed in the 7th can adversely impact the native’s health, especially in his reproductive system.

Let us now investigate the effects of Ketu in the 7th House.

The position of Ketu in the 7th house has a malevolent impact on the marriage prospects.  The native with such a Ketu is seriously disinclined towards marriage, or they might be considering marrying a perfect man and a spouse material which does not exist. They may live a barren life bereft of any marital pleasure if Ketu is positioned against it in the 7th House.

If hemmed in between malefic planets or under a negative planetary association, people with Ketu in the 7th might suffer the dissolution of their marriage.  It also causes multiple marriages in a native’s life.  Ketu is all about renunciation, and his placing in the 7th may mean marital abstinence on the part of the native.

The business field is the next area to be damaged by Ketu’s presence.  The native may gradually lose interest in his business enterprise and finally shelve it for non-business ideas.   

Not being actively engaged in business activities can eventually lead to its collapse.  The native with the 7th Ketu may even undertake a business to make it work, but he should be strictly discouraged from working in partnership.  He should chalk out a lonely path towards success in his business and handle his business on his own.  If the business is pursued in partnership, the native is likely to embroil himself in legal cases that could finally endanger the business idea itself.

How does Ketu’s 5th aspect impact the native?

Ketu’s 5th house aspect on the 11th House can disconnect the native from his social network.  Relationships with elder siblings could also turn sour.  Ketu in 7th causes the native to be preoccupied and engaged in his world, despite being amid a heavily crowded party.

How does the seventh aspect of Ketu affect the native?

The Ketu in the 7th House has a natural aspect on the Rahu-occupied ascendant.  Rahu and Ketu are two diagonally opposite and equal forces whose constant mutual pull adversely affects the native.  In this planetary combination, the native vacillates between two crucial decisions; to marry or not to marry.  Sometimes, he gets carried away with the thought of having a partner, and sometimes, he retreats from the idea itself.  He can be narcissistic at times and, at other times, be on the lookout for a partner to share his life with.

Ketu’s intentions to pull him away from the thoughts or marriage would be against Rahu’s efforts to keep him hooked to a soul mate.  This situation is highly complicated, and it does not help the native. the seventh aspect of Ketu affects the native in more ways than one.

How does Ketu’s 9th aspect impact the native?

Ketu’s 11th aspect on the third cam indicates the communication gap that the native has concerning the outside world.  This native is bereft of expressions, and lack of communication would be a significant impediment for him to put his thoughts forth to the world.  On the contrary, if Ketu’s aspect turns out to be beneficial, it creates world-class authors and writers of international repute.  However, it might harm the younger siblings in the family.  This native might not have a younger sibling after him, or he does not enjoy concord with his younger siblings.

Will Ketu permanently harm the 7th house prospects?

Ketu is the precursor of frustrations in the marital experience.  Suppose the Ketu native ties the knot with someone.  In that case, the Antardasha and Mahadasha of Ketu can cause disruption and disharmony, finally resulting in a breakup of marriage during their period.

But a benevolent aspect on the 7th House would help alleviate the harmful effects to some extent.  So, the aspects are also to be examined before arriving at any conclusion about Ketu native.

Business ventures have every probability of getting affected by Ketu’s position in the seventh House.  Business should be the last resort for people predominantly under Ketu’s influence in the seventh House. Here, pre-marriage counseling plays an extremely important role when Ketu harms your married life.

Although Ketu is a natural malefic that spells and forewarns only troubles and tribulations, the effects are considerably minimized due to placement, the aspects, and planetary associations in the natal chart.  The good influence of benefic planets and the Rashi ruler of Ketu posited in benefic houses would certainly give benefic results.  Weak Ketu puts the native under undue pressure due to marital disturbances.  We also must keep an important factor in mind-that of Venus and Jupiter, the marriage karakas, to come up with any prediction.  One cannot entirely ignore the Manglik dosha, which may or may not be present in the marriage horoscope, as this also has a say in matters concerning marriage.

In case the ascendant lord and 7th lords are powerful, the Venus and Jupiter are beneficial, the D9 chart is overall strong, the native has escaped the peril caused by Ketu by being posited in his 7th House of the natal chart.

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