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  • 2023-12-26
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The saying "You reap what you sow" means that what you are experiencing now results from your past actions. The things you did in the past, whether good or bad, come back to affect your life today. If you're going through a tough time, it could be because of things you did before in your previous lives. It's like saying what you give or do in the world somehow returns to you.

How do I know if my karma is good?

Many individuals tend to attribute the challenges and difficulties in their lives to external factors or a higher power. However, awareness of good and bad karma signifies a positive state of consciousness. Those who exhibit extremely negative karmas, often referred to as prarabdh karma, seldom possess this awareness of distinguishing between right and wrong actions. Such individuals perceive themselves as always being in the right, unaffected by the repercussions of troubling others or committing sins.

On the contrary, contemplating righteousness and choosing a noble path indicates the presence of good karma. This implies that positive energies influence your life, working in your favour to achieve significant goals. Therefore, if you find yourself reflecting on the nature of your actions and their moral implications, it signifies the presence of good karma. Only through a clear understanding of the distinction between good and bad karma can one actively strive to diminish negative karma while increasing positive karma in one's life journey.

How do I correct my karma?

The idea behind karma is that our past actions stick with us, shaping who we are – our personality, nature, and thoughts. Your deeds bring about results influenced by the alignment of planets. For instance, if someone is cruel, their first house and the Moon are influenced by cruel planets, reflecting their past cruelty. It's like a cycle – if you've been cruel before, you may continue that pattern, accumulating more negative karma and facing more unfavourable outcomes.

Can you fix my karma? While you can't change the past, you can influence the intensity of its consequences. This is where astrology comes in. By understanding your birth chart, you can identify potential challenges linked to past actions. The key is to face these challenges with humility, acknowledging that you may be experiencing what you once inflicted on others in a previous life. This acceptance helps lessen the impact of negative karma.

Astrology helps pinpoint which planets are influencing your life negatively. Once identified, you can perform remedies to seek their positive influence and reduce negativity. Modifying your karma is an effective way to correct its course. Understanding your birth chart allows you to recognize certain traits associated with past actions. For example, if Rahu in the horoscope suggests traits like treachery or materialism, being aware and using astrological remedies can help you avoid these negative qualities and promote positive change in your life.

Is it true that karma comes back?

The concept of karma teaches us that our past actions have a way of returning to us. The saying "history repeats itself" aligns with this idea of karma returning. There are moments when you encounter difficulties, and it suddenly dawns on you that you might have caused similar troubles for someone else. It's like a cycle – what goes around comes around.

Even when you are born, you come into this world with a unique astrological chart. It's interesting because, at that point, you haven't performed any deeds in your current life, but your birth chart already indicates the presence of good and bad planets, influencing the outcomes you experience. This phenomenon occurs because your past life karma are believed to follow you, shaping your present and future experiences. It's a reminder that the energy we put into the world tends to find its way back to us in various ways.

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