Significance of Jupiter in Different Houses

  • 2023-03-03
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When we talk about the most evident or pratyaksha God in the horoscope, we are talking about the planet Jupiter and their role of Jupiter in our life, which we are going to read in this write-up. Jupiter is called the Jeeva or soul of a person in Astrology. Jupiter relates with soul searching or aatm- manthan of a native which makes it the most important planet of the horoscope. Jupiter is an important planet because apart from owing two houses and getting exalted and debilitated in different zodiac signs, it has been considered a karaka of the 5 houses in a horoscope. It simply means that Jupiter influences 10 houses out of the total 12 houses, which shows the major significance of Jupiter in different houses in the birth chart. This speaks about how important the placement of Jupiter in a birth chart is for a person. 

A good astrologer sees the following things from the placement of Jupiter in the birth chart-

  • The religious duty that one is bound to do and how well the native fulfills them.
  • The helpful nature of a person towards others
  • The evaluation of someone’s partial and impartial nature towards others
  • The capability to hold one’s friendship
  • The philosophical angle as possessed by a person
  • The life of the elder brother and grand or great grandfather as Jupiter is a karaka for them
  • The physical health and bodily structure of the native
  • The type of house a person lives in
  • The logical and arguing capabilities of a person
  • The communication or oratory skills/ talent of a person
  • Body parts like thighs and knees
  • The number of new houses one will construct or shift into (as different from buying a house which is depicted by Mars)
  • The “mantra siddhi” of a person or how well a person can recite a mantra
  • The proficiency in learning and literature
  • The capability to please the audience
  • Whether a person can remain strong or not in difficult situations
  • One’s temperament and gentleness to deal with different situations in life
  • The quality of goodness one holds, whether it’s genuine or till the time the native’s selfish motive is served 
  • The tendency to remain happy or sad in life
  • Miseries in the lifetime
  • The metal gold
  • All divine and Vedic topics are concerned with Jupiter
  • One’s proximity to Lord Shiva is seen through Jupiter and not through the Moon which Lord Shiva holds on His head. 

It is interesting to know that in Vedic era when children were sent to Gurukul as early as at the age of 5-6 years. The rishi or the teacher used to analyze the position of Jupiter in the child’s kundli to decide his/her intellectual levels. It was based on the placement of Jupiter in the chart that the child used to be allotted the class or level of learning. 

The role of Jupiter in various houses

Jupiter in 1st House

  • The first house or Ascendant mainly shows the general health and personality of the native. It is the prime house which decides further placement of various signs and planets in the birth chart. 
  • Jupiter is a planet of expansion and in the first house it makes the native to explore more through travelling or reading.
  • Jupiter here makes the native extremely knowledgeable and wise. These attributes make the native self-reliant. 
  • The native has higher inclinations for learning, religion and spirituality.
  • Jupiter in the ascendant gives a heavier body, clear complexion, oval face with large eyes, high forehead and skimpy hair in the middle age. 

Jupiter in 2nd House

  • The 2nd house is a house of wealth. It shows birth in an affluent family. 
  • The native remains financially secure with greater influence and authority in the society throughout the lifetime. 
  • Jupiter gives impressive and sweet voice here as the 2nd house stands for speech as well. 
  • An affliction may turn the native into spendthrift but still financial security remains there. 

Jupiter in 3rd House

  • The 3rd house depicts communication, short travel, siblings, friends, relatives, hobbies or self-expression. 
  • Placement of Jupiter in third house gives interest in acquiring knowledge and travelling. 
  • The native feels contended while reading/travelling and shares excellent relations with siblings, relatives and neighbors.
  • A strong Jupiter here gives excellent command on language and communication and the natives are generally successful writers, publishers, media persons, journalists, or involve in travel and tourism.
  • The natives have great memory and intuitive powers.

Jupiter in 4th House

  • The 4th house is a house of mother, nourishment, education, house and domestic peace. 
  • Jupiter here gives good results related with all the significations mentioned above.
  • The native flourishes in the homeland only and has several large immovable properties. 

Jupiter in 5th House

  • The 5th house represents intelligence, creativity, sports, purvapunya, children and love relations. It also shows the wealth of someone’s father.
  • Jupiter here brings great fortunes, higher creativity, good education, wisdom and intelligence to the native. 
  • The native enjoys bliss of progeny and children. The children are generally virtuous and liked by all. 
  • The native may have love affairs.

Jupiter in 6th House

  • The 6th house is a house of debts, diseases, service, underprivileged, servants, subordinates and enemies. 
  • Jupiter here is not considered good but gives abundance in health, job and service. 
  • An afflicted Jupiter may give clashes at the work place.  
  • The native believes in social service and have good healing capabilities. 

Jupiter in 7th House

  • The 7th house represents marriage, spouse and all kind of business or legal partnerships. 
  • Placement of Jupiter in Seventh house gives a wealthy, wise, noble and religious life or business partner. 
  • An afflicted Jupiter may make the spouse to suffer from obesity, arrogance and lethargy.
  • Jupiter here gives eloquence in speech and the native achieves success in foreign lands. 


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Jupiter in 8th House

  • The 8th house is a house of hidden things like occult, taxes, insurance, research, occult, sudden events, longevity and death. It also shows the joint wealth with the partner and inheritance.
  • Jupiter here gives good results in above mentioned significations but if afflicted can make the native over passionate for sexual activities. 
  • The native may work in the field of finance, tax, accounting, insurance or is a great occult master.
  • The native is lucky to get wealth through the spouse or inheritance. 

Jupiter in 9th House

  • The 9th house is a house of religion, higher learning, cultural knowledge and long travels. 
  • Jupiter in the 9th house gives greater inclinations for all the above mentioned significations. The native may even settle abroad.
  • An afflicted Jupiter may create obstacles in learning and spiritual pursuits. 
  • The native keeps learning throughout the life and tastes success at an early age. 

Jupiter in 10th House

  • The 10th house is a house of career, profession, reputation, political concerns, self-image and ambitions in life. 
  • Jupiter gives success, higher wisdom and fame here. 
  • The native may work in the field of education, spirituality, religion, consultancy or travels. 
  • The father gains an influential place in the native’s life with his support throughout the native’s life.

Jupiter in 11th House

  • The 11th house is a house of gains, fulfillment of desires and social networking. Jupiter here gives positive results in all these pursuits. The native is blessed with huge social network and noble friends. 
  • The native generally moves into spiritual and intellectual circle of people. 
  • Jupiter here gives good financial benefits and recognition but any afflictions may cause distractions in studies.

Jupiter in 12th House

  • The 12th house is a house of losses, expenses, hidden pursuits, solitude, spirituality, subconscious mind, isolated places, one’s fears and insecurities.
  • Jupiter here may give saintly tendencies and the native performs higher spiritual practices.
  • The native may also work in some hospital, jail, asylum or rehab center. 
  • An afflicted Jupiter may make the native live in imaginary world while avoiding the materialistic aspects of the real world.
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