How to reduce the effect of Rahu?

effect of Rahu

To get rid of all the troubles of Rahu, there is a need to pay attention to some things in life. It is important to understand the significations of Rahu and the position it is placed in the horoscope. The remedies for pacification of Rahu will prove more effective if done after analyzing Rahu in the birth chart. Rahu shows different things in different houses. Each house represents different significations and when Rahu is related to any house, the effect of Rahu shows its effect with reference to that house.

It is relieving to have a strong Rahu in the horoscope

If Rahu is in a good position in the horoscope, then Rahu does not give its known bad results. With Rahu being in a strong and auspicious position, a person can be successful in getting rid of the problems caused by Rahu. Rahu is one such planet in the horoscope which gives results as per its placement. When Rahu is placed in a better place in the horoscope, then the effect of Rahu is going to bring fame to the person. Rahu is helpful in making a person a better leader among people. When Rahu is in the tenth house, a person is able to come out of his obstacles. A person is skilled in devising policies himself and works accordingly. The presence of Rahu at this place is also helpful in making a person a politician. The effect of Rahu leads a person to work with better strategy.


If Rahu is in Taurus in the sixth house, then the person is quite capable of getting out of his problems. The obstacles in life do not bother that person. The zeal and enthusiasm within a person is such that he is going to conquer his enemies. Be it legal cases or any serious issue, Rahu proves to be very helpful in saving a person from these things. The position of Rahu here works very charismatically in saving the person from suffering. Rahu in Taurus works to solve things seriously with patience. The person works so efficiently and smoothly that the other person does not even realize it.


If Rahu is present in Gemini Horoscope, then this position also gives strength to Rahu. When Rahu is here, a person is very good at doing intellectual things. When Rahu in Gemini, the person becomes a great advisor and helps people to come out of their problems efficiently. The deep penetration of the qualities of Rahu remains inside the person.  The person establishes his good image among the people. With Rahu in Gemini, a person is able to establish his dominance over others.

The remedies of Rahu provide relief

If Rahu is in a better position in the horoscope, then many difficulties are avoided, but if Rahu is not in an auspicious and strong position in the horoscope, then in such a situation it is necessary that measures related to the planet Rahu should be taken. When Rahu is bad, it can trouble life in many ways. Rahu never gives the right direction to the thinking of a person. The effect of Rahu becomes the cause of many troubles and challenges in the life of a person. When Rahu is malefic, there is a great sense of lack of happiness and disappointment in a person’s life. When Rahu is bad, many areas of a person’s life can get spoiled with its toxins. Be it the person’s workplace, personal life or social life, Rahu shows its bad effects everywhere. To avoid the bad effects of Rahu, some measures have to be taken.


It is necessary for Rahu that the mantras of the planet must be chanted. Chanting the Vedic mantra of Rahu is very useful for pacifying Rahu. Rahu Vedic Mantra – “Om Kya Nashchitra aa Bhuvaduti Sadavrudhah Sakha, Kya Shachishthaya Vrita”. Rahu brings relief with its mantra chanting.


It is also good to recite Rahu Kavach Stotra for pacification of Rahu. The description of this source of Rahu is also found in Mahabharata. According to the beliefs, by reciting Rahu Stotra, the disturbance in a person’s life is ended as caused by Rahu.


It is very auspicious to do worship of Lord Shiva for calming Rahu. Lord Shiva is supposed to bestow his blessings on everyone. Lord Shiva bestows his blessings on demons and deities alike. To attain the pacification of Rahu is beneficial by doing Rudra Abhishek on Shivling or through worship of Rudraksh.


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