Know how can Rahu affect your life with other planets conjunction?

Relation of Rahu

When a planet is in conjunction with Rahu, then this relationship is considered very special. The conjunction of planets is going to show many types of results in astrology. Whether the conjunction of planets is in the birth chart or in transit, it has a significant effect under both conditions. When we talk about the relation of Rahu with other planets, then this conjunction needs to be studied in depth. When a planet is with Rahu, it can lose its natural signification under the shadow of this planet. Rahu is good with some and bad with other planets. Let us understand the relation of Rahu with other planets

The association of Rahu with the Sun: The relation of Rahu with the Sun is very special because when Rahu is with the Sun, it eclipses the Sun. Among all the planets, the Sun is considered the king and the karaka of the soul. Sun plays a significant role in getting respect and prestige in life. It represents the soul of the living beings. It may be a cruel planet, but it is the basis of life. It shows the happiness of the father, shows the position of power, self-respect and authority. Sun is a special planet in establishing its dominance in the world. Now when the relation between these two is formed, then all these qualities of Sun are affected in a very deep manner. The contamination of the soul is also possible only due to the influence of Rahu and when the soul is afflicted then we can expect only a negative energy to dominate the person. Under the negative influence of Rahu, the power of the Sun shows the wrong attitude instead the right one. This can be a distressing and harmful situation.

Association of Rahu with the Moon: Rahu with the Moon is an incompatible conjunction in Astrology. Moon is considered to be the karaka of the mind and mother. How a person presents himself to the world is seen by the position of the Moon. If the Moon is strong, it will strengthen the energy and lordship as well. Self-confidence will be strong. On the other hand, weak Moon causes worries, ego and lack of self-confidence in a person. A strong Moon is needed for self-confidence. The conjunction of Moon with Rahu also creates the eclipse or grahan yoga. Rahu Chandra Yoga spoils love, peace of mind, positivity and emotions. A strong Moon helps a person in many areas of life, but Moon becomes weak with Rahu and for this reason, troubles like restlessness of mind, depression have a profound effect on life.

Association of Mars with Rahu: The presence of Mars with Rahu also does not indicate a very auspicious situation. Both these planets show the excess of cruelty and anger. In such a situation, when they are together, it is natural to have a disturbance. Situations like arguments, quarrels, differences, riots, quarrels are created by the conjunction of these two planets. Mars is considered to be the significator of courage, passion, strength, determination and self-confidence. When Rahu makes yoga with Mars, not everyone can handle so much aggression. Difficulties and challenges come in life through the conjunction of Rahu and Mars, but this combination is necessary to gain victory over those challenges as well.

Relation of Rahu with Mercury: Rahu’s relation with Mercury is considered good in some cases. Although Rahu casts its shadow, but its conjunction with Mercury is capable of giving better results in many cases. The planet Mercury is considered the karaka of intelligence, speech, reasoning ability, skin etc. When Rahu is in conjunction with Mercury, then the relation of these two is also considered special for the invention of new things. Mercury Rahu yoga also gives an opportunity to the person to have a good hold in public relations. In today’s era, the relation of Mercury-Rahu is able to give benefits in many ways in the age of internet. In some cases, the combination of Rahu and Mercury also indicates dumbness or loss of intellect, but if the combination of these two is formed in an auspicious manner, then it can give good results.

Relation of Rahu with Jupiter: When Rahu conjunction with Jupiter, this condition is going to give several mixed results. Here this yoga sometimes shows a weak position. The reason for this is that the planet Jupiter indicates knowledge and when Rahu is combined with knowledge, and then it mixes ignorance with the knowledge. Along with this, Jupiter shows religion. Rahu himself becomes auspicious with its shadow being fallen on the most auspicious and spiritual planet, but it affects Jupiter. In this situation, many times a person wants to give more preference to his ideology in religion. He may also show interest towards external religion and culture.

Relation of Rahu with Venus: The relation of Rahu with Venus indicates lack of auspiciousness in life. This yoga is also seen as a bad yoga. The planet Venus is considered to be the significator of emotions, warmth, love, relationships, beauty, sexual relations. All the pleasures that come from the materialistic life are related to Venus in some way or the other. Now when Rahu is related to Venus, the person has more inclinations towards materialistic gains. The person may apply every means to attain materialistic pleasure and facilities in life. Rahu being placed with Venus may lead a person towards wrong habits.

Relation of Rahu with Saturn: The relation of Saturn with Rahu shows lack of auspiciousness. Together, they also indicate the auspiciousness of karmas. Saturn is the planet of Karma and when Rahu conjunct with Saturn, the person has to face several struggles, troubles and worries in life. The person remains pessimist towards life. Due to this yoga, a person has to work hard. The native has to face tough competition for attaining success in life.

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