Does Ketu create illusions?

Ketu afflicts the fourth house

Many times in life, some people become victims of unintentional fear and confusion, while some people may face confusion repeatedly in their life. All these symptoms are signs of mental weakness. People who often think too much or take stress are more prone to this problem. When the problem of fear or confusion becomes severe, some people reach out to their doctors. In such a situation, when a person cannot recover despite getting medical treatment, then tries to take astrological advice or guidance. Astrology can play a very important role in solving this problem. Due to the cruel and malefic planets present in the horoscope, the person faces unknown fear. Illusion is a problem related to the mind. Due to the bad placement of the Moon in one’s birth chart, problems like a distraction, confusion, and fear occur in the person’s mind.

According to astrology, certain houses and planets in the horoscope affect our thinking and mental state. The moon is the karaka of mind, and mercury is the karaka of intelligence. The fourth and fifth houses of the horoscope represent our mind and intellect, respectively. Generally, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are considered as cruel and malefic planets. Among these planets, Ketu is the first planet that is known for giving pain. Like Rahu, Ketu also creates confusion in mind. The position of Moon and Ketu creates strange problems in a person’s mind.

Like Rahu, Ketu is also a shadow planet with no physical existence, so creating the illusion is an inherent nature of Ketu. The effect of Ketu is fast, stable, and sudden. In any horoscope, when the lord of mind and intellect, i.e., Moon and Mercury, are under the Influence of Ketu, so the person has the problem of getting confused often. One of the properties of Ketu is to create an obstacle in anything, so when there is an effect of Ketu on the Moon or Mercury, then there are obstacles in the mental ability and ability to think and understand. Such people mostly live in a state of confusion. The conjunction of Moon-Ketu or Mercury-Ketu sometimes creates mental disorders, and the person may have problems like depression, mental disturbance, etc. If Moon or Mercury is placed in their debilitated signs, i.e., Scorpio and Pisces, then the situation can even become more frightening.

Apart from this, the fourth house and the fourth house lord are related to the person’s mind, and the fifth house and the fifth house are related to the person’s intellect. If there is Ketu in the fourth house or the conjunction or aspect of Ketu afflicts the fourth house, then all kinds of confusion can arise in the person’s mind. Even if there is Ketu in the fifth house or the conjunction or aspect of Ketu afflicts the fifth house, the person may complain of confusion repeatedly. When Ketu afflicts the fourth house and fifth houses and their lords, it adversely impacts the brain, thinking, and mind. If Moon or Mercury is in a very weak state in your birth chart and is afflicted by Ketu and the Mahadasha/Antardasha (Major or sub-period) of both these planets is going on, then the problem of confusion or fear can increase significantly during this period. Even during the Mahadasha of Ketu, a person may repeatedly suffer from unintentional fear and confusion.

Remedies to remove illusion or confusion

  • After getting up and taking a bath every morning, offer water from a copper vessel to the Sun God.
  • Donate things related to Ketu planet, like blankets, umbrellas, iron, urad, warm clothes, musk, etc., on Tuesday.
  • If Moon and Mercury are auspicious planets for the horoscope or placed in a favorable position, then pearls and emeralds should be worn, respectively.
  • Consumption of non-vegetarian, intoxicating substances and tamasic items should be avoided.
  • Lord Shiva should be worshiped regularly.

One rosary or rudraksha bead should be chanted daily for the planets Moon, Mercury, and Ketu.

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Can anyone change the Horoscope? No, not even its creator the Brahma. Then what is that the astrology can or how can astrologers help us. My 2 decades exposure with a PhD in Astrology make me say that Horoscope is a direct manifesto of our Past Life Karmas which have gone past, fixed therefore cannot be changed. But there is something known as Gochar (transit of all planets in constellation like earth, sun, moon keep moving) Dasha which give us a chance to mould the results of the fixed planetary positions, allotted to us in Horoscope. That is possible through the Karmas of our present life (which are in our hand with manoeuvrability with a free will) and that where I preach that Karma correction with right guidance and at right time is the best way to extract best results with the help astrology. It is much better to control & play with your own free will than to desperately depend on mindless rituals later where you only pray to God help you with these rituals.

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