Why couldn’t Kubera satisfy Lord Ganesha’s hunger?

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There are many inspiring stories related to the life of Lord Ganesha that help natives to stand strong and move forward in life. Lord Ganesha is a deity of wisdom and sharp intellect. It is through wisdom that an individual may live a fruitful and satisfactory life. Lord Ganesha blesses triloka or all the three worlds with his blessings in the form of true knowledge and wisdom. Lord Ganesha is known to give all kinds of strengths to an individual. He blesses his devotees with wealth, prosperity and health in life. One interesting incident depicting Lord Ganesha’s sharp intellect can be found in the tale of Lord Kubera as narrated in ancient religious texts. Let’s know how Lord Ganesha showed the right path to Lord Kubera and how without any arguments or fight, Lord Ganesha brought his pride to fall and showed him the path of devotion.  

Lord Kubera- The lord of wealth 

In Hindu mythology, Lord Kubera is called the lord of wealth. He is known to bestow wealth, luxuries and various resources in life of an individual. It is believed that one may bring an end to his financial troubles by worshipping Lord Kubera. He blesses the native with immense wealth and prosperity. He is believed to reside in the North direction and has been mentioned as the guardian of the world. We also find mention of Lord Kubera in the great Indian epic Ramayana, where he is narrated as the brother of Ravana. In another incident, when Lord Shiva was practicing meditation, Lord Kubera put a glance at Goddess Parvati with his right eye. With unprecedented glow and shine of mother Parvati, one of his eyes got yellow in color. This is the reason why he is called ekakshipingala in Hindu mythology. It is mentioned in Ramayana that it was due to Kubera only that the establishment of Lanka which was made from gold was possible.


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Lord Ganesha brought Kubera’s pride to fall

In Hindu texts, it is mentioned that Lord Kubera takes extremely pride in his immense wealth and grandeur. He was so much pride and arrogant that he refused to pay respect to anybody, when he built Lanka purely from gold then his pride knew no limits. He considered himself to be the wealthiest and most affluent person, he considered himself the richest in all means. To show-off his wealth and grandeur, he used to invite people and boast of his wealth before them. He refused to value anybody in this world and considered him the king of triloka due to his huge wealth. To prove his point he decided to tell the world how powerful he was. For that he planned a grand feast. Once he invited everyone for a grand feast kept at his place. The sole aim was to showcase his immeasurable wealth. He went to Mount Kailasha to invite Lord Shiva and also boasted a lot about his extreme wealth and resources. Lord Shiva understood the intentions of Kubera and decided to send Lord Ganesha to the grand feast. 


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Arrival of Lord Ganesha in the grand feast and apology of Kubera

Lord Ganesha reaches the grand feast on time. To show case his humongous wealth, kubera served food in gem studded gold dishes to Lord Ganesha. Ganesha started eating but no amount of food could satisfy his hunger. He was eating on and on but nothing seems to satisfy his hunger. The eatable started to finish but Lord Ganesha was still hungry. At the end, the food and other eatables kept at the grand feast got over. After that, Ganesha started consuming all articles and décor items kept in the palace. He didn’t stop and was acting whatever comes his way to satisfy his insatiable hunger.


Kuber gets petrified at this and understood the power of Lord Ganesha. He apologizes to Ganesha. He asks for mercy and understood that he had nothing as compared in this universe. Lord Ganesha didn’t pay any attention to Kubera’s plead and kept on consuming things around. It was then he rushes to Lord Shiva to ask for forgiveness for his pride and mistakes. On request of Lord Shiva, Ganesha forgives him. It is through this incident that the arrogance and pride of Kubera meets fall. Lord Ganesha blesses him to get his wealth back and showed him the true path of living life.


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