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  • 2023-12-28
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The 8th house is seen as the most dreadful yet the most mysterious house in Vedic Astrology. There is a lot hidden, unsolved and invisible about this house that needs to be explored with this blog. In Lal Kitaab terminology, the 8th house is called the “pataal” (hell), where there is ultimate darkness! This definition talks about the negativity it carries with its presence. In Vedic Astrology, the eighth house is called a randhra bhava which literally means a hole and flaw. In some sense, it is also related to the female reproductive part called yoni. Just like yoni, the 8th house is hidden power, a life-giving force, deep and related to the divine because God has permitted life to come into existence through this part of the body. This is also called an “ayu bhava” i.e. the house of longevity. Whenever you are expecting something, the 8th house interrupts with something unimaginable! The 8th house has so much attached to it that it is almost impossible to narrate its role in a few words. Let’s make an attempt to understand the role of 8th house in one’s life.              

Why the 8th house is called a bad house?

The eighth house is often seen as a bad house. There is a strong reason behind it. The eighth house falls at the twelfth position from the ninth house which is a house of fortune. The 12th house in kundli is a house of expenditure and losses. Thus, the 8th house represents the loss of fortune which is not desired in any case. If fortune is lost everything is lost and no matter how auspicious yoga or rajyoga the horoscope contains they just don’t seem to work. It has been prescribed in Brihat parashara hora shastra that randhra bhava is the deadliest as it causes fortunes to be lost forever. 

The astrological text narrates the 8th house to be the house of longevity, unforeseen miseries, battle, transformation, occult science, forts, death, wealth and things of the dead, past life, and mode of death.

The role of the 8th house in life

The 8th house plays a very important role in narrating the struggles, longevity, sudden losses, and miseries in one’s life. It seems every dark phase of life is connected with the eighth house but it is not all! Twists and turns will follow towards the end. For now, we may explain it as follows-

House of longevity: The 8th house is the foremost house to predict someone’s longevity. A weak position of the 8th house and its lord shows possible threats to one’s longevity. The house also represents chronic diseases that take an extremely long time to get cured or even sometimes don’t get cured. It is believed that wherever the 8th Lord goes, it creates problems related to the significance of the house. For e.g. the 8th Lord in the 5th house shows struggles and miseries related to progeny, child prediction, higher education yoga, and love life. Now, depending upon the natural significations of the lord of the 8th house, problems will take place in the native’s life.

House of the wealth of dead: The 8th house gives wealth through sudden means. It could give a huge insurance amount or inheritance to the native but this is definitely acquired after the death of someone. It gives wealth but at the same time takes your loved one away from you. Wealth gained through insurance, legacy, will, inheritance, etc. comes under this category.

House of struggles and miseries: The 8th house is a house of struggles and miseries in life. A strong 8th house may give huge inheritance but big challenges in life as well. The lord of any house that occupies the 8th house gets weak and the significance of that house is lost forever. For instance, if your 4th house lord is placed in the 8th house then your education will remain disturbed or maybe you don’t study at all. The strength of the planets always matters!

House of transformation: The 8th house brings major transformation in an individual’s life. Whenever a person runs the dasha of the 8th lord, he/she is bound to experience transformation in life. This is a house of deep spirituality and there are possibilities of the native becoming either highly spiritual and lose interest in materialistic world or face some unforeseen complex disease or loss. In all, the person will be transformed.

House of your mode of death: While explaining the importance of houses in birth chart, the 8th house may foretell how you will die! One may know the mode of death by looking at the 8th house. Mars in the 8th house suggests death through the burn, explosion, and bloodshed i.e. accident or surgery. Similarly, Rahu or Ketu in the 8th house suggests undetectable diseases or poisonous reactions, etc.  

House just opposite to the 2nd house: The 8th house is positioned just opposite to the second house i.e. the house of wealth. Any planet placed in the 8th house becomes weak if owns a good house and strong if owns a bad house. Every house placed at the 7th position is a maraka for that house. Thus, 8th is a maraka for wealth and creates hurdles or challenges in the accumulation of wealth. Any planets placed in the 8th house or casting an aspect at the 8th house are called chhidra grahas and bring bad results to the native in their dasha period.     

Which planet is good in the 8th house?

As we know planets become chhidra grahas with their placement here. But there is one planet that gives very good results in the 8th house. This planet is Saturn, the karaka of the eighth house. Saturn is a karmkaraka and is also associated with diseases and life span longevity. In kundli prediction, if Saturn is placed in the 8th house it is supposed to make the native free from miseries and grant good longevity. However, it should be strong by placement in its own, friendly or exaltation sign. It gives longevity but the native becomes slow and most of the time gets bedridden in case of complex diseases. 

Mercury also gives good results in the 8th house if placed alone. Mercury is a planet of speech and aspects the 2nd house of speech and wealth from here. The native gets influential speech and family wealth with Mercury placed alone in the eighth house. The native may keep secrets and speak things that he is not supposed to. After all, the energy of the house is bad. Ideally, no planet is excellent in the eighth house with these two giving moderate results. 

If the Lord of the trik bhavas i.e. 6th, 8th, and 12th are placed in the 8th house, it creates a vipreet rajyoga bringing wealth and success to the native. The 8th lord in the 8th house is considered good and forms sarala yoga. It brings wealth, longevity, and success to the native.  

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The Eighth house is not necessarily always bad 

The 8th house is not always bad in kundli predictions. The rich people who have gathered huge wealth overnight probably have a strong 8th house. They may earn great wealth through sudden and immoral means, hidden resources, or inheritance. This also makes a person earn through taxes, research, and the occult. It makes a native great occult practitioner or spiritual master. The 8th house represents deep subjects and thus the native may become successful in fields requiring deep studies. The house becomes excellent if one does karma rectification to suit the needs of the planets occupying or influencing it in any manner. Free will and Karma rectification are two means which may turn any negative situation into a positive one. Visit an experienced astrologer to understand your 8th house because once you control your 8th house you control your life!

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