Which is the most beneficial planet in the 6th house?

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The sixth house in astrology is as special as other houses in the birth chart. Often seen as a negative bhava, the 6th house is called a bad house, trik bhava, or duhsthana in Vedic Astrology. But nothing can be termed as completely bad or good in Astrology, and everything has both positive and negative sides to be explained. Why is the 6th house important in life? Why is it called bad? Is it really dreadful or can do some good to us? Let’s explore with this write up-

What is the importance of the 6th house in Astrology?

The sixth house shows your major struggles in life. It depicts the area where you are most likely to face problems in life. Thus it becomes the most important house as if we know about our problems or life challenges; ways can be looked out for overcoming the same. The Sixth House is called the rog, ripu and rin bhava i.e. the house of diseases, enmity, and debts. Now, all these are negative specifications that nobody wishes to have in their lives. This is a house of service as well what you give or receive in life. The house also denotes self-discipline and determination to work towards achieving a better economic position. 

Since it shows the challenges and miseries of life, it is termed bad! But actually, it shows us the purpose in life. It indicates the areas of life where you need to remain extra conscious and purify your past karmas with good conduct in this present life. The sixth house allows you to burn your past sins by handling the areas as indicated with special care. An astrologer can give you valuable hints to enrich your present life with the help of the associations of the 6th house and its lord. Everything, including the zodiac sign, planet, and bhava’s midpoint, contributes to our purpose in life. 

The sixth house is a house of job and service. Thus, it gets lots of importance. It shows your work environment and your zeal towards work. A strong sixth house gives an excellent job with great recognition. If it forms any connections with the 2nd and 11th house, then the native earns a lot of money and fame through the job. The house is very important for the right selection of career as well. The sixth house may indicate what job or career line a person should go to earn maximum benefits in life.

Without a strong 6th house, a person can’t have a fighting spirit in life. Life is not easy and one has to give the best to achieve the desired goals, both materialistic and spiritual. This is the 6th house that ignites a passion inside you to get what you want!     

What does the sixth house represent in Astrology?

  • Challenges and obstacles
  • Diseases
  • Enemies
  • Law and medicine
  • Service and employment
  • Debts and borrowings
  • Job and service
  • Servants
  • Subordinates
  • Daily routine
  • Four legged animals
  • Physical Strength
  • Inner strength to fight against odds in life
  • Trust factor

The sixth house indicates the diseases you may face. The planets placed here indicate the type of disease you may have based on their strength, association, and Lordship of the houses. For e.g., Jupiter in the sixth house can give diseases like diabetes, thyroid, obesity, etc. Similarly, the transit of the planets from the 6th house also brings diseases as per their specifications. It may also indicate the recovery time and procedure for the native. The ways through which you remain in the best of health, like maintaining a good diet, spiritual practice, natural healing, Yoga, meditation, detoxification, etc., are also seen from this house. 

Your challenges, struggles, fights, and arguments in life are also seen from the 6th house. How strong you will stand against unfavorable situations in life will be indicated by the 6th house. Your enemies and their strength and also all kinds of competitions are seen from this house.  

It indicates the position of debts and borrowings in someone’s life. Whether you would succeed in repaying your loans or debts depends largely on the position of the sixth house. If Mars forms any relations with the 6th and 11th House, then the natives usually get under the burden of huge debts.

The sixth house moulds us for a better version of ourselves by teaching Karmic lessons of Past Life. There is nothing bad to feel about the challenges you may face but they should be interpreted wisely to actually understand what life expects from you.

The sixth house is also a part of arth trikona, which is known to bring financial prosperity. Thus, a strong 6th house bestows abundant skills to earn great wealth through the professions of a native.

Besides the work environment, the 6th house also shows your daily routine. What you do throughout the day can easily be estimated through your 6th house. It may include exercising, helping others, cultivating a hobby or trying hard to get the best economic status, etc. 

The sixth house also shows your caring attitude towards small animals or pets.  

The sixth house can give a perfect mental, spiritual and physical balance to a native. Ruled by Virgo in the natural horoscope, it shows the urge to attain perfection in life. 

Which planet is good in the 6th house?

All the malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are considered good in the sixth house. As they become a little weak to give bad results with their placement in the trik bhava. Secondly, they give the necessary vigor to fight against difficult situations. They give a never give up attitude to the native, which can’t be given by benefic planets here.

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