What does your date of birth reveal about your business?

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The date of birth has a lot to reveal about your business propensities and your potential to make it big in its hardheaded world. Specific points are considered before leaping headlong into the decision. Knowing about your passion is a general must for having your preferences in the right place. Passion is something you can pursue with serious dedication and contribute knowledge to the ever-developing business world. Find out what business would suit you for the long run and your lifestyle choices. A right look at the birth chart would point at the segment that suits you.

If your genuine business idea has the potential to rule the market trends, it is an indication that it sells, obviously, and there are bound to be competitors around you for the same reason. Sixth House in your chart indicates the nature of business rivals.

A Calm, laid-back lifestyle can never be a priority when you are already preoccupied with your business ideas. Business requires you to work as long as there is a market and some competition to keep it alive. If your domestic priorities overtake your business interests, it can throw the most cherished business idea into a mad man’s chaos.

So the best thing would be to match your disposition and preferences with the requirements of the business you have chosen. If you are a loner, it would be wise to choose a work-from-home job. If you are an extrovert, that finds the pulse of life amidst the noisy small talk at a crowded party, a retail business could be a welcome idea.

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Understand yourself better, and dig deeper into the depths of your attitudes, predispositions, and preferences. You would know which one to choose from, the array of possible business ideas sweeping across your mind.

Which planets rule your business selection? 

Let us go over some planetary possibilities that rule your right business selection. The right business can be arrived at by studying the planet located in the tenth house. 

Sun in the tenth elevates a person status to that of a king, as he enjoys digbala here. He could either be stinking rich or a king in charge of a domain. Honor in society and wealth is a boon that this native is blessed with. He may inherit the wealth paternally. If luck permits and the sun is related to the lord of the ninth and fifth house, the parent and the scion have every blessed opportunity to work together. Sun denotes wood, especially that of timber wood. The native may also grow up to be a well-known doctor with a favorable impact of the sun.

A native with Ketu in the tenth house would be excessively ritualistic, sharp-witted, eccentric, and well known. He could also be a renowned scholar a gentleman that lives a luxuriant lifestyle and enjoys the calm of it all.

Which other factors decide the business selection? 

As per Vedic Astrology, the below factors decide the business selection. For example, mercury in Swagriha/house of self-bestows luck in business. Mercury empowers the native with the intelligence needed to success in business ventures. 

Even if  the lord of the tenth is inimical, it does not affect the native’s trail of success.

The position of Lagna lord and the tenth lord in the Lagna or tenth house indicates that the person would be self-made and achieve success through the dint of hard work. Other factors are also crucial to deciding about the choice of business. 

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The right business is decided based on the Signs present in Kendras, Sign of Ascendant, sixth house, ninth house, navamsha, Shani placement, and dashamamsha. All these nine parameters are of colossal importance while deciding which business should be chosen for a prosperous livelihood. The aptitude and attitude of the native, seen from the astrological angle, would provide the best answer to the ever-challenging question regarding business choices. You can see if your choice of a vocation is right for you and if it is blessed well by the planets. This way, your battle is already half won, and you would be well on your way to victory on the business front.

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