Which planets are responsible for a good job?

Planets Are Responsible For A Good Job

Jobs are a symbol of necessity as well as accomplishment in life. A career means the whole world to some, whereas it is a welcome and enjoyable distraction to restore your spirits and calm to some others. Your interest and capability should be another criterion that decides the kind of job assignment you should be taking up. Astrology provides clarity on all these matters.

Second House

The second house is closely related to gains through transactions, the paycheck, profits accrued from some source. 

If you are keen on knowing how well you would be paid generally in your job, this house is what you must analyze. The second house, for this reason, is aptly named Dhan bhava, or house of wealth. 

Sixth House

For the significant part, it governs your wealth gained by way of services to some organization or a person. It is a powerful signifier for service or work that you do for someone. It also indicates the funds you receive after the loan application is processed or getting back the money you loaned to someone. This house is also known as Rina bhava due to the above reasons.

Tenth House 

You can have a clue to know your career and profession by birth chart will shape up by studying the tenth house. The tenth house provides substantial clues to your future or current job or work. 

Considering your tenth house, its lord, and planets occupying the tenth house, your job predictions would be made. This is the area of the horoscope which you primarily examine for information regarding the career aspect. 

Seventh House

The seventh house lets you know what your partners are made of and the peculiarities or kinks in their nature. It shows whether you gain by them or loss due to them. Thus, it favors business opportunities, and it generally provides information on partnership-based firms and the way they operate.

The above combinations are responsible for getting good jobs.

What are the astrological combinations for joblessness?

Certain yogas are to be present if you want to get the horoscope examined for job prospects. If you are already working, certain combinations in your horoscope for good job let you know the nature of your job, your progress, and your gain. Certain astrological combinations forewarn joblessness. 

1. Comparatively speaking, the sixth house should be stronger than the seventh house. This helps you know if you have better prospects for a job or business. 

2. The number of Bindus or points allotted to the Ashtak Varga is also essential in job predictions. In comparison to the seventh, these Bindus in the sixth house should outnumber those present in the seventh house. It improves the odds of success in acquiring a job. 

3. If (Lord of the tenth house) occupies a square or Kendra Bhava, or Trikona Bhava or associates with the lord of the ascendant, the native is not only sure land a job of his preference.

4. Parivartan yoga is a surefire indicator for a job, and if it is set between the 10th and the lord of the ascendant, the fifth lord of the ninth lord, it augurs very well for the job as a potent combination. 

5. Exalted tenth lord present in his friend’s house, or aspecting the tenth house, would confer job on the native during his major or sub-period. 

6. If the tenth lord has a connection with the ninth house, or if the ninth lord is in association with the tenth house, and the tenth lord is related through aspect or conjunction, several yogas are created due to these confluences and job opportunities would abound. These are the astrological combinations for joblessness.

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How to know the duration of joblessness in a chart?

The duration of joblessness in a chart can be known through the following combinations. The Saturn Transit from the sixth house over the eighth or twelfth houses leads to job loss.  Secondly, it is the transit of Saturn from the natal Saturn over the eighth or twelfth house that creates a similar situation. Thirdly transit of Saturn in the eighth or twelfth houses from the sixth house with respect to the Navamsa chart can be bad.

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