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No pain, No gain! It’s a common notion heard by all of us at some point in life. We as kids are taught by our parents to work harder if we wish to achieve something in life. Every now and then, we realize the importance of determination and hard work, which is also the most valuable teaching in our life. But does hard work guarantee success in life? Does a great amount of hard work shower great wealth on us? This can’t be said surely!! But your natal chart can surely help you.

Natal chart helps to achieve success with less efforts and hard work

All of us have at least one example who, after too much hard work and focused efforts, could not find desired success. The reality is that success requires finding and utilizing good opportunities at the right time for getting expected results. Further, foresightedness and confidence to take timely decisions brighten up your chances to succeed in life. Someone is blessed with the above-mentioned traits only if his/her astrological chart indicates them. Some people are born with natural skills and talents which attract success in a much easier way than others which can be seen through a comprehensive kundli analysis. These natural skills are endowed by planets in your horoscope, which makes you affluent or impoverished in certain areas of life and personality.

There have been mentioned specific planetary positions and aspects in astrology that, if discovered in your janam kundli, indicate huge success in life. Keep reading to match these lucky placements with your own natal chart!

Important indications for getting success in Astrology

There are some important indications, which are extremely necessary to achieve success in Astrology. Let’s learn more about it.

Your ascendant lord and its placement

Ascendant and its Lord depict you, your personality, your zeal towards life, your likes-dislikes, your attitude towards life and everything about you. A strong ascendant and its lord lay down the foundation for achieving success in life. A well placed ascendant lord determines a strong personality who will desire and achieve success in life. Malefic presence on ascendant, however, gives that extra spark as malefic planets work rashly as opposed to the soft nature of benefic planets. But at the same time, they add negative traits like aggression, too much excitement, impatience, jealousy, rigidity and other negative traits to the native. So, it is desirable to have benefic influence on ascendant and ascendant lord to have success in life. 

Sun and Moon in the natal chart

The planets Sun and Moon are called the king and the queen respectively in the planetary cabinet. If the native has a weak Sun and Moon, then there is less possibility of achieving success in life. A strong Sun and moon or at least the strength of one of them, is required to achieve the desired success in life. A strong sun gives name and fame in life. It blesses the native with an influential position and status in life. The native with a strong Sun is recognized by all and lives like a king. On the other hand, a strong Moon endows great emotional balance and maturity of mind. The native is less likely to get lost in illusions and work with great focus and concentration in life. If both of them are placed in good dignity, then the native gets clarity about which path to follow in life. The native is always confident and doesn’t get confused related to important decisions in life. They both are royal planets and confer royal life upon the natives.

The sun represents father and the moon represents mother. When both of these are strong, the native gets the full support of his parents in all his/her endeavors.

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Position of Trine and Their Lords

According to Astrology, when the 1st, 5th and 9th house called trikona or trine houses are well placed, there are bright chances of attaining fortune and recognition in life. Trine houses are called the Laxmi sthaan in astrology, and the goddess is known to bring prosperity, wealth, fortune and success in life. If benefic planets are placed in these houses or Lords of these houses are placed in Kendra sthaan then the native is highly fortunate. All his/her efforts seem to get fruitful results leading that native towards desired path of success. Placement of trine Lords in quadrant or Kendra are known to create rajyoga and dasha of these auspicious planets showers ultimate success to the natives.

Strong 10th House in a horoscope

The tenth house is a house of karmas and profession. A person with benefic placement or association of planets in the tenth house reaches heights in his/her career and earns great name and fame through his/her career, business or profession. If the tenth lord is placed in the ninth house, it creates a superb rajyoga called Dharm-kamadhipati yoga. This yoga is known to bless the native with a successful career and fortune in life. So, a strong tenth house is mandatory for a person to earn abundantly through their profession. The 10th house also denotes the karma of a native. With benefic influence on the tenth house, the native is motivated to choose a righteous path in life which further strengthens his/her future prospects.

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The position of Jupiter in the Natal Chart

Jupiter, in association with the Sun, makes you become a philanthropic and a leader. You tend to overcome every odd situation in life with your intelligence and skills. It is a wonderful combination. If placed in company with Mars, Jupiter gives an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit to the natives aimed at achieving great success in life. Competition and rivalry seems to give that native a push to upgrade his/her performance at work. Jupiter and Mars combination gives authority and boldness to take the first step towards accomplishing any goal. It is positive yoga to attain success in life.

The Position of Saturn in Your Birth Chart

Saturn shows discipline, hard work, determination, and prolonged hours of work, deep research, seriousness and dedication. If one has a strong Saturn in birth chart, then that person will put all his/her efforts in achieving pre-determined goals. Saturn also shows delays and miseries, so, it also causes obstruction in work and its true nature can be understood with the help of the best astrologer. If you are blessed with a well-placed Saturn, then no matter how many delays and obstructions come your way, you will work constantly to ultimately reach your destination. A strong Saturn gives a great amount of success but only after a great amount of constant hard work.

Dasha pattern in one’s life

Finally, it is the dasha pattern in one’s life that decides the quantum of success in one’s life. Even though you may have exalted planets in your chart, but if you don’t get supportive dasha and transits, you are less likely to achieve desired results. It is very important to note and analyze the dasha sequence in your life to make out when you will achieve success in life. If the working years of a native, which is generally 25-50 years, goes under the dasha of a debilitated planet, then that person may not get promised success in his/her chart. The dasha plays a major role in the fructification of all auspicious yoga in kundli. Getting the right dasha at the right span of age is a true blessing to succeed in life!

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