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  • 2024-01-06
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It is common for many of us to read our daily horoscope as soon as we hold the newspaper in the morning. How many of you get it 100% correct? Honestly, very less! We are not saying that the Daily Horoscope is not true, but they are general predictions meant for a particular zodiac sign. And to this, even you will agree that the natives belonging to the same zodiac sign can’t face the same fate that day!

Where does the truth lie? The answer is hidden in your horoscope. After providing your basic birth details, the birth chart procured delves far deeper into your life than your daily or Weekly Horoscope. If you wish to know real events in your life or better understand yourself as a person, then knowing your whole birth chart is what you should aim at. And believe us, it is not that difficult!

The Sun Sign
In Astrology, the Sun sign is the zodiac sign in which your natal Sun is placed. There are a total of 12 zodiac signs in Vedic astrology. The Sun is your soul and is called atmakaraka. It simply means that wherever your Sun is placed, you derive soulful experience through the significations of that specific zodiac sign. The Sun sign is the most commonly known and essential aspect of your natal chart. Your Sun sign depicts your most basic personality traits. What kind of person are you inside? How much ego do you possess? How do you behave in public? Your daily actions and your general behavior are predicted through your Sun sign. It broadly explains your will. For example, a Cancer Sun sign speaks of someone passionate, caring, and loving for others. The person can’t help but show their emotional side in everything they do. It is important to know that every sun sign has specific traits that endow on the native with the Sun placed in it.

The Elements
There have been four elements, i.e., fire, earth, air, and water, in Astrology, amongst which all 12 signs are divided, each containing three signs. Fire Signs- Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Traits- power, energy, passion, boldness, and confidence Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Traits- highly emotional, sensitive, caring, kind, and noble Air Signs – Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra Traits- loves to communicate, travelers, social and open-minded Earth Signs – Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo Traits- practical, emotionally stable, real and persistent These 12 zodiac signs are compatible or non-compatible with each other based on their elementary qualities. For e.g., air goes well with fire, etc. Knowing the element helps to dig deeper into personalities.

Know Moon Sign
The Moon sign is very-very important to know. In astrology, it is given too much importance. The moon sign is the sign where your natal moon is placed. The moon represents your mind; you’re thinking pattern, and your emotions. We are outside what we are inside! Your moon sign shows your emotional side and your inner self. It reflects where you derive your peace of mind. It is your comfort zone and also shows what manner you think about others. Whether you think good of others or often find flaws with them can be decided through your Moon sign. The moon sign depicts how you take out your emotions, whether you cry out loud or laugh without a break. Know from your moon sign! The moon sign gives more accurate insights about you than the Sun and precisely narrates your psychological side. For e.g., a Gemini moon helps you seek pleasure through communication and short travels.

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The Houses
The planets placed in the 12 Houses of Astrology give results in the combination of their own significations to that of the house. Every house and planet stands for specific significations in astrology. For e.g. the first house shows your personality and the planet placed here will mold your personality as per its significance. Suppose Mars is in your first house; that means you are an energetic, passionate, aggressive, frustrated, courageous person. Here are the indications of all 12 houses:

• The First House – personality
• The Second House – wealth
• The Third House – siblings and travels.
• The Fourth House – domestic life and home
• The Fifth House – intellect and children
• The Sixth House – debts, diseases, and enemies
• The Seventh House – marriage and business partnership
• The Eighth House – obstacles and transformation
• The Ninth House – religion and faith
• The Tenth House – career and recognition
• The Eleventh House – social circle and recognition
• The Twelfth House – losses and expenses

The Planets
Planets are the dominant players in predicting your fate and personality. With their placements in different signs and houses, the nine planets bring good or bad results into the lives of the natives. The constellations or Nakshatra of these planets give important insights into various aspects of your life. Some are slow-moving planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, and others are fast-moving planets like Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon. The moon is the fastest moving planet. The slow-moving planet stays in a sign or house ranging from 1 to 2.5 years, while fast moving planets stay for a month and a little more, depending upon the speed of the planets. The crux is that the slow-moving planets affect you more and impact your lives and personality traits. Mars will predict which area of life where your passion in life would be. If it’s in the fourth house, you will have to show courage and passion for maintaining peace in your domestic life, indicating a problematic domestic or family life.

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