How to Read a Birth Chart Step by Step

  • 2024-03-04
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Understanding our birth chart is helpful to know about different aspects of our lives. It can tell us about good and tough times and help us anticipate important events. While an astrologer or an expert can analyze a birth chart, you can learn some basic tips to read it yourself. We'll share some simple rules that can give you a general idea about different aspects of your life. Keep in mind that for a more personalized and detailed reading. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi is best to consult an astrologer for Reading Birth Chart Step by Step and life reading. Nevertheless, exploring on your own can be worthwhile and provide valuable insights. Many astrology programs offer free birth chart readings.

The First and Essential Step

Use trustworthy astrology software at to create a free kundli online. You need to provide your birth details like your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth in the tabs given there. And you are ready with your birth chart. Now, you can use this birth chart to understand different aspects of life.

The Birth Chart A Brief Overview

The birth chart contains twelve houses, each depicting a different aspect of life. There are 12 zodiac signs and nine planets. Based on the placement of the planets in different houses and signs, we can decode what the birth chart says about a specific aspect of life. The general significations of all twelve houses are as follows:

  • First house- Your personality
  • Second house- Your wealth, speech, food and family
  • Third house- Your siblings, travel, skills and talents
  • Fourth house- Your house, vehicles and happiness in life
  • Fifth house- Your intelligence, creativity, children and entertainment
  • Sixth house- Your debts, competitors, diseases, maternal side
  • Seventh house- Your spouse, marriage, partnership and the outer world
  • Eight house- Your miseries, sudden events, inheritance, unearned wealth
  • Ninth house- Your luck, religion, long travels, father, teachers, mentors
  • Tenth house- Your career, prestige, status, power
  • Eleventh house- Your social circle, desires, gains
  • Twelfth house- Your losses, expenses, hidden enemies and Moksha

Read Birth Chart for Marriage

The birth chart provides valuable insights into one's married life, including information about their spouse. The seventh house in the chart represents marriage, and the sign and planets in this house offer important clues about a person's married life. If this house is afflicted or under the malefic influence of planets, the marriage may have problems. The impact of different planets in the seventh house varies, and each planet's placement gives different results. Let's explore this further.

Different astrological signs can influence relationships. Here's what each sign means:

  • Sun: Strong personality and dynamic interactions in relationships.
  • Moon: Emotional sensitivity and partnerships that can change.
  • Mercury: Good communication skills, but relationships can be fickle.
  • Venus: Harmony and love in partnerships.
  • Mars: Passionate relationships, but sometimes they can be contentious.
  • Jupiter: Beneficial and supportive partnerships.
  • Saturn: Relationships that come with challenges and lessons.
  • Rahu (North Node): Unconventional relationships and unexpected events.
  • Ketu (South Node): Karmic ties and detachment in partnerships.

You can generate your free kundli online and analyze the placement of the planet in your seventh house to gain insight into your married life.

Read Birth Chart for Career

Your birth chart tells a lot about your job and career. The tenth house in your chart is all about your career path. It shows what kind of job you might have. If there are malefic planets here, you might face some problems in your career. Different planets in this house bring different results. Let's see what they mean.

  • Sun: Success and recognition in career.
  • Moon: Fluctuating career path and emotional fulfilment.
  • Mercury: Versatility and adaptability in career choices.
  • Venus: Creative pursuits and harmony in career.
  • Mars: Ambition and drive for career achievement.
  • Jupiter: Growth and expansion in career opportunities.
  • Saturn: Challenges and lessons leading to eventual success in career.
  • Rahu (North Node): Unconventional career path and desire for recognition
  • Ketu (South Node): Karmic lessons impacting career choices and      detachment from worldly success.

You can generate your free kundli online and analyze the placement of the planet in your tenth house to gain insight into your married life.

Read Birth Chart for Business

Your birth chart contains valuable information about your business and career prospects. The seventh house in the chart represents your business relationships, and the tenth house represents your professional achievements. The planets in these houses can signify potential successes and challenges in your business ventures and career advancement. If malefic planets influence these houses, it may create difficulties in your partnerships and aspirations.

Understanding the effects of the planets in these houses can give you insights into your future prospects. Your birth chart can provide valuable insights into your business endeavours, including potential successes and challenges. The seventh house in the chart represents partnerships and business relationships, offering crucial information about your business ventures. The signs and planets occupying this house reveal important aspects of your business partnerships and collaborations.

Similarly, the tenth house in the chart is significant for your career and public image, shedding light on your professional achievements and aspirations. If either of these houses is negatively influenced by malefic planets, your business partnerships and career aspirations may face difficulties. The effects of various planets in these houses differ, offering distinct outcomes for business ventures and career advancement. Let's dive deeper into this aspect.

  • Sun represents leadership in business partnerships
  • Moon is associated with emotional fluctuations in business relationships
  • Communication skills play a vital role in business collaborations
  • Venus brings harmony and creativity to partnerships
  • Mars is associated with ambition and drive for success in alliances
  • Jupiter represents growth and expansion in business partnerships
  • Saturn indicates challenges and lessons that come with business alliances
  • Rahu, or the North Node, signifies unconventional approaches to business partnerships
  • Ketu, or the South Node, represents karmic lessons that impact business collaborations.

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Author: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

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